Airdroid on the Web
Android app makes your entire phone visible and accessible on your computer screen
Once you install and load the app, go to your favourite browser as per the instructions, and voila! Your entire phone is visible and accessible on your computer screen. You can browse through the photo and video files, view them, download them on your computer and move things from and to your computer easily and wirelessly. You can even look through your phone’s front and back cameras! The best part is that you can dial your numbers and also send and receive SMSs right from your computer. Although, personally, I prefer using MightyText for that. 
Airdroid helps you to view/edit contacts on your computer screen, play and manage music and videos on your Android device, import and export .apk files and even share your clipboard between your computer and your phone. With over 10 million users using the app, Airdroid is the preferred interface for your chosen Android device, while in front of the computer whether Windows or Mac.
Yazdi Tantra is a chartered accountant by training, computer consultant by profession, entrepreneur-developer by hobby and trainer in his leisure time. He is currently the vice-chairman of Zoroastrian Co-operative Bank Ltd and has been running a medium-sized computer company ON-LYNE for the past 24 years. 
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