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Do you get spam calls and SMSs in your inbox? Do you get irritated by them? Would you like to do something about it, to reduce your burden? India against Spam is the app for you!
All service-providers have a specified number to which you can send a spam call or SMS, to report the spam, in a particular format. India against Spam makes it a breeze for you to do that—whenever you get a spam SMS or call, just go to the app, select the intruding SMS or call and tap on send. That’s it. You will receive a confirmation from your service-provider, including a complaint number, and the same sender or caller will never call you back. 
Apart from blocking spam messages to you, the service-provider will also take up the matter with the sender and debar him from sending further messages to anyone else. You can now register for DND (do not disturb) service from within the app directly. A great tool for Indians against spam! Please check on 
Simple Indian
7 years ago
While this App may be handy to register complaints about unwanted telemarketing calls / SMSs, one has to depend on telecom operators to act on these. Unfortunately, that never happens, as the Telecom operators themselves "sell" consumer database to these telemarketing agencies. Had done this several times manually (sending SMS to Telecom operator in TRAI format) and though I got complaint no, after a month or so would get a standard response from operator that my complaint was investigated and found to be incorrect. No mention of which complaint and what was incorrect. Realized late that these very Telecom operators sell consumer database and benefit from such calls n SMSs so why would they block their cash-cows ?
TRAI has to find a better way to deal with telemarketers. Their recent decision to penalize Telecom operators for dropped calls is also pointless, that too with a cap of compensation for only three calls a day, i.e. max Rs. 3. The caller / callee may end up paying much more to make repeat calls to complete the conversation. Also, would be very difficult to prove call drops, and seek meager compensation. Better way would be cap consumers once a certain threshold limit reached for a telecom operator in a circle, depending on spectrum allotted to them.
Nanda Patel
7 years ago
Other good application on the same line you can see is

"True dialler" and "True messenger" It blocks common spammers and common flagged spam messages( throughout world). You don't need to take actions, it's fully automatic and it's free.

Other features include, caller id. If someone is calling you and you don;t have the number in your address book. app decodes this number and shows you who that is.

Hope this helps.
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