Clueful Privacy Advisor: Track Your Privacy Level
If you have many apps, each with multiple updates, you are used to accepting the terms and the invasions in your privacy. Clueful Privacy Advisor gives you a re-look at your privacy compromises.
Simply put, it shows you how your installed apps use and, sometimes abuse, your privacy. It is like your personal privacy assistant and advises you on what each of your installed apps is doing in the background, without your knowledge! 
Some free apps can surprisingly leak your data, spam you, upload your calendar and do many such things in the background without your even knowing it. Use Clueful Privacy Advisor to track those rogue apps and, if you do not agree with what they are doing, you are free to uninstall them immediately! It also has a privacy score where it calculates and displays an index on how private or exposed your data is. If you value your privacy, get clued on to Clueful Privacy Advisor! 
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