26 banks’ NPA rose by Rs2.5 lakh crore, provisioning up 141% in last one year
Moneylife Digital Team 23 May 2018
Gross non-performing assets of banks in India continue to rise. As many as 26 banks, including State Bank of India (SBI), which have announced financial results, reported a peak NPA ratio of 10.14% in March 2018, says a research report. UCO Bank has the highest gross NPA ratio of 24.64%, while IndusInd Bank has the lowest at 1.17%. 
In the report, CARE Ratings says, "After moderating from 9.04% in June 2017 to 8.93% in September 2017, the ratio has ascended subsequently to peak at 10.14% in March 2018. In value terms, the NPAs of these 26 banks were Rs7.31 lakh crore in March 2018, an increase by Rs2.5 lakh crore over March 2017."
The total provisions made during the year of which the most would be for NPAs increased Rs1.05 lakh crore, an increase of 141% from Rs43,611 crore.
CARE Ratings says, 12 banks, which have a gross NPA ratio of above 10% are from public sector. Five banks, which have NPA ratio of less than 2% and five banks that have ratio between 2% to 5% are from private banks. The balance four banks had a ratio of above 5% include two each from private sector and public sector.
Around 14 public sector banks (PSBs), which have declared results so far, continue to report higher NPAs. While the ratio remained stable in the range of 11% to 12% in first three quarters of FY2018, in last quarter it increased by 163 basis points (bps) to 13.41%, the report says.
For private sector banks, while the NPA ratio is lower compared with PSBs, it increased to 4.40% or to Rs1.15 lakh crore in March 2018.
Ashok Senniappan
6 years ago
All thchairman and MDs house should be raided for the unaccounted wealth
created in their name /husbands name/ chilrens name and their close relaives name
Ramesh Poapt
6 years ago
ye toh hona hi tha! 3 banks will add more to the above.
two more quarters will reach the matter to peak,
minus recoveries thru NCLT resolutions.
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