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Urgent research is needed to get to know more foods containing Laetril (vitamin B17), to help control and cure cancer

Edward Griffin, in his celebrated book World without Cancer, gives us a bird’s eye view of the cancer drama in our conventional medical worldview. I am happy that many of my long-held views in this area have been reaffirmed. Of course, the consensus view in our conventional medical world might not agree at all. Let us, for a minute, think that if they were to agree, the whole cancer world will collapse and, with that, the trillions of dollars’ worth of business! 
One sentence in an earlier book, Science of Medicine and the Quiet Art, by David Weatherall, a great cancer researcher and a Regius Professor of Medicine in Oxford who was my beacon in this area for a long time, to which Griffins has added sumptuously indeed! David writes something like this. (These are not his exact words). ‘Our present cancer therapy reminds me of our ancestors treating every single disease with red-hot iron. Today, we burn our patients with radiation; poison them with chemicals; and mutilate them with surgery. I am sure, our future generation will never forgive us for this inhuman torture.’  
The history of cancer is a history of the greed of the healthcare business. An independent survey, recently, showed that conventional treatment results are: cure rate in advanced cancer is just 0.1/10%; milder disease 18% and, in very early and not-so-aggressive cancers, 20%. Griffin shows methods of treatment and prevention which can give us 100% results.
I was listening to an agricultural scientist of great repute in the US, Dr Khader, who has transformed himself into a healer through food-as-medicine, near Mysore. He has shown that millets can cure almost every conceivable disease including cancer. Moreover, they could prevent cancers. Coming back to Griffin’s book, it says that Laetrile (vitamin B17) prevents cancer 100% and treats the same in large doses even after cancer manifests in those who have not prevented it. Millets contain lots of Laetrile; many other fruits and nuts also contain it. 
Dr Khader might have hit the jackpot accidentally. We should take this work seriously and go forward to confirm its claims, for the good of mankind. History is replete with stories of men, who brought in new ideas into medicine, being persecuted during their lifetime by the conventional medical bigwigs of their time. Their work got recognition and mankind benefited long after they were hounded 
Beriberi was treated as an infection and treated with arsenic for hundreds of years, even though reports of Beriberi being a nutritional deficiency were long known. Scurvy killed thousands of British soldiers on the seas in the years when even the native Americans knew that it was due to fresh fruit deficiency! SMON (sub-acute myelo-optico-neuropathy) killed so many when it was thought by the establishment to be due to a slow virus like Kuru. In fact, it was due to an adverse drug reaction to Quinolones used to control tropical diarrhoea. Even though great researchers have found no connection between HIV virus and AIDS syndrome, millions are getting the wrong treatment even today. 
Now, slowly, people are realising that there is no disease called ‘high cholesterol’; but we have damaged millions with dangerous cholesterol-lowering agents. When we know that the human mind is not in the human brain, we still use powerful brain-altering drugs to treat mental illnesses like depression. The story is there for all of us to know. Cancer is no exception.
Urgent research is needed to get to know more foods containing Laetril to help mankind and also to convince our colleagues in the conventional medical world to see the logic and come to their help. If everyone puts his/her head together to help cancer patients and shed our biases, mankind will be grateful and our future generations will appreciate our good work.
Madhu P Jadhav
5 years ago
Union of Dr.Hegde & Dr.Khader, two of the greatest souls on earth! Where can we see that? Please anybody share any pic or video of that!
Nafisa Nafisa
5 years ago
Respected Dr Hegde,this is really a great initiative by you to make people aware of this dreaded disease.Only if there were more people like you and Respected Dr Khader that this world has the possibility of becoming a safe place.I have been hearing your and Dr Khader's lectures on youtube and have listened to the one's in Kannada also ,even though I donot know the language.I sincerely wish if someone could translate them to hindi and english languages so that many many people could benifit from the precious knowledge that you impart.Wish you both many many many happy and strengthful years ahead.God be with you always.We are blessed that our nation has such great souls!
Venkatesh Yeddula
6 years ago
Dr B M Hegde,It is indeed a nice write up.Is cancer really preventable.I think you know how a normal cell transforms into cancer.Age itself is the biggest risk factor,because with increasing age,the constant impact of the insults suffered by our body and its cells,with waning of the immune system,and also the DNA repair mechanisms becoming slow or inefficient,cancer is one of the nature's mechanisms of annihilating an individual to death.
Fresh fruits,vegetables,good exercise,good sleep, calm mind all bring about the well being of the individual.However,in spite of all these we all still die.By following good diet,exercise etc we may live healthy till old age,but there is some mechanism to die.
Now,u must know that post mortem studies of aborted foetuses and dead infants ,during the 70s had shown that there are fatty streaks over which atheromatous plaques develop in later life,and ultimately the blood vessels to the heart or brain get blocked when we are old enough to die,and this is the cause of natural death in over 90 percent of the dying population.Smoking,alcohol,sedentary lifestyle,genes,diabetes mellitus,hypertension,type A personality all add up to kill a person early by accelerating the natural process of atheromatous blockade of blood vessels,esp to brain and heart,resulting in MI and strokes.
Now regarding vitB17 Or Laetril has inhibitory properties on the cell transformation through various yet to be elucidated mechanisms,we have vit A,vit C,antioxidants, which have been proven to be effective in preventing cancers for a fairly long periods of our lives.Smoked salmon causing cancer,is one of the early carcinogens to have been identified.Similarly we have red meat diets causing colon cancers,and mango and papaya preventing the colon cancer for fairly long periods of our lives.

Regards to cholesterol lobby,coronary stunting lobby etc,I think u agree that these were started by the medical fraternity with the noble idea of healing patients,not knowing long term outcomes,at the outset.Science will accept defeat and these will be abandoned once newer ( or older) better methods are made available to treat these diseases.
If Dr Khader is treating patients with millets,it's great.But should we not take up a good study ,a randomised controlled study to prove or disprove its efficacy and claims ,by the millet lobby.
I don't agree with your cholesterol tirade completely.There is a volume of research to show that HDL :LDL ratio is having a fairly good correlation to causation of acceleration of atherosclerosis(as I told u atherosclerosis is a natural aging process).Nobody had an express idea of making money over cholesterol reducing drugs.
Though later it was found that homocysteine too is a culprit in accelerating atherosclerosis,and B complex vitamins can reduce this speed of progression of atherosclerosis.
Sharma Seetharamasharma
Replied to Venkatesh Yeddula comment 4 years ago
Doing scientific research to validate the claims is not that hard work these days thanks to the technology.
But more and more anti thesis to the already validated issues are generally takes about by the professionals pushing the general masses in to the brink of confusion.
Claims and counterclaims should continue to be encouraged till they are settled.
A huge body of scientific knowledge especially in the medical field should have a safe future for the human advancement
Narayan Panje
Replied to Venkatesh Yeddula comment 6 years ago
Where does Dr BM Hegde said in his article one will not die ! Everybody knows death is certain, the thing is ' How to remain healthy till death?'. Dr BM Hegde's article is educative.
Ramesh Poapt
7 years ago
Excellent! Dr.Hegde,pl. extend on Vit.B17/millets for cancer!
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