CII speech: Rahul Gandhi hardsells inclusive growth theme to India Inc
Moneylife Digital Team 04 April 2013

While the UPA government has faced much flak for ignoring the struggles of the aam aadmi, Rahul Gandhi’s speech at CII preached the importance of listening to the one billion plus voices of India

Rahul Gandhi, Vice President, Indian National Congress, stressed the strong connection between economic growth and harmony among the people of India, while addressing the annual general meeting of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in New Delhi. “Inclusive growth is a win-win for everybody,” he pointed out.


While criticising the existing system, Mr Gandhi said, “the political system is clogged and it is not responding.” There is a problem in devolution of power. Members of Parliament, Members of the Legislative Assembly and Pradhans at the local level must work for the development of the constituency in each part of the country. Industrialists must also bear this in mind in starting new projects instead of complaining about centre-state tensions.
This is important to all of us after the 73rd and 74th Amendment to the Constitution in empowering the third tier of government with development funds, he said.


Holding industry captains responsible for education and employment, he said, “You know what you are going to do. You will employ the youth. Simultaneously, the system must weed out obsolete things and industry must play a role in improving the education system to a more modern one.”


Mr Gandhi said he had no sops to offer and then pinned the responsibility for development and growth on industrialists themselves. He said, “I have come here because I believe in you. I want to forge a long-term partnership with you to build a brave new empowered India. Industry captains will be ‘expecting a solution for a long time…’ and keep waiting, if they think, ‘Manmohanji or the government will solve all the problems.’ Instead, India is thirsting for a visionary partnership, whereby we open out the value chain.”


On the need for co-operation from industry, Mr Gandhi, said, “Government cannot provide infrastructure alone.” He listed roads, ports and electricity as priority areas.


Pointing out that the Indian system is a complex one, with over one billion people, Mr Gandhi said that there are no simple answers in a connected world. India will have a decentralised system and will need “robust answers.” Industry must work for it. “People’s participation in decision making is crucial for development. Businessmen, the middle class and the poor people must all work for development and must all be included in growth,” he said.


While encouraging industrialists to work toward a tidal wave of economic growth, he made sure that we remembered the need for compassion. The simple ability to listen to the people (one billion plus voices) is important for those in the government and industry alike. He said, “We must embrace the complexity of this country.”


Mr Gandhi believes that India must unlock its great potential. He said that even people living abroad must in the future say, “We want to be like India.” In the 21st century, our ideas and knowledge must move us fast and our educational system and skills should be of global standards.


While comparing India’s growth path with China’s, Rahul Gandhi was clear that India was not any more “an elephant, but a bee-hive.” He said, “We are much more powerful than we think.” Also, he said that India must not be satisfied with incremental growth, but must work for growth in an exponential curve. The government will only be there for smart intervention. He insisted that we are sitting on an unstoppable tide of ideas and that we are a brave young country.

9 years ago
jaideep shirali
9 years ago
RG simply echoed his mother's philosophy. He will become another remote control, because that 'sacrifice' gives you all the power without any accountability. How is the Cong different from 'the system', 'the Govt', etc. as far as citizens are concerned ? Neither he nor MMS wants to take any responsibility for the unimaginable corruption, inflation, choking economy and other problems. There is an attitude of "we are not accountable to the aam admi" whenever any issue is raised, with blatant lies (Zero loss, etc.)being the defence. I think we have given enough chances to the Cong, any alternative cannot be as bad.
nagesh kini
9 years ago
Mr. Joshi,
Please concede that RG, in his really first appearance did make an extremely great part prepared and part ex tempore presentation to the industry big-wigs. With this he has succeeded in making out a convincing case for his Party and established that he can stand up to the Opposition. He appeared to speak from his heart and did not indulge political rhetoric.
Lets be positive, Mr.Joshi!
Vinay Joshi
Replied to nagesh kini comment 9 years ago
Dear Mr. Nagesh Anna,

Wait for April, 8th, when Modi delivers at FICCI's, addressing the annual general body meeting of the women's wing. Naina Lal Kidwai is heading FICCI.
The topic for him 'Unleash the entrepreneur within, exploring new avenues'.

Just see the Modi-Ficci-ation!

RG paradox. He forgot that he is addressing the CII summit, captains of the industry, India Inc; who wanted specific answers.
Instead they were left 'chewing' the end of their pencil.

The mixture of political posturing [khachaturian melody]& techno lingo is the great part prepared by his ill advised speech writers.
Meaningless phrases as if a management consultancy advising its clients without accountability.

What he meant by, incentive's,exponential thinking, skill sets, open political architecture, smart interventions, networks, partnerships... et al?

All these things instead of the august CII forum, he should be telling his mom & ASKING QUESTIONS that look - last virtual ten years we are in power & not able to further it!?

Where are the specifics? 75 minutes he was speaking as Cong;VP.

It was evident he is at a disadvantage vis-a-vis fending his corrupt coterie, blessings of his mother without accountability & responsibility rests on PM to steer the economy.

