Another MLM scam in the happening, this time under the pretext of an online survey

An MLM company that claims to be Asia’s largest online survey company, does not even have an office address or a telephone number but is offering to ‘pay’ $10 just for filling out online surveys

Speak Asia Online, which claims to be based in Singapore, is spreading its multi-level marketing (MLM) wings in India under the pretext of online surveys. As is usual in any MLM scheme, this company also makes big claims about earnings, but fails to provide any documentary evidence for the same.

The company asks new customers or subscribers to pay $120 (standard) or $220 (premium) for becoming a panellist for one year. However, it says the fee is for its e-bulletin for one year. It clearly says: "You can remain a panellist and earn from Speak Asia only as long as your subscription to E-Bulletin is in force." This means, before earning a single penny, you need to pay the company upfront. After the one-year period, one needs to renew the subscription. There is no mention of renewal fees.

Speak Asia Online sends its surveys mostly on Wednesday to all subscribers. Each survey takes around 40 minutes to complete. It says: "The first eight weeks are treated as a training period and the company provides you feedback on incorrectly filled surveys." After that period, any incomplete or incorrect surveys are rejected and the company does not pay for it.

The company assures that it will make the payment in local currency through direct bank transfers. The catch here is that one has to pay bank transfer charges of 3% or minimum $7.5 per payment. In case you have earned $10 for the month, you would get payment of $2.5 only, as $7.5 from the total payment would get deducted as bank transfer charges.

Speak Asia Online says it provides income in reward points (one reward point is $1). It awards up to seven reward points per week for a standard panellist and 20 reward points to a premium panellist. It offers survey income as well as passive income that one earns by adding more people into a down-line. However, for the next day's incentive calculations, it does not consider the weaker line. It says: "Weaker leg is flushed out whereas the stronger leg is always carried forward for next day's incentive calculation."

Although the company offers to pay for filling out surveys online, it fails to mention that for doing this job one requires minimum knowledge of English and the Internet. is hosted in the US on the server and the hosting services will expire on 21 January 2011. Besides that, there is no information available on the domain, its owners, their addresses and contact details.

The company website does provide links for all countries and major cities but directs all queries to its Singapore address only, which neither has a telephone number nor any email ID. Except India, the so called 'good income business opportunity' does not exist for other countries.

According to a complaint posted on, this company has changed its name three times over the past five years and is blacklisted for non-compliance in Singapore.

Its website, does have a link for legal documents but provides the legal documents not of the company but generic documents from the Customs Department, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and so on.

Speak Asia Online shows no evidence about the legality of its business or any registration certificate issued by government authorities. All the company can show as evidence is a registration certificate issued by the Singapore government. The issuing authority of this certificate, Registrar of Companies and Businesses, however, has clearly stated that the certificate of good standing or any of its contents shall not be reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or otherwise distributed in any way without prior permission of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), Singapore.

In addition, there is no mention of its promoter or top management on the site. In fact, there are no names on the website. All one can see is just names of its 'dealers' and their bank account numbers.

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    10 years ago




    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 9 years ago

    MONDAY, 16 MAY 2011

    Being a SPEAKASIAN for the past One year without any problem and getting a regular expected Income and without any hindrance I would like to mention & comment the following regarding the News in the Star News and Aj Tak News Channel –

    1) First I would like to say that the both the News Channel did not Interview any Real Panelist / Speakasians who is doing the survey and earning (Income) on a regular basis.
    2) Both the channel said that there is no guarantee on the investment made with Speak Asia, Let me Remind and say to ever body visiting this site – Please note (which U all must be knowing) that any Investment made is never a 100% secured and does not carry any Guarantee of returns such as 1) Stock Market 2) Mutual Fund 3) Insurance Linked Investment 4) Property 5) Gold & Silver etc. In India in the past we all have seen that people made Investment in such market linked Schemes have made Heavy losses and have under gone Bankruptcy; due to this effect people have also taken the path of suicide. Further every day people are losing in Billions in the stock Market. So why the Media expecting 100% Guarantee from Speak Asia ?
    3) Next thing is the Electronic Media has said that this is a money Laundering - and at the same time They have said that speak Asia is paying 400% return in a year – Well if this is so – We all know Speak Asia has also paid back all the Invested money to the Investors within the first Two and Half Months that also in US Dollar by proper Banking Channel which runs into several Millions of US Dollars, this means India has also earned Foreign Currency too. And I am sure since the Panelist are being paid through proper Banking Channel the Panelist cannot hide their Income hence most of the Panelist are paying Income Tax to the Income Tax department hence again there is a heavy Revenue earned by the Government of India.
    4) Thousand of House wives from all over India, is earning respectable money just by doing survey on the Internet from their home and at their own sweet time. Similarly there are many poor students are paying their Collage fees to get Higher education by using this facilities of Speak Asia.
    Let me also Inform to every body that Company like Star TV who was the first to make a Big Noise about this so called Breaking News – is currently developing and Gearing themselves to come in a Big way in this Survey Business. However currently the Star TV is already in the survey business in a very small & limited manner and they are unable to expand due to the presence of Speakasia in the market. Hence what is the strategy of Star TV ? Very simple - First defame Speakasia and next grab all the existing customers (Panelist) of Speak Asia . By doing this Star TV is going to paint themselves as a saver to the entire public. (Pls see -
    5) Star News channel said that Speak Asia is siphoning out Indian Money out of the Country since it is a Singaporean company – well then let me inform you all that Star TV itself is a non Indian TV Company based in Hong Kong (In a Chinese Country) - Star TV India itself is repatriating Billions of Dollars out of India too – Star TV will go to any extend to Defame Speak Asia and get their Business – Remember the Owner of Star TV is non other than Keith Rupert Murdoch, by birth he is an Australian (Age 80yrs) – He wanted to acquire Fox TV but the Government of America rejected it since he was not an American citizen; then by all means he got his US Citizenship and brought the Fox TV and many such Business House in the US. He then wanted to by the STAR TV in Hong Kong but again the Chinese Government rejected its proposal since he is not a Chinese by birth – with this regard Rupert Murdoch at the age 68 he got married to a very young Chinese Lady (30yrs Old) name Ms. Deng Wendi (Divorceing his earlier Wife) and after this marriage immediately he acquired the Star TV and currently Ms. Deng Wendi is the Vice President of Star TV. Hence you can all see the attitude and work ethics of Star TV; that is they will go to any extent to acquire their business objectives. (Pls See - ).
    6) The next more important thing is – Today majority of the media in India is a total Blackmailing company, they live & earn from Blackmailing money - The Media is blackmailing Large Business Houses, Politicians and who ever is doing or earning good money. The media is a White-collar Blackmailers. You all readers must ask your own selves that why the Media is not making a hue & Cry on Ratan Tata Case regarding the 2G Scam ( Nira Radia) – Because the Media is paid heavily to keep their mouth Shut. And remember this Scam is over few thousand Million Dollars Scam. Why the Media is not talking about the Scam for making Mr. Warren Anderson (Union Carbide – CEO) run away from India to USA after killing over 8000 innocent citizens of Bhopal and now it is over 26 years still the compensation is not settled or unpaid – because a huge money is being paid to the media to keep their mouth shut both by the Indian politicians and Union Carbide. The Media only makes noise when they need money and accordingly the Media performs the Blackmailing activities and then keeps their mouth shut as soon as they get the required money.
    7) Now regarding the SURVEY – As a panelist of Speak Asia let me inform to every readers that - Who cares about the Survey ……….as long as we (Panelist) is getting paid for the work and at the right time its all FINE (All Ij Well); and I am sure all panelist of Speak Asia will agree with me to the same. The problem is companies like Star TV and many such other companies wants to know HOW the Speak Asia is making money and paying all its Panelist for the past Two Years and there is not a single complain from the panelist. Honestly Speaking none of the Speak Asia Panelist care regarding who is the Company we are doing the survey for … be it Airtel / ICICI / Bata …etc. We just need money that’s it. And as long as we are getting the money legally from proper Banking Channel.
    8) The Media has said that Speak Asia is lying regarding their Clients such as Airtel / Bata / ICICI etc …. – How does this matter to a panelist ? ….. As long as speak Asia is paying - ALL IJ WELL. With this regard let me remind all the readers that Insurance Companies like LIC / ICICI / GIC … etc people have invested with these companies with their hard earned money and these companies have still not paid to many such Insured Customers the Insurance Compensation to the families of the dead or to the owners of the Damaged Properties. And this is to the tune of few Billions of Dollars that these Insurance Companies need to Pay. Now ask yourself why the Star TV and such other News Channels are NOT making noise regarding these companies?
    9) We need to understand one Thing - The main problem is that – 1) Lots of Panelists have taken loans from banks and have invested in the Speak Asia and these Panelists have also returned the Fund with interest to the Banks within a very short period, and this is a big problem for the Bank since the Bank did not earn the required or the projected amount. 2) Lots of Panelists has withdrawn a good amount from the Stock Market and Mutual Fund and Invested in the Speak Asia, hence this is again a big problem for the Investment Companies & Consultants (Brokers). In conclusion and in short what I want to say that all these negative Propaganda could be a nexus along with Banks + Media + Investment Companies & Brokers and or those who have vested Interest.
    10) Last but not the least – We all need to ask one questions to ourselves that is – There are several online Internet Forums and Why still not a single Panelists are complaining regarding their Payments to Speak Asia?

