ClipDrop: Take Photos and Drop Them to Any Other App
ClipDrop  is the coolest way to take photos of objects around you and drop them to any other app on your phone. You can take a photo of anything and use it for your next presentation, a social post or even as an attachment to your email. The app is wonderful for its simplicity. Just download and install it and point and shoot any object of your choice. You get a picture with a transparent or opaque background. Then a quick edit for the background and orientation and export it to the app of your choice – it could be WhatsApp, Evernote, Gmail or any other app. That’s it! 
If you are doing a photo shoot for products, you do not need a photo studio any more. Just point and shoot. You can even take clips off your Windows or Mac desktops and drop them in any app of your choice. The current version allows you to import editable masks with the Plugin for Adobe Photoshop. The app is free for the first 10 clips and there is a subscription model which can carry you through for your professional work. Available for Windows / MacOS / Android / iOS
An innovative and practical use of augmented reality (AR)  with astounding results.
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