AAP’s Glare is directed at select businessmen

Why’s Arvind Kejriwal silent about the massive loot of banks by large and small businessmen and politicians?

Arvind Kejriwal is, without doubt, one of the sharpest minds on the political scene today. His guerrilla tactics of destabilising established power centres has won him an impressive victory in Delhi and his anarchist ways and disregard for rules has only increased his following among disenchanted Indians who want change at any cost. His followers are uninterested in facts and details. So, if one asks Mr Kejriwal why target Mukesh Ambani alone and remain silent about others, he could well argue that he will do what he can and it is for others to take up the rest.

He has probably calculated that training his guns on public-private partnerships in bijlee and paani will yield better political dividends than issues that do not affect the aam aadmi directly, or are less catchy. But even taking all these calculations into account, one cannot help wondering why Mr Kejriwal is silent about the biggest source of the loot of public money and the watering hole of all dubious capitalists—the frightening amount of bad loans run up by public sector banks.  

In this context, one also wonders about the silence on the Rs7,000-crore largesse, in the guise of corporate debt restructuring, handed to ‘pepper spray’ Rajagopal, the founder of the flying Lanco group, who has run up huge losses and gets bank funding with ease. There is similar silence about Vijay Mallya of Kingfisher Airways, who also owed Rs7,000 crore to Indian banks. One could list many more who are not in AAP’s crosshairs. But one can’t help wondering why they are not.

K Manjrekar
10 years ago
It seems you are hurt that Ambani is targeted.Why don't you ask Kejriwal himself.
kaushik shukla
10 years ago
selective approach of attacking industrialist certainly raises questions about his integrity to offer any solution to aam aadmi who has brought him to lime light.
His only objective is to gain popularity at any cost by announcing controversial statements. To raise issue is one thing and to offer effective solution is entirely different ball game. Delhi voters have already understood his game and I am sure other voters across India will show him the correct place in 2014.
MG Warrier
Replied to kaushik shukla comment 10 years ago
This is indicative of the hopes raised by the AAP message. Politicians and leaders of political parties in India have been giving ‘promises’ through speeches and manifestos for the last 66 years. If Kejriwal is getting an audience, may be, he has been able to infuse some credibility through his deeds. No individual howsoever efficient or honest he may be in his approach, will not be able to clear the present environment of governance, until ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ wake up.

MG Warrier
10 years ago
The concerns and anxieties expressed here about ‘selective approach’ by a political party which came into being based on certain principles that aam aadmi respected are genuine. My personal view is that Kejriwal’s assertion that ‘AAP is a message and not yet a political party in the sense the words are now understood’ should be respected. Other forums and platforms should follow up (or dispute) the initiatives by AAP on an ongoing basis. This includes supplementing the efforts of AAP in exposing corruption and unethical practices. Excerpts from(the unedited version of) my article on AAP published in The Global ANALYST, February 2014 relevant in this context copied below:
“The Indian Aam Aadmi has asserted his right to make his voice heard, thanks to the conduit provided by AAP. Let us not compel AAP to show the results they apparently promised. Now, it is the turn of the common man(Famously referred to as “WE THE PEOPLE” in the preamble of the Constitution of India) to organise, wherever they are, and force the legislature, executive and the judiciary at all levels to uphold the spirit of the Constitution and bring back ethics and morality to governance.
If Aam Aadmi and the BPL(Businessmen-Politician-Lawyers) Combine which is managing the show in Delhi take the message sent out by AAP through the medium of broomstick seriously, and act in a proactive manner, during the short period left for Elections, 2014, several stages of pre-stabilisation experiments of India Growth Story can be skipped. Here, all political parties(Right, Left and Centre) have a responsibility to participate. Time is running out.”

mm sundram
10 years ago
the report cannot be accepted since there were several cases already put up on these companies. they are now in beleaquered state of condition. take the kingfisher. its totally out of business. like wise he sold major junk to foreign companies. his shares already sold out by the institutions. but what is the action taken against the Amabanis. i, myself, made a very serious complaint against the reliance group in 2005-6 when they divided their companies into several entities. there is lot of manipulations. i could not spent much over this complaint since i am an individual and the monies cant be spent much. but the SEBI the market regulator has not taken any action. this kind of activities going on in India whereas u are blaming the Kejriwal he is only hope for the future..
Shivangni Sharma
10 years ago
He is shrewd but even his admirers have started saying that he is over smart. Earlier I doubted his ability, but the way he engineered his exit from Delhi, I have doubts about his intentions too. He reminds me of VP Singh, how he managed to fool us into voting him to power only to be horrified at his hard line on reservation. We could see similar ulterior motives revealed if (heaven forbid) AAP comes to power
10 years ago
I think everyone is caught looking at AK very unjustly. He took on Anil Ambani and Mukesh Ambani as they were both running companies that affected Delhi - Anil by virtue of his control over BSES now Reliance Power and Mukesh Ambani for the gas price increase which forced NTPC to increase rates.
Anil Agashe
10 years ago
You are absolutely right. The problem with him is he does not seem to take a larger view of things. Why is silent about Sahara? He thinks Ambani is soft target that will yield political dividends to him.
10 years ago
There is more to AAP than meets the eye. . .

Mr. Raju Parulekar, a senior marathi journalist has been exposing 'Saint' Kejriwal.

It is all there for all to see on Mr. Raju Parulekar's twitter account.

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