    Who is making the Noise and big Hue & Cry? Only the outsiders, who are not the panelist.

    By S. Sanjiv (Panelists)

    Deepak Sharma

    In Reply to vspanditt 9 years ago

    Hi Sanjiv,

    It seems you have bought 9 Panels instead of one :-)!

    Although I can answer for all of your points but the most important to me is this one -

    THIS particular mindset - that "As long As Speak Asia is paying" is the KEY element in this entire Scam and I am just too much worried to see how intelligent people like you believe on this theory of "as long as"?

    Mr. Panelist, It's not a matter of "as long as" it's actually a matter of "How and From Where" company was paying?

    Because You have written more than 100 lines in the favor of this business, you must be aware of the most most basic principle for any business - "Business Ethics". Which says that -

    Business ethics (also known as corporate ethics) is a form of applied ethics or professional ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment. It applies to all aspects of business conduct and is relevant to the conduct of individuals and entire organizations.

    Now there are few questions on the ethical business of Speak Asia -

    1- If Ezine is worth Rs. 11000?

    2- Now by putting your hand on your heart just tell me why 99.99% people joined Speak Asia?

    Top Reason - To Earn Survey Income (Not the Ezine)
    (I can challenge you that it will not get even a single sale if they leave this reason)

    3- Now the most important question - When 99.99% of your business is based on the Survey Income, Why this Company is telling the lie about this FUNDAMENTAL issue?

    4- If this company can give a legal notice by spending millions in the Times of India, why can't it sue the Media?
    (You know why? Because SA can't prove the indemnity)

    5- In their own Press Conference, Mr. CEO told that the company has paid 68 Crores in Service tax. Now Mr. Panelist please explain why is that so less?
    In India Service tax is around 10 percent.
    In simple calculation 1100 ruppes should have been paid to Govt. of India for the Service tax.
    It comes to - 19 lac panelist x 1100 = 2,09,00,00,000 = 209 Crores!

    6- If the magnitude of business is so high, Why company delayed it's plans to create a legal entity in the country? It shows the lack/complete failure of Professionalism and planning.

    7- Now Leave all this, just let me know if your Son, Brother or anyone in the family starts earning Rs. 10 lac every month within first year of his business/job and he keeps on earning this much income, Will you never ask him from where he is making money, how is he making it, is he doing the right thing?

    Or Mr. Panelist, you will say that "As Long As" he is earning 10 lac per month I don't mind whether he is earning it ethically, legally or not?

    Exactly the Same way everyone including the media is worried whether the base of this business (Survey) really exists or not? It's not a matter of "As Far As" it's a matter of Genuine Business Vs. Money Circulation.

    And I am sure it doesn't exist otherwise any company which is on the verge of collapse will never hesitate to show the authenticity of it's business model. If you don't want to show the client name it's fine but you can always show the income proofs from survey business. May be only to media to satisfy them but your people are not ready to do so simply BECAUSE they don't have any Income from Survey business they are just Circulating the Money!

    If You still have the courage to say "As far As", I salute your spirit but in negative.

    Dear Sanjiv I also want to appeal you on this open platform, I am not against you, I am not against Speak Asia but I am hundred percent against Money Circulation because till now NO COMPANY has survived on the bases of Money Circulation. Please differentiate this fact while joining any other MLM company next time.

    Our beloved country and countrymen are a victim of Money Circulation schemes on the name of MLM.

    I don't know why but I feel if people like you decide, we can also produce companies like FLP, Amway, Tianshi, Usana from India.

    Let's be the Change!


    In Reply to Deepak Sharma 9 years ago

    Pl dont bleed for us speakasians. We have put in our money not yours. Say that there is nothing wrong R U ready 2 compensate????

    AK Sharma

    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    Look for more news at


    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    The business model of speak asia is new and different, only time will tell us wheter it can sustain or not, but it is not like other ordinary MLM company, there is orgnisatioanl structure. ceratin business model and vision, Id successful. it can create new history, there is grt potenstial, but it depends on mangment , let us wait n watch


    In Reply to anil 9 years ago

    We are In process of Reply and Remove the myth of MLM Industry, Please send us ur profile. We Screening Leaders.


    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    As per the article speak asia website domain was to expire in January 2011, however the website continues to exist. India sales telephone nos. are available on website and corporate office is coming up in Mumbai soon. Moreover I have made more than 30% profit on my investment and shall surely renew my membership. Being a martketing professional I can tell you that cos. are spending a lot of money on pre and post product launches testing and research - in crores of rs.. Speak asia's coverage in terms of respondents is huge and cos. get a wider perspective on their strategies, therby putting their monies in the right areas and reducing risks and preventing losses


    In Reply to Rohan 10 years ago

    my dear friend,
    the co has spent a lot on its marketing campaign, thats becoz, they have crores of rupees of panelist money. the co doesnt have strong foundation. its foundation is based on lies and that has been proved by its own press conference. i m sure if you ask any expert on tax or a ca or lawyer about this co, they will give you the right picture.


    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    go to this link
    view sample
    see speakasiaonline acra certificate

    decide is any thing wrong


    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago
    this website is registered in US.
    But the registration was done from:
    Opel Media Inc.
    Plot No 65 I T Colony
    Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342006
    ha ha ha ha ha.... interesting friends!!!


