Canva: Design Brochures, Mailers, Banners...
If you need to design anything—brochures, mailers, banners, greeting cards or social media material, Canva is the tool for you. The online free version is very versatile and will fulfil most of your requirements. But, if you need more features and flexibility, the paid version can give you all the bells and whistles to get a professional job done!
Canva is very easy to use. Just log on to and select what you want to design, from a plethora of choices offered. Select whatever you want to design and define its size and you are presented with a blank canvas. Now, you may add text, images, videos or whatever you want. Canva offers loads of design content for free. Ideally, you may never have to leave Canva for most of your needs; but, if you wish to get your custom images / logos, it is just a matter of cut and paste from another website or from your own computer. It’s that simple. You can play with the orientation, size, colours and much more. 
Once your design is ready, you may download it as pdf or png and it is ready to be deployed. The paid version allows you to resize the image in custom sizes for Facebook / YouTube Banners, Instagram and a host of social media platforms.
If you feel comfortable and want to design stuff on your phone directly, you can use the Canva app and do all of the above tasks with ease on your phone.
A very useful app for quick design and deployment, without the need for high-end software like PageMaker or Photoshop.
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