At Least 122 Companies of Anil Ambani Group with Little or No Business Have the Same Address
While prime minister (PM) Narendra Modi has made it his mission to eliminate lakhs of shell companies, isn’t it stunning that the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani (ADA) group has over 120 companies with a similar addresses of Santa Cruz (East) Mumbai reveals ZaubaCorp (
A simple search on ZaubaCorp reveals over 122 companies sharing the same address, "502, Plot no. 91/94, Prabhat Colony Santa Cruz (East) Mumbai City MH 400055 IN". 
All these companies, like Reliance Aerostructure Ltd, Reliance Helicopters Ltd, Reliance Defence Systems & Tech Ltd, Reliance Defence Infrastructure Ltd, Reliance Naval Systems Ltd, Reliance Unmanned Systems Ltd, which share this address are part of the Reliance ADA group.
According to ZaubaCorp, almost all companies that have a common address also share same email ID for contact, [email protected] or [email protected] 
One of the companies, Reliance Defence, has two directors, Lalit Jalan and Sateesh Seth, as per ZaubaCorp. Both are key confidantes of Anil Ambani and are directors of several Reliance ADA group companies. 
For example, Mr Jalan is shown as associated with Reliance Defence Systems Pvt Ltd, Reliance SED Ltd, Reliance Defence and Aerospace Pvt Ltd, and Reliance Velocity Ltd as director. He is also shown as a nominee director on BSES Yamuna Power Ltd and BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd. 
Mr Seth, as per ZaubaCorp, is associated with Reliance Power Ltd, Reliance Infrastructure Ltd, Reliance Telecom Ltd, Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group Ltd, Reliance Internet Services Ltd, as director, among other companies. He is also nominee director on Mumbai Metro One Pvt Ltd, appointed on 20 April 2018. He is a well-known confidant of Mr Ambani and stands to face a jail term in the Ericsson case, if the group fails to pay over Rs453 crore as per Supreme Court orders. 
The previous directors of Reliance Defence were Mr Ambani himself and Anthony Jesudasan, an influential lobbyist and media relations person based in Delhi who has been associated with the Reliance group for three decades. 
After brothers, Mukesh and Anil, Ambani split their businesses, Mr Jesudasan moved over to ADA group as a key aide to the junior Ambani. Both of them stepped down from Reliance Defence on 3 October 2018.
The directors of other companies that share the address with Reliance Defence are also associated with other ADA group companies. For example, Reliance Aerostructure has Rajesh Kamal Bagga as its director. He is also associated with nine other companies as director including Reliance Unmanned Systems Ltd, Reliance Naval Systems Ltd, Reliance Defence Technologies Pvt Ltd, and Reliance Defence Infrastructure Ltd.
Interestingly, most of these companies have a paid-up capital of Rs1 lakh and less than 10 employees.
In a supreme irony, while the group is weighed down by debt and is battling to salvage some value from its sprawling empire, many of these companies have AAA in their names such as AAA Resources P Ltd, AAA Infoservices P Ltd, AAA Cinecreation Services P Ltd and so on—as though to suggest a high rating! 
Another interesting aspect is the large number of companies with arms and armaments in their names such as Reliance Ammunition Pt Ltd, Reliance Armaments P Ltd. There is even a Dassault Reliance Aerospace P Ltd. Dassault is the manufacturer of the controversial Rafale aircraft, where ADAG’s involvement has turned highly controversial. 
We have sent an email to Reliance ADA group about the presence of so many companies of the group using same address. Till writing this story, we have not received any reply from them. We will update this story as and when we receive any reply from Reliance ADA group.
Mahesh S Bhatt
4 years ago
Mukesh Ambani has 196 companies Mahesh
4 years ago
While we know what ADAG group is (and now the whole world knows!), it is unclear what is the purpose of this article or why the writers are so "stunned" by this simple fact. To you question in the first line "isn't it stunning... ".. I don't think anything is stunning about ADAG having 120 companies with the same address... its not too much for a group of their size (they may be bankrupt, but they are "BIG" in bankruptcy also... hahaha... maybe they don't have money for 120 buildings, so all offices are in same place!... but what is the criminal aspect of this that you are trying to highlight???? For heaven's sake, you ML guys must stop being paranoid about every damn thing in the world. I seriously don't understand how you come to the conclusion that these companies are money laundering or shell companies.. you don't say so, but that seems to be the essence of this article... the first line says it all... while the PM has made it a mission to eliminate shell companies..... was that what you wanted to make fun of??? Maybe these are shell companies, maybe the big idiot that Modi is he missed 120 companies in India, but that make it bad to have shut down 200000 other shell companies... Get a life, Moneylife !!
Replied to Gupta comment 4 years ago
Please don't use the word"idiot" to the nation's head. Your writing is so powerful OMG anyone who is fanciful of English language would simply admire. Only thing is I am bit disappointed (of course it doesn't matter for your) when you bring our PM into the circle of discussion
Replied to K V RAO comment 4 years ago
Thank you for your kind words... the reference to PM is because the opening line in the article brings in the PM's drive against the shell companies into the discussion unnecessarily. I know by reading ML for past few years that ML hates him and hence the negative sarcastic reference as idiot is also from their perspective as they found one more reason to criticize him. I personally am his supporter though I do feel in equal measure that he is far from perfect and is doing many wrong things. But he is also doing lots of good things and MOST importantly, it is a relative assessment, not absolute and he is anyday far superior to any crooked corrupt Congressi. Even comparing him with Congressis is sacrilege.... agree with your feedback on language though..
Replied to Gupta comment 4 years ago
Gupta's remarks are fantastic. I simply envy Guptaji for his ability to put such a knowledgeable contents and beautiful language. I request Guptaji to keep us in such a delighted mind (that we get immediately after reading)for all the features put out by Moneylife.