    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    well, media got the coverage of speak asia online,but the saddest part is some news channels are got mixed up with speak asia, and advertising its campaign through their channel, just for money without thinking of its unsustainable business model


    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    this report is 7 month old n company is doing good than is growing day by day
    personally i have earned trice my invested amount in 4 month


    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    You are wrong as I was until I joined the same being referred to one at who offered to get me a direct referral within few weeks of joining. Within 3 months I have not only recovered my investment but have a tidy passive income from panelists who have joined in my downline. Speak Asia has gone into e-commerce now whereby a panelist can make purchase online from dollars in their account after seeing the products at some kiosks that have come up just for panelists. These products are offered at heavy discounts. Before u comment just visit the site I have just mentioned from where I made the beginning. This company is going no where. For a meet at Goa, the company made arrangements for their panelists via a special train from Delhi where the ticket was only Rs170 for AC Chair Car with meals to boot! For a stay at a *** star for two days the charges were only Rs500. The only catch was that these charges had to be paid by the income in e-wallet not cash. So stop criticizing and read at the mentioned forum.


    In Reply to jutamaro 10 years ago

    well said sir


    In Reply to jutamaro 10 years ago

    well seems like u are new to internet and want to attract customers through ur cheap blog

    u should look iinto it , what amit aggarwal has said about speakasia


    In Reply to jutamaro 10 years ago

    Hi Speak Asians, Someone is tearing your clothes here. Stating it\'s mother of all MLM scams


    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    @Pawan - you didn't save 11K, you lost an opportunity of a lifetime :-). Read on to get more clarity:

    Here are some points from the articles and my comments (IN BOLD):

    Although the company offers to pay for filling out surveys online, it fails to mention that for doing this job one requires minimum knowledge of English and the Internet ----- WHERE IS THE FAILURE. IN ALL THE TRAININGS, EVERYONE IS EXPLAINED ABOUT THE BASIC REQUIREMENTS AND ONE CAN ALSO BE TAUGHT HOW TO USE A COMPUTER. THE COMPANY IS ALSO GOING TO COME UP WITH OPTIONS OF USING OTHER INDIAN LANGUAGES.SO THIS LINE MAKES NO SENSE. is hosted in the US on the server and the hosting services will expire on 21 January 2011. Besides that, there is no information available on the domain, its owners, their addresses and contact details.------- JANUARY 21 2011 HAS COME AND GONE. THE SITE AND THE BUSINESS IS STILL RUNNING. WHICH OTHER WEBSITE TALKS ABOUT IT DOMAIN, ITS OWNERS AND THEIR DETAILS (THINK HOTMAIL, YAHOO, GOOGLE). SO WHO IS THIS AUTHOR TO DICTATE A FORMAT. THIS IS AGAIN A BASELESS REMARK THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN PROVED WRONG.

    The company website does provide links for all countries and major cities but directs all queries to its Singapore address only, which neither has a telephone number nor any email ID. Except India, the so called 'good income business opportunity' does not exist for other countries.------- The company address and phone no. is listed. You probably need to have the eyes for details. There is a call centre in India too. This proves that this article is completely dishonest

    According to a complaint posted on, this company has changed its name three times over the past five years and is blacklisted for non-compliance in Singapore.---------- AGAIN ANOTHER BASELESS REMARK. INDIA-COMPLAINTS IS A SITE WHERE ANYONE CAN POST ANY COMPLAINT BUT IF A SIMILAR GUY WHO LACKS THE ANALYTICAL SKILLS AND BASIC COMMON SENSE HAS PUT A COMPALINT OUT THERE , IT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE.

    Its website, does have a link for legal documents but provides the legal documents not of the company but generic documents from the Customs Department, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and so on.-------------- GIVE ME A SINGLE KNOWN SITE THAT POSTS ALL ITS LEGAL DOCUMENTS ON THE NET. THIS SEEMS TO BE AN ARTICLE WRITTEN BY SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T UNDERSTANDS THE BASICS.

    Speak Asia Online shows no evidence about the legality of its business or any registration certificate issued by government authorities. All the company can show as evidence is a registration certificate issued by the Singapore government. The issuing authority of this certificate, Registrar of Companies and Businesses, however, has clearly stated that the certificate of good standing or any of its contents shall not be reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or otherwise distributed in any way without prior permission of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), Singapore ----------- IT'S A REGISTERED COMPANY IN SINGAPORE. THE AUTHOR HAS AGAIN NOT DONE HIS HOMEWORK. CHECK THIS LINK - ps://

    In addition, there is no mention of its promoter or top management on the site. In fact, there are no names on the website. All one can see is just names of its 'dealers' and their bank account numbers.-------- TELL ME IF YOU SEE THE NAMES OF PROMOTER OR TOP MANAGEMENT ON GOOGLE, YAHOO OR HOTMAIL. IS THE AUTHOR A NEW KID ON THE BLOCK?




    In Reply to Niraj 10 years ago

    check out the website of RMP
    you will get all the legal papers, name of owners, promoters and every single proof of the credibility...sorry to say not like ur speak asia mr. Niraj


    In Reply to Niraj 10 years ago

    As you said no website shows its owner name or promoter name, but everyone knows the Google owner and yahoo owner.
    Can you tell me who is the owner of speakasia and what is the name and details.


    In Reply to Sandy 10 years ago

    A Harinder Kaur (nick name Haren), chartered accountant from Jullunder who emigrated to Singapore is the owner. All other details are at What u guys waiting for: The ides of May 20th when the subscription charges will increase from 11k to 15k?


    In Reply to gspal 10 years ago

    Why on blog spot and not on the official site.
    Also the posting dates is dubious nd why no foto/contact email id just a name ?


    In Reply to user 10 years ago

    Just saw news on starnews channel about speakasia,starnews have warned public to stay away from SA & Even interviewed one person from government related to foreign investments in which he clearly stated that government is likely to take action against SA In coming 4 months.

    Star news also disclosed that SA Has no clients as claimed by them,star contacted bata,nestle,icici bank & all of them said they have no connectin with SA.


    In Reply to Niraj 10 years ago

    My dear friends Speak Asia is a scam, no matter how much any one is earning but earning money does not validate the legality of the company. Advertisement does build brand reputation, brand image and brand perception but that no way proves that the business is legal .check the link below regarding the hard facts about speak Asia
    copy this link


    In Reply to Niraj 10 years ago

    Dear Niraj,
    I hv d answers for all ur remarks, I m traveling right now so soon I will post d info why it's a scam?

    AK Sharma

    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    33 Chit Fund companies sealed at Gwalior – Madhya Pradesh(M.P)

    AK Sharma

    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    There is an article...To avoid Scam Surveys


    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    I heard they gave a public notice in TOI page 6 yesterday....

    What does anyone have to say about this?


    In Reply to James 10 years ago

    My dear friends Speak Asia is a scam, no matter how much any one is earning but earning money does not validate the legality of the company. Advertisement does build brand reputation, brand image and brand perception but that no way proves that the business is legal .check the link below regarding the hard facts about speak Asia
    copy this link


    In Reply to James 10 years ago

    In the notice they haven't mentioned anything related to the queries asked by Anti Speak Asians. I again want to say...if they are genuinely generating this much business from the Survey business, Prove it. We will also support such business but only if it is genuine. And we all know it's a great money circulation game. It will keep on taking the place till the time greed is there in us.


    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    Just read this ....


