Capt Gopinath, Shazia Ilmi quit AAP
Moneylife Digital Team 24 May 2014
While Ilmi said that the party has lost its way and is being guided by a crony clique that takes impulsive decisions, Capt Gopinath criticised party chief Kejriwal for 'shoot and scoot' politics
Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) received a jolt on Saturday when two of the party members, Captain GR Gopinath who launched India's first low-cost carrier and Shazia Ilmi have resigned from the party.
Capt Gopinath, who joined the AAP in January 2014, cited growing differences within the party leadership as the reason for his quitting, and criticised party chief Kejriwal for 'shoot and scoot' politics. 
Shazia said that she is leaving AAP because of lack of inner party democracy. “There is a crony clique that runs the party now as principles of swaraj are not being followed within AAP,” she added.
Ilmi told reporters that AAP has lost its way and is being guided by a crony clique that takes impulsive decisions. “We fight against cronyism, but we have a crony clique that runs the party and takes impulsive decisions. Arvind is a brilliant person who  espoused the concept of Swaraj, but he’s unable to follow it within the party. I simply pointed that out,” she said.
Capt Gopinath, who founded the first low-cost carrier Air Deccan in 2003, criticised the functioning of Kejriwal, in his blog titled, 'Has Kejriwal lost his way'.
He said when Kejriwal took on Robert Vadra on corruption charges, "the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) loved it and also went in for the kill against the Congress," Gopinath said, adding that Kejriwal then took on Nitin Gadkari. 
"Kejriwal was brazen and broke that rule. He went for the jugular. What was rumoured in whispers, he stood up to in public, which made him the darling of the people and the media.... Kejriwal did not stop there. He made allegations against other high and mighty of the land," the blog said. 
Capt Gopinath sold Air Deccan to Vijay Mallya, who named the carrier as 'Kingfisher Red' that has now been closed down. 
Earlier in February 2014, Capt Gopinath, in an article published in the Economic Times, wrote, "I have said I am not thinking of resigning and I'm not frustrated. I joined AAP because I admired both Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal. I continue in the party as I continue to admire Kejriwal though I still disagree with many of the actions or inactions of the party and the manner in which some in the party have conducted themselves."
"I am demanding from my party the same exacting standards of rectitude and accountability which AAP demanded and expected of other political parties. That's what brought us, AAP, to power in the first place. We cannot turn around and say BJP and Congress were worse than us and so how are they justified in attacking AAP," Capt Gopinath had said.
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Poor Austhosh. He ruined his career by joining AAP politics. 'Vinashakaale vipareeta budhi' !!
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