Credit Scores: Review your credit report regularly
Moneylife Digital team 29 March 2012

“If you regularly check your credit history, you could spot mistakes if any, and you can contact your bank, or lender, to correct them,” said Mohan Jayaraman, MD, Experian Credit Information Company of India Pvt Ltd speaking at a seminar on financial literacy held by Moneylife Foundation in Goa. But more important than looking for mistakes, one should look at the number of credit enquiries been made, said Mr Jayaraman. An enquiry shows the names of the credit institutions that have performed a search on you based on your credit/loan application. Multiple enquiries may affect your credit score; therefore, one should avoid applying for a loan to multiple financial institutions.

Another important reason for reviewing your report regularly is to check if there are any enquiries which are not made by you. Such enquires may indicate that someone may have forged your documents and applied for a loan. By reviewing your credit report regularly, you could prevent identity theft. 

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It is definitely good to review your credit regularly. There are a few good credit monitoring programs out there that everyone should sign up for
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