Colorize: Add Colour to Your B&W Images
We all have a repository of old black & white photos. When trying to digitise them, it may be worth incorporating some colour into the pictures. Colorize Images is an automatic machine learning-based service to colorise black &white, gray-scale or night-vision photos.
The black & white photos for the colorisation can be selected from the gallery, or they can be shared from other applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Chrome or Google Photos. The colorised result images can be shared on the other applications, or saved into the gallery.
The service uses GPU (graphic processing unit ) servers to provide the colorisation functionality. This means that the source images are sent to a remote location over the network, colorised there and the colorised images are then received back to the device.
You get to try out the app for free for up to 10 images and if you wish to use it for unlimited images, you need to go for a paid version.
An interesting AI tool to put some colour into your images!
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