93% Indians anxious about returning to office post lockdown: Survey
At least 93 per cent of the employees working in India are anxious to return to office as and when the lockdown period gets over, and nearly 85 per cent expect their office spaces to be sanitised before they return to work, a new survey said on Wednesday.
A health-tech community product, FYI, undertook the survey conducted by MindMap Advance Research with 560 India Inc. entities, including employees from across small, medium and large enterprises in major metro cities of Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru.
Of these employees, 85 per cent were male and 15 per cent were female. The data also showed that 59 per cent employees are concerned about their health, 25 per cent said they are anxious about their financial situation, while 16 per cent fear that the crisis will be a prolonged one, leading to high anxiety.
Nearly 85 per cent expect their employers to implement and enforce safety guidelines and advisories and seek out new and innovative ways to protect their health while they are in the office.
"India Inc. employees are clearly stressed on the account of their health and that needs to be managed on priority," the survey said.
Evidence supports the fact that happier and secure employees are more productive than those under stress, said Yeishan Goel, Co-founder, FYI.
According to the report, 99 per cent of the employees said that they would like to see a system of Corporate Health Responsibility (CHR) being made mandatory for the employers, just like Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
These expectations are based on the recognition among employees that it would require them to participate in the efforts which the employers undertake to make their health a priority.
At least 82 per cent said that they would agree to participate in the measures that require them to be monitored, while 18 per cent said that they would comply if the privacy of their data is assured.
A high sense of solidarity emerges among the employees, with 96 per cent confirming that they would embrace and comply with the health monitoring initiatives, despite the inconveniences they may cause.
The survey showed that 81 per cent of the employees would resume work only in batches, while 73 per cent expect the employers to enforce work from home as an ongoing process.
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3 years ago
IT and BPO sectors should be made mandatory work from home as they can execute the projects from home. Why should they be asked to come to office ? They should be mandated to work from home till the time the COVID-19 Pandemic is completely eliminated.
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