He failed to state that previous day [Ap,3]sensex tanked coz of uncertainty of the Govt. continuing in office. He failed to state that the same evening he was addressing sensex tanked by another 292 points on fear of policy rate & FII selling.
In two consecutive sessions the market cap eroded by whopping 1.7trn rupees.[This is what India Inc; sees. Apart from those who buy their interests. Common investors loose including day traders.]

India Inc; seated there [apart from a few bytes from Bajaj or Godrej] never expected such lackluster a speech.
In fact this negative for the party & his image & governance.

How can power be devolved to grassroots when crushed by upper echelons? In J&K 'pradhans' were shot dead - point blank. What has he done about it? Has he spoken? Can he speak? Has he visited?

Such outdated aspects of his thinking alludes to the party / governance problems & HE DISTANCES HIMSELF FROM EVERYTHING!

He should have told the august gathering that several projects languishing will be taken on fast track. [there are certain projects delayed coz the ministers don't see eye-to-eye!]

FII,FDI, taxation should have being addressed. CAD, fiscal are appropriately [hopefully], tackled.


WSJ; slammed it as dud, Reuters; short on specifics, Economist; mixed but waffle!

Where is the 'beehive' & WHO IS 'THE MOTHER QUEEN'? Why elephant can't take on the dragon?
Coz, one 'bee' enters the elephant 'ear' & can cause death!? [death of economy.]

In US 15% believe in that 'its Govt. or media adds mind controlling technology' to TV broadcast signals!?

Such things are directly practiced by political parties.

Why Panchayat elections in WB should not be held under 'central para-military' forces as per the SEC mandate? Why the Judiciary has to intervene?

Rahul 'Baba', where is your grassroots empowerment?
Why article 356 should not be invoked in WB & UP?

A reluctant Rahul was forced to come on board, he was not the original speaker.

Yes, Nagesh Anna, he spoke from his heart, but can do little.
Even me & you think same! But we can't get 49[O], mandated in EVM's!?

At least speaking at 'village choupalas' he has graduated to center stage. [ITC thro' choupalas has done CSR!]


Dr Pankaj Gupta
Replied to nagesh kini comment 9 years ago
People have tried to be as much positive about congress and Gandhi family as could be possible with tolerant Indians. But, this man is real non sense. Where was he all these nine years while being in the parliament ? He speaks as if he himself is in opposition and cant do anything. Ideas or vision springs up only when it is election time. They are up in the wind as soon as the results are out. In his entire speech , he has given lectures to big wigs to do this or that without following his own advice(for his own party).whenever any unexpected question is asked from him, his usual answer is " Please tell me what could be the answer to this question , that you are asking? Look for answers within yourself. This is evading the question. His part ex tempore was also well rehearsed as he cant speak without this.
I fully agree with Mr Joshi Views regards him. he has already written well.
Replied to Dr Pankaj Gupta comment 9 years ago
fully agree with both Dr.Gupta and Mr.Joshi.When so many years were available for them they did nothing.Now how can they blame the system nurtured by them? It is high time we call a spade a spade. There is vacuum in Congress as far as Leadership is concerned.
Replied to nagesh kini comment 9 years ago

It is deceptive oratory for regaining power by misleading fellow countrymen . . . one more time.
Vinay Joshi
9 years ago
RG, clear vision or ‘confusion’?!!!!!!!!

Why the sensex tanked? [April 3], expecting early general elections!?

He should have kept in mind as Cong; VP, that he is addressing CII annual conference, tanking of sensex, ‘the kitchen cabinet’ profuse corruption rampant, economy slowed, now battle gears drawn in ‘death’, stages.

Over the years – all political parties- put together have drowned the voice of billion plus citizens.
What is he talking about?

Why is the Cong; AFRAID to project him as PM candidate? Yes’ Gandhi’s have never worked under any PM, obviously he has shunned cabinet position or ministry in the first place.

[During the presentation of the FinBill’13, after the preliminaries he left the LS!!!??]
A person with vision!? Was everything known to him??!!

He has stated that he draws his energy from the rivers of ‘Yamuna’, ‘Ganga’, & [non existent] ‘SARASWATI’. DOES HE MEAN TO IMPLY THAT SUCH POLLUTED RIVERS ENERGIES HIM, INSPIRATION DRAWN?! CAN HE SHOW WHERE IS RIVER ‘SARASWATI’. Or knows when it disappeared?

More than 20KCr, spend to clean up Yamuna & Ganga, DOWN THE RIVERS! Whose money?

MMS could have done splendid things, -no magic wand- was required, HAD he been allowed by the coterie of the Cong;Prez!? They clinch to power instead of welfare, national policy or foreign policy.

He may have taken certain digs at the ‘opposition’ BJP esp ‘Namo’, his inherent weakness coz of his advisers.

He cannot ‘walk the talk’. Neither any other political party.
Political economy precedes citizens interests. Corporatism BUY theirs.

In my final analysis I can sum up ‘democracy is allowed to vote for the candidate you dislike least’.! It’s not the case!?

Let us see when he ushers in ‘his clear’ vision?!


9 years ago
2014 - RaGa Vs NaMo !
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