    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    Long time back someone even told me to invest on this thing..
    After reading all the details 1 thing i understand nothing is free.
    All this survey things are all wastage of money.
    Even i feel it as a fraud…
    Even heard about this from many people.
    All the details given here with screenshot


    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    Hi I have read lots and lots of such articles on many websites and many people have approached me either through mails or facebook or my blog with such questions - mainly about the company registration. I feel I can easily answer any and every question pertaining to SpeakAsia, genuinely. Feel free to ask any question you have , you can post questions on my blog. regards Ravi Bansal


    In Reply to Ravi 10 years ago

    Please clear doubt about the registration


    In Reply to Ravi 10 years ago

    can u give me any proof regarding direct payment in our account by speakasia???
    it may be your bank statement link....

    Jaago Sone Walo

    In Reply to beena 10 years ago

    Satyam and Beena. Clear your doubts at

    AK Sharma

    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    A survey company under police raid at Varanasi


    In Reply to AK Sharma 10 years ago

    Will you please provide link / URL of the given News cutting from Rashtriy Sahara?


    In Reply to AK Sharma 10 years ago

    hey brother can you tell me this news comes on which date... actually i had download this ratriye sahara news paper of today.... m still not able to find... so kindly tell me which was the date ... thankz

    ak sharma

    In Reply to Aman 10 years ago

    I tried to find the date, i think it came yesterday...


    In Reply to ak sharma 10 years ago

    if you can give me direct link then that'll be very humble....


    In Reply to Aman 10 years ago

    are koi ise bata do bhai kya date hai..pareshan aatma hai bechara!


    In Reply to aakash 10 years ago

    teri bohut fatt rahi hai... agar maine link maanga to..... :-p

    AK sharma

    In Reply to Aman 10 years ago

    Please don\'t use slang, it would be better, if stick to the subject. Aman here is the link I got after going through browser history You might have to login first to view this Anything else...


    In Reply to Aman 10 years ago

    My Blog Has All The Ads Hi, these ads came across nation, I have the copies of these ads, of all days, i have posted them on my blog. Click on this link and scroll down to the bottom of the post, there you will find links in bold and different colors, they are ads. regards Ravi

    Deepak Sharma

    In Reply to Aman 10 years ago

    Watch this Star News Video exposing the Speak Asia Scam.


    In Reply to Deepak Sharma 10 years ago

    speakasia news on starnews , i have seen the ram survey page but news is about speakasia(why),


    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    well bharat, i don\'t know what happened with u actually,but one thing i should tell u that people are earing with speakasia , no doubt !! and one thing more, i am not a panelist nor promotor, not come here to join anyone here, but there is huge doubt on company future regarding money distribution, we were waiting for big people to come online and speak regarding speakasia , finally amit agarwal, ceo of has come online, and shared his views n concerns regarding speak asia,thank you, and remember,there are no shotcuts for the long dreams...goodluck


    In Reply to BLOGGER 10 years ago

    Hi All,

    I joined Speakasia in Sept 2010.Investing 33k,I have got 70k till date.There has never been any hassles in the payments.I have got the amount credited to my account in a maximum of 4 working days..

    The investment amount of 11k is nothing to the returns one gets.

    I do not say that anyone should make a fool of the people of our country and run away!!But Speakasia is a growing company..rather a innovation...a revolution..!!!

    Its main motto is to bring the Manufacturers and the Consumers together..Yes,its true that it has no registered office in India.But in 4-5 months time,5 zonal offices are coming up in India.

    The motto is for the people's welfare.."Consumer Empowerment",just like "Jago Grahak Jago ..." Friends,its really a strong thought...Consumer Empowerment...not just a tagline..

    In its span of more than year,no litigations have come up yet about the payments made or the surveys coming up..Due to the overgrowing no of Panelists,the load on the surver was growing.Some problems were there for a month or so..This has been taken care of now..n the website is running fine now..Its one of the best websites..!!!

    The fact is simple..Speakasia is at a nascent stage now.But it has done what it has promised till date...Its not an MLM in totality..Its just about "Consumer Empowerment" nothing else..

    The allegations are put by Star News..simple reason - The Star Group is also coming up with a Survey Site,and Speakasia,with its large member of Panelist,is its greatest competitor...So this was the best way to damage their name and fame..

    But its just a matter of few months now..5 months at the max..n then the truth will come up..!!


    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    i ve a perfect example.once upon a time in india there was a discount mela of electronic items. 50 % discounts was given on branded items . there was much hue and cry for its purchase , people booked so many of them . after sum time wen bookings ran into crores, the discount mela was like no more existing . by that time the promoters of the scheme had already run away . the point here is that , its true that speak asia is so lucrative that anybody would fall for it .. and why not .. but do not know what is their target and when r they planning to twist their plan or run away .. thats why they r investing heavily on adds and lets see by wat time they achieve their goal .. BUT 1 THING IS FOR SURE ... IT WILL RUN AWAY VERY SOON OR THE GOVT WILL SHUT IT DOWN .. MAY BE IN 3 MONTHS OR 6 MONTHS OR 1 YEAR ... wait n watch


    In Reply to sumit 10 years ago

    Lots of have been said & commented regarding Speakasia & Govt. has also initiated its actions against This MLM survey company and legal process has been underway. In my previous Message I mentioned the issue of Mr Arun Gupta who exposed one IT company’s Illegal/heinous activities & requested the society for the help through Saarthak group as his career has been totally ruined By this IT Company named “ JAYATMA INFORMATICS PVT LTD”, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, for complete story, the link has been given but got deleted here below I am Again giving its Link:
    Now I want your favors in The case Of Mr. Azadar Hussain alias “Luchnow’s Kishor Kumar” who is a carpet weaver by profession (through which he can Earn Hardly Rs. 100/Day) and also been gifted with Golden voice resembling to late Sh. Kishor Daa” unfortunely his wife’s both kidneys got damaged and he is not in position to afford Rs 10 lacs for her operation expenses as his all saving has been drained out on her regular dialysis Process. His tragic Story has been shown on Live India Channel (22/04/11) in which he appealed for helping hands so that he can arrange monetarily support. Two ways have been suggested
    1. By Using His melodious Voice through Music Programs so that he can get this in dignify manner If any body is interest to arrange the Music programs.
    2. By Charity, inspite of having skills & this Gifted Melodious Voice still he is wondering from door to door for saving his wife’s Life. Through this platform/site I am also doing the same appeal to u people for Supporting Him. Here below I am giving His Mobile No., his Bank account No.
    by Cheque in the Favor of

    Bank A/c : 030 3000 1005 2187, Bank : PNB, Branch: Lucknow Choak, Lucknow, UP
    Mobile No: 0800 9887 108


    In Reply to Prakirit 10 years ago

    Please elaborate on "Lots of have been said & commented regarding Speakasia & Govt. has also initiated its actions against This MLM survey company and legal process has been underway." Could you provide a link?

    Prakriti Vshist

    In Reply to gspal 10 years ago

    Hi ,
    gspal u go 4 more comments & messages.







    I also posted the tragic story of Mr. Arun Gupta Mr Arun Gupta who has exposed one IT company’s Illegal/heinous activities & requested the society for the help through Saarthak group as his career has been totally screwed up By this IT Company named

    “ JAYATMA INFORMATICS PVT LTD”, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, for complete story, I have given the link in my previuos post,now I am Again giving its here below Link:

    If any one of u interested to support/assist him pls do it as he is passing through very hard time and his life came on street.

