Cheated in online shopping? Here is how you can get justice
Sushmita V Gopalan 13 June 2013

It is not futile to pursue online vendors who fail to deliver promised goods and services. Chitra Vittal from Bangalore has won an out-of-court settlement from online vendor of cakes

Far too many of us have felt cheated by online vendors but have let it go because of the apparent futility of fighting for our rights. However, Chitra Vittal’s story tells us that it is indeed possible to win out-of-court settlements with online vendors with the help of consumer rights organizations like the International Consumer Rights Protection Council (ICRPC).

Chitra Vittal from Bangalore ordered a combo package including cake from Flowers n Cakes to India, an online florist and gift store that guarantees same day delivery and the “delivery of fresh products – always.” Flowers n Cakes to India failed to deliver the product on the specified day, and when they finally did deliver it the next day, the cake was “smashed up, made of cheap wine” and of a quality that was entirely unacceptable to the customer.

When Ms Vittal attempted to complain about the non-delivery of the product on the scheduled day, she found that the customer care numbers displayed on the website were not attended. She managed to find contact details of their Hyderabad-based sub-vendor, only to be told that they had only received their orders from Flowers n Cakes to India the morning after the scheduled date.

Five days later, Ms Vittal complained about the delayed delivery of a substandard product over a chat conversation with the company representative, Rahul, who, according to her was rude and paid no heed to her complaints.

Ms Vittal then approached Arun Saxena, President of ICRPC, which runs a consumer helpline. Mr Saxena sent an email to the vendor on behalf of Ms Vittal, informing them that they had conducted Unfair Trade Practices under Section 2 (1) (r) of the Consumer Protection Act. If the vendor did not refund the full amount to Ms Vittal and pay Rs50,000 as compensation for her losses, harassment and inconvenience, Mr Saxena said, severe action would be initiated against them, seeking higher compensation of Rs1 lakh with the legal costs.

What ensued was a series of emails exchanged among Mr Saxena, Ms Vittal and Flowers n Cakes to India, where the vendor attempted to seek refuge in its disclaimer against “unavoidable delays”. Ms Vittal felt that the vendors entirely ignored the accusation of no-response to complaints and were repeatedly rude to her. The emails reveal comments from the vendor to the tune of “If she doesn’t understand simple English language then it’s not our responsibility” and “she is the only one who we can call Fake”.  

When Mr Saxena finally said that the matter was headed to consumer court and they would have to appear in person to justify their position, Flowers n Cakes to India beat a hasty retreat. With a sudden and radical change of tone, it sent a politely apologetic email to Ms Vittal, with the promise of a full refund on the same day.

