Can We Comprehend Much More Than We Can Grasp?
Science should try and understand Nature. That is the main purpose of science. Technology, on the other hand, is for making money. It has brought lots of personal comforts to mankind. Therefore, it is venerated by all. Unfortunately, technology is pushing science beyond its calling of understanding Nature to trying to teach Nature a lesson or two, to get industry make a faster buck! In this bargain, many scientists are being pushed to make science bend to the wishes of vested interests, engineered by the greedy industry, unbeknownst to the scientists. A few scientists also join hands with industry in their dubious designs. This, today, is the bane of science. Basic science has changed a lot and has almost come closer to spirituality and Eastern philosophy; but the technocrats are resisting that wisdom.
Our dilemma, today, is due to the confusion of having the 19th century science, 20th century technology and 21st century wisdom to grapple with. Western science minus quantum physics is dead science. This is glaring in biology. The new evolutionary biology has thrown new light on evolution sans the time-honoured Darwin-Mendel conundrum. This earth, which had been in existence for four billion years, saw the first two billion years with germs running the show all by themselves. They made initial mistakes and learnt their lessons. They then mutated to live in harmony and invented chlorophyll for energy. They further went in for compassion by donating their individual DNAs to form the first nucleated cell. Doesn’t this sound like Indian philosophy of “paropakaarartham idam shareeram?” (We live for others) That nucleated cell (zygote) is our origin. Human biology (physiology) is a closed system in systems biology. The zygote goes on dividing to, eventually, make what you and I are. We are not organs separately put together to make a whole. It is the whole that has divided to become a bigger whole. Therefore, we have a large baggage of our ancestors, the germs, with us. In fact, we are outnumbered by them 1:10. Finally, the human body is a happy colony of 120 trillion human cells and ten times that number of germ cells.
Energy being the same as matter, the human body becomes an illusion of the human mind. It is natural that one cannot touch or feel the mind but one can make out its effects. It is the consciousness which has no particle shape but has only a wave existence, but is found all over the body and outside of it also. It is, in fact, the canvas on which our emotions and thoughts are flashed. The human body can change from particle to wave and back almost 1,024 (Planck’s constant) times here in a second. Just as an atom has the blueprint of a molecule in it, the human wave form has the blueprint of its particle form as well. In short, all living things are interconnected—not just human beings alone. This can be made use of in quantum healing, where self-healing is achieved by making the wave form to change to the particle form as and when needed. We have the power to heal ourselves in the unlikely event of our falling ill.
This was my research interest for the past five years and I am happy to state the results. I am yet to start using the method on willing patients with their informed consent. At times, I try it on myself. I have not regretted it so far. Theoretically, anything—from the common cold to cancer—could be cured; but this needs the active participation of the patient in a tranquil state of mind, say meditating. Since this world is incredibly interactive and coherent at all levels, it is unlikely that the individual consciousness units are distinct from the universal consciousness. Consciousness is a fundamental part of all existence. David Bohm and others have clearly shown, that in physics and mathematics, there is good evidence for a deeper organising and informing wave function. As Hans Peter Duerr put it, “Matter is not made out of matter” but only of energy.                                            
vidhata bhide
7 years ago
Brilliant post as usual...
Deepak Ahuja
7 years ago
Dear Sir - Could you write more on Quantum healing or suggest some other source to learn about the subject? thanks
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