    Second Guys Mr. Azadar Hussain alias “Luchnow’s Kishor Kumar” who is a carpet weaver by profession.Detail for help also given but there was only one mistake Here below I am again giving the detail of his Bank account No.

    His bank detail is as:
    Bank account no. is:
    Bank A/c : 030 3000 1005 21875, Bank : PNB, Branch: Lucknow Choak, Lucknow, UP
    Mobile No: 0800 9887 108


    In Reply to Prakriti Vshist 10 years ago

    Dear Prakriti What you have posted here are sites where the writers have given their opinions on Speak Asia or somebody who has been hoodwinked by some MLM company. There was a case of a person who had opened 100 IDs in his own name when only 3 are allowed. Posting others opinions does not make Speak Asia a bad company. You have not provided any facts of your own. Hundreds of people like you can post others opinions does not make hundreds of factual information. You seem to be only searching for demerits rather merits. In other words you have a negative state of mind rather than positive. Guys like you are always crying hoarse as to what others are doing to cover their own failures. Start thinking positive. You do not like Speak Asia, so be it. But spreading crappy opinions of others as your own tantamounts to spreading rumours. It also tantamounts to dissuading others who may have felt this to be a genuine opportunity to improve their quality of life. For students to have money for higher and better education. For retired people succumbing to high inflation, to have an opportunity to meet higher cost of living.

    prakriti Vshist

    In Reply to gspal 10 years ago

    Dear gspal, neither I have any negative thinking nor I have any animosity with these MLM companies, but if something is happening illogical & unjustified by which lots of Innocents people can’t get con by these types of Companies as being alerted By Mr. Yathagat in his messages that some irresponsible people of society are selling out innocent people’s hard earned money to other country for just getting around 9.27% Commission then it is every responsible citizen's moral duty to warn others about it.
    See Today's (12 May 2011) Star News programme "Shahar Me GuruGantaal" at 6.00 PM and also in its Evening News Bulletin (Star News) in which clearly Warned " Beware of Speakasia". For you it is much better Must see it....

    Being a responsible citizen of this country just our motive is to alert & warn innocent people from dubious activities of Crook and con people of the society, nothing else.
    For your kind information I am a successful person in my life, not greedy to survive by conning others.

    My Best wishes enjoy ur life as u want & wait for time…to gets the results of every act….
    Money is just instrument to achieving Target/Goal, its is neither my motive nor destination…But What is it For others, I don’t know…. ????

    Prakriti Vshist

    Bina Gupta

    In Reply to sumit 10 years ago

    it is like investing in shares or mutual funds, it is a risk that one has to take, people lost lot of money in shares, but that is how that market works. It is a matter of taking chance.


    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    Hi I am silent visitor of this site, it is very strange that none of u paid any attention on it that some people’s comments have been deliberately getting deleted & blocked by the administrator of this site without any of their fault (No abuse, No rubbishes, No nonsense). Initially I thought, might be some people have stopped to post their messages/comments but by get a forwarded Email from my cousin I really got shocked & could not believe that how can these sites (where we people can raise our voice or share our views) play so cheap tactics to suppress our Voices in which we just try to raise our Genuine issues & get others view on it? Why….?if it is so then may be My Id also go blocked After this post If u remember & read Mr. yathagat’s Messages ( One Month Old) in which he first alerted everyone about Speakasiaonline & raised so many questions on its authenticity & Validity. Now Check where are His Messages? Only left two, which are also completely truncated …..& his \"Id\" has been blocked as been said in His Email….Why…??He Just gave us alarming call & lots of people got benefited from him…..Govt. initiated actions on per his call, he is helping just the society….Why these sites are trying to discourage such People?Sorry... I didn\'t expect this


    In Reply to Prakriti 10 years ago

    Prakriti and all concerned readers,
    We welcome comments which are brief and to the point. Initially we allowed Mr Khanna to post his comments. However, we also have a mechanism in place, which automatically blocks long content or content, which has too many email IDs, web addresses etc. In addition, Mr Khanna has nothing new to say, all his postings are one and the same. These repeated and longish comments may prevent/divert readers from reading other comments; therefore, we need to edit some long comments as well. Rest be assured we have never blocked a genuine reader (who uses real name and email ID) from posting comments. Thanks


    In Reply to MDT 10 years ago

    Tnx for ur reply, it is my request pls do not delete the web links of the complete message/story. Here Neither we can post long message nor we can give its link to other reader then how come other can understand the complete story with evidences behind the message. Second How does it matter if some readers work undercover in the interest of the society /Country and expose the corrupt people/raisie the genuine issues alongwith proper evidences. Some people do work undercover as they feel that their personal life comes under danger. Because they feel Till they are alive then only they can serve the society/country as they are dangerous for some corrupt organizations/people of society/country.


    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    Speck Asia is fraud – there is no easy way of earning money in this world else everyone would have been rich by now. Just think is there any MLM till now which succeed. NO - At initial point people start getting money, no doubt that’s their strategy to attract and want some figure to show and market there idea (fraudulent). One basic question why big companies wants to give these surveys to these non-registered companies with no full proof guarantee of return as they depend on this MLM strategy. Why this kind of schemes attracts only India Bangladesh why not UK US Australia. Please don’t promote this kind of fraudulent idea of making money in short span of time and make some of you peer or dear one unhappy by enrolling them with your emotions and sour your relation. Please STAY AWAY

    If at all this is real case why cant some reputed company starts this and give employment as they might be looking some business. Win Win

    AK Sharma

    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    Arekar Pankaj wrote on Facebook:

    Speak asia: e Survey companies joining fees is Rs. 11000/-
    They said they give u yearly survey income upto 52000/- (per week 1000/- per survey)
    Now ask one question,
    if company gets example 12 lakhs customer,
    Then total company turnover goes upto 1320,00,00,000/- (1320 Crores)
    In a year they have to give per member survey income means
    12,00,000/- X 52,000 (per member one year 52 weeks) = 6240,00,00,000/- (6240 Crores)

    Which client give this 4920,00,00,000/- (4920 crores)…… your survey company..?

    How companies afford this?

    AB TOH JAG JAO,,,,,


    In Reply to AK Sharma 10 years ago

    great calculation but some errors.

    12,00,000 CUSTOMERS x 1000 rs ( 2 surveys from 1 company, and 500 rs for each they pay us) = 120 crores for 2 surveys a year and 60 crores for 1 survey a year.

    So, this amount i feel is quite possible.
    and we get 2 surveys a week so 104 surveys a year. so i am pretty sure that there are alot more products than 104 in the market.

    also, surveys are most of time given according to your profile. so even if 75% of the members fit in a profile.. then that survey cost is reduced from 60 crores to 45 crores and 120 crores to 90 crores.

    And i am pretty sure this amount is very much available with the companies for research in products in which they will be investing more than 10 times the amount they spend in survey.

    I AM NOT TRYING TO PROVE THAT SPEAK ASIA IS TOTALLY GENUINE... but yes there is a possibility of the payout that they are giving.

    also, this system works more on network marketing.. word of mouth.. so they by themselves are not spending on advertising but are instead giving it as referral money

    everything has a good and bad opinion.

    AND bi am sure

    Ak Sharma

    In Reply to Pratish 10 years ago


    It's good to discuss all this but the real question is why Speak Asia in not answering questions like, the company stake holders, promoters, partners etc,.

    Most important the distribution of money.

    Bina Gupta

    In Reply to AK Sharma 10 years ago

    Hey ! you have a point ! I wish I had the brains to calculate the way you've done it !

