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In this modern day and age, we purchase and use a lot of devices and gadgets in our homes and offices. They all come with a warranty and a manual. The manual is invariably misplaced and very difficult to find when the warranty is over. And, after five years, the company’s website may not have the required manual or it may be very difficult to locate.
In comes ManualsLib.com with manuals of over 3.9mn (million) products belonging to more than 107,000 brands. Just type in the brand name, product and the model number and you will instantly get a pdf version of the manual that you are looking for. No lengthy multi-level searches which may take a while. 
They also have an Android app which performs the same function—you may also add manuals and guides to your ‘My Manuals’ list, create folders for easy access and even search inside a document!
A very valuable tool to get your manual instantly at your fingertips.
2 years ago
It is very Interesting and Helpful
2 years ago
great article need to try and see whether really i get it and then save a soft copy for future ref.
2 years ago
A very helpful website.
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