Airlines Misguiding People, Forcing Passengers To Pay More, Says Parl Panel
A Parliamentary standing committee has taken note of the high air fares charged by some airline operators in the domestic sector, and held that they are misguiding the public and forcing passengers to pay more.
The committee also pointed out the wrong information published by the private airlines on their websites, regarding the number of seats left in the flight and the prices of the tickets.
"The level of misinformation can be gauged from the fact that even after the last tickets have been sold, the same number of seats show on the website, as indicated before the tickets sale. This indicates that airline operators are misguiding the public and forcing passengers to pay more," the panel said in the demand for grants (2023-24) report of the civil aviation ministry.
In view of this, it recommended that the ministry should formulate appropriate guidelines regarding rationalisation of fares and publishing the correct information on the website of the airlines.
It also pointed out that 'Predatory Pricing' is being restored to by the domestic airlines sector. "A particular airline may sell its air tickets at such a low level, that other competitors cannot compete and are forced to exit the market. A company that does this will see initial losses, but eventually it benefits by driving competition out of the market and raising its prices again," said the report.
The committee desired to know whether aviation regulator, the DGCA (director general of civil aviation) had, at any point of time intervened to check the fares of air tickets. It also expressed concern at the fact that in the domestic sector, private airlines are charging different fares for the same sector, route and same direction of flights.
This is specifically so for the northeastern region and hilly areas including Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh, where the prices of domestic sector tickets are, sometimes, even more than the international airline sector prices.
The committee took note of the fact that after the repeal of the Air Corporations Act, 1953, the airfare is market driven and depends on market fares, and is neither established nor regulated by the government. "It notes the DGCA's comments that the airfares were regulated for a fixed period during the Covid pandemic in compliance with Aircraft Act, 1934 and the regulation was withdrawn as the Covid pandemic abated and that airlines are free to fix reasonable tariffs under the Aircraft Rules, 1937, with regard to cost of operation, services, reasonable profit and generally prevailing tariff," said the report.
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1 year ago
A Delhi – Mumbai air ticket costs Rs.5,000 approx., which comes to around Rs.4.50 per km (for the distance of around 1,100 kms between the two cities). Autorickshaw fare in Mumbai is Rs.15 per km. And consider the costs of running an airline vs. the cost of running an autorickshaw. The readers can decide which passengers are paying more. But I don't see any noise about high autorickshaw fares. Why?
Replied to chandragupta comment 1 year ago
You don't go travelling hundreds of miles in an autorickshaw, do you? Since you don't spend thousands of rupees in auto fares, why complain? Or equate autorickshaw fares with airline fares?
Replied to dmthliana comment 1 year ago
Both are in the business of transport, and the cost of transport is calculated on a Rs. per km basis. That is how comparison should be made. And when you do that, you will find air travel is cheap. That’s all I am saying. Think about it.
1 year ago
File a complaint before the District Commission at your place citing deficiency of service and claim compensation for the deficiency of service. I did the same and the same is pending disposal before the District Commission
1 year ago
Airlines NOT only over charge excessive fares but also DO NOT GIVE ESSENTIAL FOOD SERVICE.
For a senior citizen couple age @ 70 years,In May 2022-Singapore Airlines DID not serve vegetarian food/meals for 17 hour flight from Singapore to San Francisco and refused to even give alternate fruits/and other vegetarian snacks (in spite of confirmation in writing by airline)-of veg food. Cabin crew gave an excuse that food supplier contractor at Singapore DID not supply

Such a horrible,in human and racist attitude (since passangers were indian-vegetarians ) of Singapore Airlines towards senior citizen passangers. Can any one suggest what action can be taken against such attitude of airlines which charges heavy fares and DO NOT provide adequate service ???
1 year ago
Yes , dynamic rates are biggest problem Also Airline sale tickets offline called Series fare ...
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