One special personsl request: my email id [email protected] Please send copy of your blogs/remarks or any writings on business issues to me.
Cheruthon Ninan
Replied to Gupta comment 4 years ago
fully agree. Just because you have a pen and no proof of anything, you cannot write anything and everything in public domain. Have you done any research if they have done any illegal activities. This is called fake news or fabricated news.

Fully agree with mr.gupta
Charan Rawat
4 years ago
Having multiple companies at a same address is not CRIMINAL. Just check Bombay House or Industry House or 9 RN Mukherjee Road, Kolkata it 9 Mangoe Lane or Parry’s Corner in Chennai. All corporate houses have multiple entities - and a very large number being dormant companies or just holding some piece of real estate that’s let’s out to main entities.

So don’t get worked up simply because there are many companies registered at same address. It’s abuse of companies for criminal activities that’s a cause of concern.
Praveen Sakhuja
4 years ago
without gong into details of the publication, one simple question IS/WAS government not aware of these listed Companies???? If yes what action has been intiated to have bogus companies who do not transit? If No is it not failure of governrnent to put a check on such long list of companies to exists without any bussiness. Shame our government bother for donations supported by promotions.
Amit Sunil Achhpal
4 years ago
Most of these would be SPV's, you guys mustn't sensationalize anything & everything related to Mr.Anil Ambani. Ex - I'm sure a company like Reliance Power or Reliance infra may have over 20 cos as potential SPV's, does that mean they are all shell? Let's make sense folks..
Don't be "ARVIND KEJRIWAL" of the business world.
Replied to Amit Sunil Achhpal comment 4 years ago
Calm down! there is no blame or accusation on ambani in this article. they have just presented the facts here. On seeing these many SPV's , one might wonder if there will be any PURPOSE (forget Special Purpose!) to these companies at all considering the current pathetic scenario of the group!
Prashant Chandanapurkar
Replied to MODELEXAM comment 4 years ago
True even Vadra have so many shell companies. So what? Nothing wrong with that!
Replied to Amit Sunil Achhpal comment 4 years ago
Well put!
Savitha KL
4 years ago
No taxes are applicable for Mr Ambani?
Deepak Narain
4 years ago
How can one individual have so much? What are these multifarious companies doing? Certainly, there is something fishy!
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