Bombay High Court allows Nestle to export Maggi noodles
In a partial breather for Nestle, the Bombay High Court on Tuesday allowed the company's Indian branch to export all varieties of its popular two-minute Maggi noodles.
The domestic restrictions, however, would continue to apply. The matter will now come up for further hearing on July 14.
Maggi was banned by the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) on June 5 after several samples were found having lead and MSG contents beyond permissible limits.
Nestle India had challenged the ban on grounds that it was 'unauthorised, arbitrary, unconstitutional for violating right to equality and trade', and violative of principles of natural justice since the company was not given a proper hearing.
MG Warrier
9 years ago
I am not a food expert. I am a student of statistics and am aware of the flaws in sampling. Last so many decades of news watch has also taught me the extent of manipulations possible in tests, reporting results and so on in different circumstances. ‘Standards’ can differ in different countries and geographical areas. On the face of it, though, it would look odd to allow export of food found ‘below standard for domestic consumption’.
But it was in olden times that commonsense and law had something in common!
Sunil Rebello
9 years ago
the Truth will prevail in MAGGIE.
ONLY GOD will take care of us and our Health
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