Court asks police to probe if Shinde, Chidambaram ‘cheated’ on Telangana
MDT/PTI 28 January 2013

During the all-party meeting convened by the Centre on Telangana in New Delhi on 28th December last year, Shinde had said the issue would be resolved within a month while Chidambaram, on 9 December 2009 had announced on initiating process to create Telangana state

Hyderabad: A local court on Monday directed police to investigate into the allegations whether Union ministers Sushilkumar Shinde and P Chidambaram ‘cheated’ the people of Telangana region by their statements on the statehood issue, reports PTI.


Based on a complaint filed by Telangana Junior Advocates’ Association president Naresh Kumar, the Second Metropolitan Magistrate Court directed the LB Nagar police to investigate into the matter and file a status report before it by 14th February.


Kumar, in his petition, had mentioned about the statements of Shinde and Chidambaram on the Telangana issue and sought the court’s directions to refer the matter to the police for investigation under section 420 (cheating) of the IPC.


During the all-party meeting convened by the Centre on Telangana in New Delhi on 28th December last year, home minister Sushilkumar Shinde had said the Telangana issue would be resolved within a month.


On 9 December 2009, the then Union home minister P Chidambaram had announced on initiating process to create Telangana state. However, on 23 December 2009 Chidambaram modified the statement following an agitation in coastal Andhra and Rayalseema regions of Andhra Pradesh.


Meanwhile, Cyberabad Police Commissioner Ch Dwaraka Tirumala Rao said they were yet to receive the court orders in this regard.


Asked if the police would lodge any case against the Union ministers, the senior police officer said, “We have to first go through the order copy and act accordingly.”

9 years ago
This can not come under sec.420,as they have told what Cabinet Committee is thinking then or what their ministry's duty for solving a problem.Their wording should have more Diplomatic , instead of Bluntly telling so,as it is not in his Individual's Control.Advocates should have Probed which section attracts Punishment for this Lapse,instead of falling prey to Politicians Shoutings.(1)First statement of Mr.Chidambaram gave a firm impression to all AP people as though Telangana is being Formed/Given to which Telaganites celebrated while seemandhra politicians started resigning.Surprised Chidambaram clarified quickly,Prolonging Solution to the Problem.With these sudden developments after getting assurance from home minister to give Telangana,Students got depressed and started commiting Suicides misguided by Politicians Words that Sacrifies will bring Telangana and their repeated challenges to GOI How many students have to commit Suicides for telangana formation.Thus many Politicians Cheated CommonMen/Women/Children in telangana struggle.Hence the remedy is only to appoint a committee to study and Prescribe Ethics to Politician.Their Provocative Statements to get Popularity and Scolding like street Rowdies to Chop off Othergroups Hands / calling them Shameless People,etc should be attractable for Prosecution.Politicions Self Proclimed Immunity from Prosecution-lead / enabled them to directly accuse/Scold,in the name of Democracy,Not heard in Western/Europeon Countries.
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