10minutemail.com: Genuine E-mail id That Lasts 10 Minutes
Many websites insist on registration of our e-mail id before we proceed to explore. Often, it is not wise to share your e-mail id on unknown sites. This is where 10minutemail.com comes in handy. Just visit the website and it will offer you a genuine e-mail id which will be valid for the next 10 minutes. You can safely use this e-mail id on any unknown site, receive e-mails within the next 10 minutes and even respond to them. This comes in very handy for an instant e-mail id to be shared with anyone without compromising your identity.
It is very useful when visiting unknown, suspicious sites and helps you protect your genuine e-mail id and avoid receiving spam mails from unknown sources.
It is free to use and you may try it as often as you need to.
Hotpot.ai: Work on Your Photos
Yazdi Tantra, 19 August 2022
This is a very interesting website for manipulation of your photos. It helps you create professional graphics and pictures. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools allow experts and non-designers to spark creativity and automate tasks....
PortableApps: Your Computer, without the Computer
Yazdi Tantra, 05 August 2022
We use many apps on our computer which we are familiar with on a day-to-day basis. When travelling or when we do not have access to our own computer, it becomes inconvenient to use another app on someone else’s machine. If we are...
Duplicates Cleaner for Windows: Get Rid of Duplicate Files
Yazdi Tantra, 30 July 2022
Over a period of time, we tend to accumulate a lot of duplicate files on our computers. The duplicates not only hog our disk space but also reduce the speed of our access to our hard drive. 
Duplicates Cleaner does just...
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