    Bina Gupta

    In Reply to AK Sharma 10 years ago

    The concept is good but the company is not, if they couldn't cater to India then why did they start operations in Bangladesh and why are they hell bent upon developing more business when they don't have the infrastructure to support it with their server constantly down, I think all Indians should ask them these questions in the seminars they hold, they have a certain moral responsiblity towards their investors which they are not fulfilling, instead of investing blindly like I did, I have invested a lac in it, and now I am questioning my sanity.

    ak sharma

    In Reply to Bina Gupta 10 years ago

    Are you aware that in Bangladesh, Speak Asia is closed chapter...people from there are offering pins at a cheaper rate to Indians...

    devendra tiwari

    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    I have invested in it and i have got my money back in 3 months others companies who dont others to invest in this company will always tell it fraud if u cant take risk of 11000 what will u do in your life

    Bina Gupta

    In Reply to devendra tiwari 10 years ago

    speakasiaonline as it claims to be the largest survey company forgot to conduct market research on their own concept before entering the indian market, that itself shows they are novices in the field, and now people like us find it difficult to complete surveys because their server is forever down, and that is when they are catering to a million odd people only,when you bring it up with them all they can say is we did not expect such a response, had they done the research we would have been spared the agony, why can't they learn something from google or facebook. secondly their reps in India are rude, unprofessional uncouth guys. thirdly it suffers from delusions that it provides opportunity to Indians to enhance their life, (Sic!) as mentioned by their reps, I didn't know we are such a poor nation dying of hunger that some random company from Singapore will act like our Godfather, the fact is they came to India sniffing big bucks, to improve their own ifestyle. They better treat us with respect as we are equal partners who have invested our time, energy and money, exploited our contacts to make it what it is today. To top it all most of the surveys are wrong so they will throw up wrong data, I have been in market research for 15 years never have I seen such surveys. They are not doing us a favour by paying us, every company you invest in gives you return on investment as per their company policy.

    Ak Sharma

    In Reply to PAWAN VERMA 10 years ago

    check this court notice given to speak asia


    In Reply to Ak Sharma 10 years ago

    What about this link of the same newspaper??


    In Reply to Ak Sharma 10 years ago

    thanks Mr. Ak Sharma for sharing information and aware the people about speak asia. This post has saved my 11,000 rs.


    10 years ago

    hi this is very genuine company. no need to say something about that. any one wants to join contact 9814830175


    Husain Kanchwala

    In Reply to ajay 10 years ago

    1) How does SpeakAsia Online (SOA) manage to distribute INR 50/- for 1 USD, when the USD is trading @ INR 44.84/-?

    2) SOA charges INR 11,000/- for a new subscription. They also charge INR 11,000/- for subscription renewal - that's a total of INR 22,000/-. Then they disburse INR 1,000/- (~ USD 20/-) per survey. 52 weeks of survey in a year = INR 52,000/-. Reduce the subscription investments and you are left with INR 30,000/-. Bank charges are 3% or USD 7.5/-, whichever is higher.
    Technically, they are giving back in bits and peices what they take from us as a lump-sum. So what's the big-deal about this entire business?

    3) Profits for a panelist begin to come in (in the form of binary income) only after the panelist makes a member under him/her. This is MLM - multiple level marketing. Its math done on paper gives glorious figures... Makes it look like a perpetual money-minting machine! But it's finally perpetual. Real machinery has some amount of friction... and this real-looking perpetual machinery will grind to a hault due to the latent friction it develops!

    4) The future of this business idea is just like the recession which was engineered in 2007-2008!


    In Reply to ajay 10 years ago



    10 years ago

    i really do not believe in this but want to know deeply, pls inform.. keep updated.


    ak sharma

    In Reply to naresh 10 years ago

    harshit rana

    10 years ago

    the company is introducing his show on ndtv imagine and also he has spoken to his users that the company is launching his t.v channel in august

    AK Sharma

    10 years ago

    I have heard of economic offence wing which is in every state, such matter should be taken up with them, rather people giving judgement, it would be better judged by EOW. One can even take this matter with RBI.

    Let them decide whether, Speak Asia is scam or not.

    satish kumar

    10 years ago

    Dear friends,

    Many of them are saying that it is the fraud company which is not registered in the singapore govt. what is the evidence to prove that it is the genuine company.if any one can prove that this is the genuine company then me & my biggest circle nearly 30 members are ready to join in this.




    In Reply to satish kumar 10 years ago

    give ur e-mail id then i will send u the certificate of this company


    In Reply to Rajesh 10 years ago

    If you think you know more than the company officials includings Vivek Gautam, its CMO, then be our guest. Before sending any certificate of registration, pls read If you are still sure that you had valid and legal certificates which bears name of SpeakAsia, then send it to [email protected], thanks, MDT


    10 years ago

    Speak Asia is fastest online survey company and launching its own TV channel at the end of Aug, 2011.
    Don't hesitate, nobody will loss money. For Gujarat you can contact me.

    9274 300 300



    In Reply to Raj 10 years ago

    hello friends,

    Wise investor only invest in a company after investigating of the company future and potential

    If Speak asia online is very genuine and legal company then please answer my some of the questions below……

    1)Who are the promoter and founder of the company?

    2)who are the shareholder what is a paid up capital and where is the register office of the company?

    3)where is the audited P & L account of the company and annual report of the company for the last year?

    4)how will they pay such a huge amount without any IT problem to the receiver from other country?


    10 years ago

    Yet some points are good of prooving Speakasiaonline as a fraud

    May be this company is fraud.
    My point of view is different

    Why company use MCAFEE security as it charges high amount to the website.
    Point is , if this is fraud then no use of MCAFEE reputable security

    Why this work with TRAI regulation that no company promotion will be send to DND services before 9 PM.
    Point is , if this has to collect money and run away, then why work under regulation of TRAI

    Company use support call for payment related queries, promotion schemes, joining procedure
    No need of this , as people is directly joining by upline members .

    Company is opening an office in MUMBAI.
    No need if he has to run away

    Company is showing legal proofs online.
    Point is , Not even a single MLM company i know which show so much of proof.

    Company is been accredited by ACRA certificate of good standing.
    No need to get this certificate as if he is fraud.

    Now Think in logical way, if company id fraud(may be) then no need to get these certificates.

    Now some will raise the point as, this will all be done to lure the people.

    But think in another way, INDIA is a big market, MAX Forex is not run away from india, yet its MLM and investment company. They are still operated in America. Yet they do business as investing indian money in foreign companies, Govt make the charges high( Good step taken by GOV), so Max Forex has to close the business.

    Now i know, some ultra advance thinkers will comment on this also.
    Thanks for reading



    In Reply to Malik 10 years ago

    mr malik kindly read the yathagat's comments also... i think you should answer his questions also...


    In Reply to Aman 10 years ago

    my brother i've heard that this co. is registered in singapore then I also tried to search at Singapore Govt. Site
    but there wasn't any co.'s registration ...:-(


    10 years ago

    [Saarthak] Pls Ask Mr. Tussar/Tarak/Ajay & TEAM How Much CASH Money of India They Have Transfered to Singapore In 5

    Shantanu Banerjee

    10 years ago

    I totally disagree with the comets made above. They are concocted & misleading. I will request the gentleman to ask the question from the company. The author is ignorant & doing anti company campaign. Today we have grown many folds..and we will change the definition of on line marketing soon, just wait n watch


    10 years ago

    Dear Honorable & Responsible Citizens of India,

    As I already sent my Emails to all of you regarding the dubious activities of Speakasiaonline SURVEY Company.