2 years ago
I got cheated by this site ...... There Is no response after odering clothes from this sites its been 10 days.
2 years ago
The scamster name is sanjay( as per paytm payment) and the mobile 7417301325...he is operating in the name of red carpet girls clothing 07. Stay away from this guy in Instagram, whatsapp and paytm upi bank payment.
2 years ago
My daughter asked to make payment for an order for a dress which she saw in Instagram red_carpet_girls_clothing07 . The name of the responded in whatsapp...his 7417301325. He collected the money using paytm upi bank. I paid Rs. 1699 for the dress. After receiving the money he stopped responding in whatsapp. His no. Is still active. He is a scamster. If anyone can help. Let me know plz.
2 years ago
Maine lhnga order kiya tha 1500 me insta pr...usme return and exchange available tha pr mujhe order me saree mili jo mujhe nhi chahiye or wo ab return nhi de rhe reply bhi nhi kr rhe h mere pas order ki recipient order track iD or chatting sari details h plzzz help me in return
2 years ago
Hi Myself Rajkumar from mumbai, i seen combo offer on 12th September 2021 in facebook market place & ordered the person name Hiren patel confirm the order & given his account SBI Account number. Monday (13th September 2021) morning i paid 300/- through net banking. the person confirm receipt, but till date not received any parcel no reply no pod details till date. not accepting phone calls too.
his details are on face book:- BHUMI PATEL (9712423232)
2 years ago
Myself sudha Kalal from Mumbai,
Maine apne Ghar k liye bhagwan ka temple order Diya tha uniform soft company walo ko online through Jiska price 8000/- tha par Maine unse kaha tha payment Mai cash on delivery karungi aap tabi le Lena par in logo ne kaha atleast half payment karna hoga yane 4000 Maine unse unka card bhi pucha tha tho vo log mujhe uniform soft company ka card dikhaya par paise Milne k baad usne call tho pehle ek bhi receive nahi Kiya baadme jab Maine uska msg Kiya tho mujhe dhamkiya Diya k apko pura payment karna hai vo bhi half an hour k andar nahi tho hum block Kar denge aur usne block kiya.pls mujhe help kijiye vo darinde par kuch action lene k liye mujhe pata hai I will not get my money back par usko rokna hai kisi aur k sath thagg karnese....uska no bhi Mai upload karti hun-7078899722
2 years ago
I ordered a saree in good website sareego but I received a worst saree...saree cost os 1500 pls help me and return my money
2 years ago
Hi.. Magnolia bout tigue02 combo kurti 3set rupees 800 but they send the old clothes very cheap used products.... Nd don't even attend the call... How to get money back
2 years ago
Agarwal kurti hub customer care number O8O16767188
2 years ago
1 have order 1 kurti 750 rs they send such a cheap and very dull smelled old. They have fraud
2 years ago
Hi... I have ordered lingerie set rupees 800 but they send the old clothes very cheap used products.... Nd don't even attend the call... How to get money back
2 years ago
Sir, i had ordered a blue ray specs long long ago and now it have arrived (approximately 3months) ,the product which have been delivered is entirely different from what i had ordered, they don't provide a cash back, it's my second time ,first they had replaced what they had sent cause they sent a bid specs for me and I ask for my money back,and finalised in replacementSir, i had ordered a blue ray specs long long ago and now it have arrived (approximately 3months) ,the product which have been delivered is entirely different from what i had ordered, they don't provide a cash back, it's my second time ,first they had replaced what they had sent cause they sent a bid specs for me and I ask my money back,and finalised for replacement

Go classic (feel the nature) is the online shopping site that had cheated me for think these folks do this often
2 years ago
I was twice cheated by two websites, that appeared on Facebook. First, I ordered bras and paid 799 Rs. I received the order, but it was not the one I ordered and it dies not fit me. I got a number on the delivered product carton..called them, one day I got them, it was customer care number. They told, processing return and refund, till date nothing happened. I want things or money back.

Recently, one more website, ariyafashion online showed 6 kurtis for 499/-. I just went through, did not order first. I got WhatsApp message advising me to buy. I asked her, who is that. Her number- 92054 15073. She told, Sonia gupta from confirmation department. She also sent address saying, it is a manufacturing company, Near, 4020 New Sardar Traders Market, Sahara Darwaja, Sardar Vegetable Market, Surat, Gujarat 395010
It seemed so genuine with a couple of chats with her and sent me google pay number- 8800126553(crafters villa). I paid through my google account and she messaged, order confirm and dispatched. Since 6 th August, 2021, I am asking her to send me tracking number, but not responding, though she is online. Today I checked website, no website not available. I was awestruck. I want my money back or ordered kurtis. Someone help me
Replied to jimcyaji comment 2 years ago
Same here
2 years ago
Why no one reply here? Please Im Malaysian and a clothing company cheated my 17000rs deposit of lengha . I deposit jan 2020, n till this date a year plus, havent get back either the product or refund. If its few months Im okay, I understand I will wait, due to MCO. But they seem to be active in instagram and facebook, but not completing my lengha. They promise me more than 50 times, everytime will be today , tomorrow and keep giving me dates, till they give me anxiety on this. Please, help me out, definitely I dont need the product, I only need refund. Please ask them to refund ....please do something
2 years ago
Sir, today afternoon I ordered some clothes on Instagram.
The process was very fast
And I did payment even.
But then I didn't received any confirmation of
placed order. An amont of 531 was deducted from my account
But I didn't got any message yet.
The payment was made to some other company named payu payments.
Not to the one I ordered clothes from.
What should I do now?
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