Compress and Re-size Images
Many a times, we have large photos which are difficult to send online due to their large size. Image Compressor Lite will be your helpful companion at such times!
This app allows you to easily compress and re-size images on your device. You can compress images to a particular size, or to a particular ratio (say 50%) making it easy to reduce the file size without sacrificing quality. It allows you to change the resolution of the image with a slider, to make it smaller. The app also includes batch compression, allowing you to compress multiple images at once.
Whether you are looking to save space on your device or making your images easy and fast to send, Image Compressor Lite has you covered!
Sync Files across Multiple Devices
Yazdi Tantra, 12 April 2024
These days, all of us have multiple devices—maybe a phone and a tablet, a phone and a computer or even multiple phones. It is always a struggle to keep the devices in sync, especially for important files and folders.
Get Notified When Your Android's Battery Is Low
Yazdi Tantra, 05 April 2024
Do you have a tablet or secondary phone lying around, and you'd like to get an alert before its battery dies completely rather than finding it out at an inconvenient time? Are you responsible for charging your kids' or parents'...
Video Summarize: Transforms Lengthy Videos into Quick Text Summaries
Yazdi Tantra, 22 March 2024
If you are an avid YouTube watcher (who isn’t?) and you watch long, informative videos, this is the app for you. It transforms lengthy videos into quick text summaries. You can adjust detail levels of the summary to your own...
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