Airbnb: Home Stays Anywhere in the World
If you are travelling to a far away place, in a foreign country, or even within your own country or city, and you are looking for some pleasant experiences on a reasonable budget, Airbnb is for you. Airbnb allows you to choose from over 2.5 million homes in over 191 countries. Search by price, neighbourhood, amenities and more. Go through the reviews before you book. You may search for last-minute accommodation or even look for long-term stays.
What is on offer is home stay—anyone having a spare room with decent surroundings—can put up their room(s) for rent. You get the benefit of meeting wonderful people, getting local guidance and a reasonable rate. For the hosts, they can earn money on their unused property and make new friends.
Bharat Gandhi
4 years ago
My cousin who traveled France for about 10 days had booked accommodation through the Air BnB, as I too travel regularly within and outside India, he suggested me to try Air BnB. I booked first time at Coorg / Karnataka, everything was good as claimed / shown on the site. Again, I booked for Pune home-stay with charge just 25% of what I used to pay to any reasonably good 3* hotel. At both places, Coorg and Pune, host family was cordial to see I was comfortable !
Rotten Mango
4 years ago
Do not ever make a booking with AIRBNB
I made a booking for a weeks stay in NY for a week with my family of FOUR, paid the money upfront and landed there. The booking process itself was an ordeal as many places listed and available did not accept our booking. It took me at least two weeks to find a suitable place. Response time was 3 to 4 days for each place.
The day before check in everything was reconfirmed. The morning we were to check in the reservation was abruptly cancelled. We had no recourse and were stranded. AIRBNB does not have any means of communication other than email. Do not believe anything else they say. No one responds. We were stranded without a hotel reservation. Hotels were unavailable. We were fortunately rescued by a relative.
To add insult to injury, though the rates quoted on the website was in Rupee and we were assured that there would no additional charges (as per their website), we were docked exchange surcharge for the initial reservation and on the refund by the Credit Card Company for a service unutilized and for no fault of mine.
On the other hand, all bookings done through and were a breeze. No problems and the hotel rooms were as depicted in the pictures
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