BurnNote: Delete Message Automatically
Many a times, it so happens that you have to communicate something private to a close friend/family member. And you are worried that it may fall into the wrong hands. For example, in an emergency, you need to send your bank 

account number, or your credit card number, to your spouse. You may send it via email, but there is a chance that, after using that information, the recipient does not delete it from the mailbox. Anyone having access to that mailbox can then misuse that information.
BurnNote allows a user to send a message to someone in such a manner that the message will be automatically deleted after a predefined number of seconds, once it has been read. So, if you have set it to 180 seconds, the message will destruct itself 180 seconds after it has been read by the recipient. 
The implementation is simple. Go to BurnNote.com or the BurnNote app, and fill up a simple registration form. Now, you can compose a mail to anyone and define, say, 180 seconds after reading it, it should self-destruct. If you want to be doubly sure, you can even create a password for accessing the mail. The site will generate a link and you can then copy-paste that link in your regular email. The recipient just needs to click on that link, enter the password (if any) and read the mail as desired. Once the mail has been read, after 180 seconds, the link will be inactive and no longer accessible to either the sender or the receiver. BurnNote can also be made copy-resistant using the Spotlight display option which limits how much of the message is viewable at once.
In short, BurnNote puts you in total control of your privacy. Maybe the US government should have used it for their diplomatic cables! https://goo.gl/wGgP0j
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