    Pls Read Below the Comments of Responsible Citizens (Moneylife Team-Personal Finance Magzine) of India at

    and I Got four replies from the team of Moneylife in response to my Emails in which I raised the Issue against this MLM Survey Company that how our Country's Money is getting Transfer to this Singapure based company by our Own People (White Collar Traitors of India) for getting just Commission of around 9.27% for Fullfilling Their Greedy Dreams.
    Below is the Contents of one Reply from The Moneylife Team and rest is form Mr. SATYEN PANDYA, Ajay , SANJU.
    New comment on - Another MLM scam in the happening, this time under the pretext of an online survey
    Friday, February 25, 2011 6:13 PM
    From:"moneylife Mail Alert"
    To:[email protected]

    Dear Yathagat Khanna,

    A new Comment is added by Manish, on article Another MLM scam in the happening, this time under the pretext of an online survey .
    To view the comment click here.

    Unsubscribe from this topic by clicking here.

    The MoneyLife Team

    For this I would like to say Thanks to the Team of Moneylife (Personal Finance Magzine).

    Here I would like to ask Mr. Ajay Bansal that How Much CASH Money he has Transfered from India to Singapore in 5 Months for earning Rs. 8 Lacs.
    Here Below is his Comments along with his Contact Info.
    ajay bansal 1 week ago
    i have earned till date rs. 8 lac in just 5 months from the company & all the things written here are more or less false and if any one wants i can clear all the details. if wants to contact me, contact at [email protected]


    It is My request to every Responsible Citizen of The Country please take preventive action as soon as possible against the Team of Speakasiaonline along with its Frenchises (You Can say them, their Money Collections Center).





    In Reply to Yathagat 10 years ago

    test message

    mayank tiwari

    10 years ago

    ey ne one who wants to know tht speakasia is a fraud company or not ....??? just go through the ministry of corporate affairs(mca) website .... all the legal company are registered here ....

    after tht u will get to know tht speak asia is a big fraud ....

    they just revolving moneu b/w indians nd making fool of them .....

    Manish Saxena

    10 years ago

    Come out of your dreams. Its an old and rubbish post miles away from the reality.

    Mayank Chauhan

    10 years ago

    i have invested Rs 50000 last wednesday. can any one tell me that how much time company will stay more? i am so tensed after reading this all chit chats.


    manish vedantam

    In Reply to Mayank Chauhan 10 years ago

    you will get the returns. dont worry


    In Reply to manish vedantam 10 years ago

    i have also invested 100000rs last monday ny one told me about this company

    ajay bansal

    10 years ago

    i have earned till date rs. 8 lac in just 5 months from the company & all the things written here are more or less false and if any one wants i can clear all the details. if wants to contact me, contact at [email protected]



    In Reply to ajay bansal 10 years ago

    hahaha... why are you making fool to all.. you were saying u've earned 2000$ in 2 mnths i.e. arround 90000/-rs ... now you r saying that you've earned 800000/- is 5 months... that means you earned 710000/- in 3 months ...
    good joke brother....
    i know if i'll say you to show proofs then you'll say "if you will join with me then only i will show proofs.." this is pet line of you people.... if you had really earned 800000/- rs in just 5 months then i am surprise why are you saying people to contact you ... lol...
    you are good in lies but not that good brother.... take care...


    In Reply to Aman 10 years ago

    hahhahaha.... m agree with u aman....these companies r making a fool


    In Reply to Aman 10 years ago

    you can say anything on your own. no one going to stop you


    In Reply to ajay 10 years ago

    yeah you have full rights to lie on this site as well as in your life... lol .. no one is going to stop you... :-)


    In Reply to Aman 10 years ago

    mr. aman, please don't mind, but what i think that you must have been duped by some fraud company. But it does not mean that all the companies are like the same. in actual the persons like you, initially never checks about the companies in which they are investing their time, future & money. But the time it is waisted, they start saying all others a fraud. don't behave like this, otherwise only your future is at stake.


    In Reply to ajay 10 years ago

    you wrote nice lines... but time will tell.. who is right .. .


    In Reply to Aman 10 years ago

    well said ajay! no offence to Mr Aman, but yeah, i too believe that not every company is same..and the biggest example is Amway, the FMCG giant with word class products, who's been in MLM for decades..

    See..we don't know what the top management of speakasia is having in their minds but yeah, if they are true to their business model, i am sure this company gonna stay here for long..coz there's huge potential in market research market.

    Mind you, there have been a no other players in the similar biz both in online and offline model..but the reach n depth of users speakasia has measured in such a short span it's gonna benefit the corporates to a great extent..

    there are, of course, a few points of concern like the validity of a user's identity and sending a similar survey to every user (while it should be sent as per a user's demographic profile) are there..but again these can be dealt with ease if the company is really serious about its model.

    m nt saying that speakasia can't be fraud, they can be but am really amazed to see how successful this model is and how much time, effort and energy it is saving for the corporate clients.

    Let me tell you a real friend who happens to be in marketing department of a leading telecom company..they'd to conduct a survey about safety measures and braodband's role in it..they gave this task to Nielsen and it conducted a manual survey of only 2000 people in south india which took them 3 months and you know what..they charged Rs 30 lacs for this.

    Survey of 2000 people in 3 months' time and cost Rs 30 lacs..

    And see..if my friend's company got this task done by speakasia..what would be the major's time and pilot size..speakasia just needs to upload the survey on its site and in a month's time it gets filled..u can imagine the time, cost and energy being saved here..and yeah speakasia's pilot size also adds strength to their service towards their clients..

    thank u

    Is the anti-collision device system being derailed?

    The Indian Railways is testing the anti-collision system with only two of the original four devices planned for each train, ostensibly to save money. But this could compromise its performance, preparing the ground for the purchase of expensive foreign technology

    The Indian Railways is conducting field adoption tests for its indigenously developed and patented anti-collision device (ACD). But the man who invented the technology says that the manner in which the trials are being conducted, it appears there is a plan to scuttle the devices, in order to buy some new, perhaps more expensive technology.

    It has been reported that with an aim to save costs, the Railways is planning to remove the ACD from the guard van and the mid-section of the locomotive, as well as doing away with the repeater ACD tower. According to Rajaram Bojji (better known as B Rajaram), former managing director of Konkan Railway who also invented the ACD technology, such a move would seriously compromise reliability and availability of inter-communication between ACDs, rendering them incapable of delivering assured protection to trains on double lines and at level crossing gates. Removing the ACDs from the guard van and the mid-section would affect the working principle of the system as it is a network of four ACDs combined. “With only two ACDs instead of four, the devices are compromised to a lower level of performance,” he said.

    “Cutting down 50% of the ACDs in the network reduces the ACD functionality and integrity very severely. Rear-end collisions and upgrading to moving block systems, operational unpredictability of cutting and joining train units at stations, are scenarios that are addressed by the provision of the guard ACD,” Mr Bojji explained.

    “Actually there are 550 dimensions in the software simulation and without taking into account the impact, administratively taking such a major decision is truly amazing. That means, what is being tested is not the proven ACD of the North Frontier (NF) Railway, but experiments for some new product with degraded functionality and performance,” he said.

