As Narendra Modi arrives, @PMOIndia cleans its slate
Moneylife Digital Team 20 May 2014
@PMOIndia, the Twitter handle used by Dr Manmohan Singh, has now become clean like a new one. The old official Twitter handle of Dr Singh is now renamed as @PMOIndiaArchive
The official Twitter handle of Dr Manmohan Singh, the outgoing Prime Minister, @PMOIndia has become clean as new. With the Narendra Modi-led government setting to take over the reins, the handle @PMOIndia has been now renamed as @PMOIndiaArchive. The new, cleaned @PMOIndia has zero tweets and it does not follow anyone. However, there are 2,434 followers to this handle.
@PMOIndiaArchive, on its profile page has 1.24 million followers, 4,506 tweets and it was following 44 persons. Its profile pages says, "Archival material under the RTI Act for @PMOIndia till 20/5/2014. @PMOIndia will be available shortly."
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), however, has criticised the change in handle by the outgoing PM. It says, “Outgoing team wrongly renamed Twitter handle of @PMOIndia with respect to laws and global norms of handover of digital assets.”
Now compare this with the Narendra Modi's personal Twitter handle, @NarendraModi. It has 4.22 million followers, 5,141 tweets and follows 1045 on the micro-blogging site.
Prof Rajagopalan
8 years ago
Alice in wonderland

Congress President Sonia Gandhi tendering her resignation to herself being the President, making all pre-arrangements with her henchmen to request her to continue in the post by withdrawing her resignation is viewed as something unheard of in the history of the world. Are we to take Sonia Gandhi as simple and foolish as "Alice in wonderland" and flinging her cap over the windmill taking India as the looking glass house or playing too clever a game with 120 crores of people in the country making it a nation of political eunuchs ? Certainly she has proved wrong! There is a limit to any type of tom foolery!
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