In continuation of the superficial attempts in ‘reforming’ public sector banks (PSBs), the...
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Last week, I surmised that the government will not give in to the demands for a rollback of...
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Yesterday, Reliance Industries (RIL) announced that Saudi Aramco has agreed to take 20% stake...
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Updated on 8 August 2019 at 3.30pm to include response from Charles Russell Speechlys...
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In the previous piece, I explained the many ways in which a company’s management can cook its...
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Auditors are suddenly in the news. They are either being investigated or, scared of such...
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In the fourth and last instalment in our series on inspection reports of the Reserve Bank of...
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Modi Sarkar 1.0 ended its term with a lot of unfulfilled promises and a sense of outrage that...
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Now that the general elections are done and dusted and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA)...
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One sentence, in an article published in LiveMint, indicates why there are no suitors for Jet...
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Equity schemes of mutual funds (MFs) are a great boon for investors to gain exposure to many...
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For the first time ever, a government investigator has had the courage to call out to the...
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Given the life-threatening scenario I have described about Dewan Housing and Finance Ltd...
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The questions to ask are: What went wrong with DHFL so dramatically? Are our regulators...
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Dewan Housing Finance Limited (DHFL) is in focus again due to continuous downgrade by rating...
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I have often wondered ‘what if I made a portfolio of high-quality stocks and held them for a...
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On Friday, 26th April, YES Bank came out with disastrous results for the March 2019 quarter,...
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Intoxicated by a massive rally in March-April, perhaps in anticipation of the Modi government...

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