10minutemail.com: Genuine E-mail id That Lasts 10 Minutes
Many websites insist on registration of our e-mail id before we proceed to explore. Often, it is not wise to share your e-mail id on unknown sites. This is where 10minutemail.com comes in handy. Just visit the website and it will offer you a genuine e-mail id which will be valid for the next 10 minutes. You can safely use this e-mail id on any unknown site, receive e-mails within the next 10 minutes and even respond to them. This comes in very handy for an instant e-mail id to be shared with anyone without compromising your identity.
It is very useful when visiting unknown, suspicious sites and helps you protect your genuine e-mail id and avoid receiving spam mails from unknown sources.
It is free to use and you may try it as often as you need to.
10 months ago
https://10minutesemail.net/ original one is not that.
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