COVID-19: Moneylife Foundation’s Relief Work Continues
Moneylife Digital Team 09 May 2020
The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to run rampant in India with an ever-increasing number of infected people and deaths due to the virus. With a growing number of cases, our health care facilities are being overwhelmed, with doctors and medical professionals running short on essential protective as well as other basic supplies. 
Moneylife Foundation has been continually helping hospitals across Mumbai with essential supplies, fulfilling requests that we have received on a specially created WhatsApp group consisting of doctors from various hospitals. We have thus far managed to provide personal protective equipments (PPEs), face masks, face shields, hand sanitizers, paper bags and oxygen masks. Our efforts have also helped install a ‘Smart COVID OPD’ at several hospitals in Mumbai, with the individual support of certain donors. 
This week, we were able to procure more PPEs, 3-ply masks, face shields, infrared thermometers and oxygen masks. They were distributed to Nair Hospital, Shushrusha Hospital (Vikhroli and Dadar), KJ Somaiya Hospital, Cama & Albless Hospital, St George’s Hospital, Sion Hospital, Hindu Balasaheb Thackeray (HBT) Trauma Hospital, Acworth Municipal General Hospital For Leprosy, KB Bhabha Hospital, Cooper Hospital and Rajawadi Hospital. 
This week, we have also managed to complete the installation of two new Smart COVID OPDs at KB Bhabha Hospital and Nair Hospital. Such OPDs have now been installed at six major hospitals across Mumbai with the hope that it would help in mass screenings of patients while keeping doctors safe. 
Although Moneylife Foundation has been trying its best to fulfill requests, we are still not able to meet the requirements of certain hospitals as there is a growing need. Hospitals continue to be understaffed and short on essential supplies. Opportunistic manufacturers have also attempted to take advantage of the situation by raising prices on protective equipment, and masks and it has been a tough battle for us to procure certain items at a reasonable rate even when purchasing in bulk. 
With the recent viral video of dead bodies lying unclaimed and wrapped in garbage bags in Sion Hospital, we are now looking at procuring body bags from a certified manufacturer. With the support of our donors, we shall be continuing this COVID-19 relief work till the end of May.   
We request individuals and companies to come forward and support our relief efforts.
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