    The Indian Railways is relying heavily on the track circuits and not on the ACDs in the guard van. “A non-interlocked working system will seriously affect ACDs and its presence would be nullified. Latency in communication will also delay the decision-making in the ACD. So removing the guard ACD and building up reliance on track circuits seriously compromises the integrity of the ACD network,” the former chief of Konkan Railway said.

    To adopt the proven ACD system on electrified multiple lines, two issues need to be studied:  One is how to fit the equipment in locomotives and guard vans, and two is about how the locomotive electronics and ACD systems interact without interference with each other. Some shielding and earthing issues need to be addressed, Mr Bojji said.

    He said that the reception of the global positioning satellite (GPS) under traction wires was already proven in surveys conducted in these areas earlier, but that could be one more item to look at again.

    The ACD can be mounted on the locomotive using non-conductive fibreglass with self-locking. As far as fixing the track ID for the multiple electrified lines was concerned, he said, sometimes it could be challenged purely on the deviation count, but this could be solved with the supplemental RFID tags and mounted readers that was provided in the ACD software.

    Anti-collision devices (ACDs) are microprocessor-based, communication-capable, GPS-enabled compact devices with special world-recognised, intelligent, self-deducing capability that require no human inputs, but draw strength from networking with each other—mounted on locomotives, at stations, the last vehicle, at level crossing gates and other vulnerable locations.

    Earlier, the Indian Railways had decided to adopt the European technology Train Protection Warning System (TPWS) on busy rail routes to avoid collisions.

  • Like this story? Get our top stories by email.




    1 decade ago

    When it is eventually compelled to, the Railways will get an expensive device, which will enable a few pockets to be lined. Very important for the smooth functioning of democracy, you see.



    In Reply to Java 1 decade ago

    That should read "an expensive, imported device"

    Aadhaar and the myth of lack of identity

    What is needed today to solve the problems of the poor is not so much esoteric technology but first and foremost clear logic as to where the problems lie. Most poor get deprived of what they should get because of corruption, and not lack of identity

    The UID programme has been launched without any legal and constitutional sanction for it as yet. In the name of the poor, a huge amount of money is being spent.

    And, in spite of severe criticism from rights organisations including warnings by eminent academicians such as Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen, no action of reviewing the project has been taken.
    The main argument of the UID that it will help plug leakages in NREGA and PDS is fallacious.
    Consider these two videos from the ground:
    (MREGA corruption video)

    (Villagers expose corrupt dealer)

    The first video shows how the supervisor who is in charge of the NREGA programme takes a bribe to mark the attendance of the workers.

    It is not that the workers don't have a form of identification. They do have a job card. Their work does not fetch them anything unless their attendance is marked, and for that they have to depend on the supervisor. And the supervisor asks a bribe for it. UID or for that matter no amount of identification can solve this problem.

    Consider the second video which is about PDS. Here the ration shop owner charges more money for the grain. Here too, lack of identification is not the problem, and hence UID will be of no good to solve this problem.

    If one goes by estimates done by various sources, the leakage in the government schemes due to fake cards is about 8% to 10% - a miniscule part of the whole lot of leakages. In the case of PDS for instance, most leakages do not take place at the last mile as per the UIDAI hypothesis; instead it is the big corrupt sharks who are involved in siphoning grains before they reach the ration shop itself.
    Thus, it is clear that not enough study is conducted by UIDAI in concluding that lack of identification is the real problem. No wonder, there was no independent impact assessment study of what the UIDAI project can lead to, which if done, the above problems would have been revealed. This begs the question - is the amount to be spent on UIDAI in the name of plugging of leakage of government aid justified?

    A cost-benefit analysis would have given the right answers.
    Jean Dreze, who conceived NREGA, has said that the UID project is a security project camouflaged as a welfare initiative.

    The examples shown above reveal that the UIDAI project will not be able to plug other than minor forms of leakages from the government aid programmes; further, that too at huge costs and many other negative fallouts.
    Also, some of the technological choices made by the UIDAI project may just be not the best ones available, but in fact could be counterproductive.
    A recent report based on a multi-year study by the US-based National Research Council states that biometrics are inherently unreliable for authentication as a replacement for other forms of authentication.

    The reasons given are as follows:

    First of all, biometric authentication is called "inherently probabilistic." That is, the match between sample and master record will always include some uncertainty - no matter how good a sample, the sensor reading the sample and the information technology system matching the sample to a master record.
    Among the reasons for that uncertainty is the nature of biometric identifiers themselves. Human bodies and the features on them aren't necessarily constant over time.
     Also, biometric identifiers, while difficult to duplicate on the body of another person, are still available for surreptitious collection through fingerprint gathering, as per the report. It concludes that an imposter could be detected by a human operator administering the biometric authentication system, but that "significantly constrains remote or distributed applications of biometrics."
    The report doesn't dismiss the possible usefulness of biometric authentication, however, noting that in combination with other methods, it can augment security at least in applications "where user cooperation can be inferred."
    Interestingly in the case of UIDAI, none of the above cases apply. Specifically, the human operator says the ration shop owner administering the biometrics in the case of UIDAI should be considered an adversary as he would himself have interest in stealing the biometrics of the ration card holder.

    Further, he operates in a remote area where what he does is not visible to the authorities unlike say in a setting such as an international airport.

    Thus, he could probably design a number of ways of beating the authentication process of biometrics. It is precisely these kinds of use case scenarios that haven't been thought through thoroughly by the UIDAI folks.

    Another argument given by the UIDAI authorities is that of inclusion, and that 120 million migrants have no form of identity.

    Consider the following scenario: A genuine migrant with his home town from Azamgarh moves to Delhi and goes to a bank there for a loan. Since his permanent address is not Delhi, banks could deny him a loan. In fact, instead, he might be put on a terror watch list. Is there a guarantee that his UID won't be used against him, in fact to exclude him rather than for inclusion?

    All the above issues point out that Aadhaar is using lack of identity as a myth to justify its spend. Remove the myth and Aadhaar stands bare, without any justification other than mainly as a national security project and for purposes of targeted marketing, linking data, tracking and surveillance, and yes, some amount of convenience due to easy check of one's identity.

    What is needed today to solve the problems of the poor is not so much esoteric technology but first and foremost clear logic as to where the problems lie. Most poor get deprived of what they should get because of corruption, and not lack of identity. The bull of corruption needs to be taken by the horns and not by the tail which Aadhaar tries to do.

    Secondly, the poor should be made aware of their rights, and empowered to tackle corruption. As is shown in the two videos (linked above), if at all technology should be used, it should be stealth cameras which should be given to the poor free; instead Aadhaar fetters the poor by taking their biometrics.

    (The author has a B Tech from IIT Bombay, and a PhD from Columbia University, New York. He currently runs a start-up, Teknotrends Software Pvt Ltd that does cutting-edge work in the area of network security).

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    Mana Naukri

    4 years ago

    Aadhar card is very Important now a days.


    8 years ago

    Thanks Samir for such a informative article. The videos you provide link to, shows clearly your viewpoint and its really worth to note that aadhaar is not going to completely a one stop solution for such disinheritance in the system to protect from corruption.


    1 decade ago

    Just want to add my own experience of some of the contract workers hired by many government /municipal agencies thro' Contracters. THe money is paid to the contract worker, who in return needs to give a substantial part of it back to the contractor if he has to retain his job. Thanks to paltry some the contract worker has no motivation to work and the job gets undone or half-done.

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