Blush: Create Stunning Illustrations
When we use illustrations and pictures in our projects / presentations, we normally pick up royalty-free images from the Web. These images can just be re-sized and rotated before use. Blush goes the extra mile. You can easily create and customise stunning illustrations with collections made by artists from across the globe. 
Just visit choose a style, customise the art, play around with variations, until you create what exactly you want, and then download the PNG (portable network graphic) or SVG (scalable vector graphics) our creation and use it on your Web app, presentation or any project you want to bring to life! Not only are the illustrations amazing but the customisation is extremely simple to implement. You have full control; you never lose context and don’t have a worry free licence, since Blush allows you to use every graphic for personal and commercial purposes without the need for attribution. If you are a designer for print or Web or any other medium, you must give Blush a try!
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