6000 Thoughts – AI Life Coach
This is a life coach app which helps you to organise your multiple thoughts into coherent data which you can use to take decisions. Sometimes, when you need a friend, philosopher and guide, simply pick up the app and speak out your thoughts or type them in raw, unstructured form. You will be coached by the in-built artificial intelligence (AI) in the app, with journaling prompts and guided through key takeaways and insights. It instantly summarises, identifies cause & effect and recommends tools and frameworks to help you become stronger in your mental health and personal growth journey.
Use it positively to manage your negative self-talk and use personal affirmations to drive lasting change. It comes with a full-featured analytics view where you can even see what is creating negative chatter in your mind, your trends and how centred you are.
A must-try for reflection and self-improvement. 
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