Issue of 6th May-12th May 2024
Lavasa's Fate Hangs in the Balance with Darwin’s Financial Troubles
The Ram mandir at Ayodhya is expected to secure a massive electoral victory for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government, but things are not going so well for Ajay Harinath Singh, founder of the Darwin Platform group of companies, who claims lineage to the Ikshavaku clan and a single-line blood descendant of Bhagwan Ram's son, Lava. He... Read More
Among the many arrogant quips and replies given by foreign banks immediately following the securities scam of 1992, was: “If you keep your front door unlocked, you are likely to be burgled.” This comment came from a cowboy banker from Citibank. He was justifying how foreign banks had hoodwinked...
India currently has the tag of being the fastest growing economy and is expecting a consumption-led demand growth. Though the overall retail demand growth is expanding gradually, the monsoon may play a critical role and may revive demand further with price growth. Any economic revival in tier-2...
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This company has embarked on a transformative journey by entering into a strategic alliance with a leading Japanese materials supplier. This partnership is poised to propel it towards becoming a formidable player in the global automotive market, catering to the evolving needs of future-ready...
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It appears that the worst for the home textiles segment is over; demand has picked up, as the high inventory level of global retailers is expected to decrease. The management has guided for 11%-12% growth in revenues, in FY24-25, on account of demand revival and for operating profit margin to...
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Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd (AHFL) is a housing finance company (HFC) focused on the low-income housing segment (ticket size less than Rs15 lakh) in India. It had the highest assets under management (AUM) and net worth among its peers in FY20-21, FY21-22, FY22-23, and 9MFY22-23 and 9MFY23-24....
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TBO Tek Ltd (TBO) conceptualised the TBO platform in 2006 as a technology tool to simplify the process for travel agents to book airline tickets across multiple airlines. It addresses the challenges posed by the large and fragmented travel industry with limited technology adoption. TBO has...
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Last year, the Darwin Platform group of companies, owned by 'Prince of Sultanpur' Ajay Harinath Singh, bought Lavasa, the picturesque hill station city in Maharashtra, through the bankruptcy resolution process for just Rs1,814 crore to be paid over eight years. Mr Singh claims that the Darwin...
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