Issue of 27th Aug-2nd Sep 2021
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Why Indians Need To Understand the Importance of Gajendra Haldea’s Contribution to the Nation
It is only in India that a whistle-blower and a crusader, whose honesty, integrity and brilliance has saved the country billions of dollars, would be demonised when alive and recognised as the ‘father of infrastructure’ when he is no more.    The people of India, who are the biggest beneficiaries of his work, remain clueless about... Read More
Global companies looking to de-risk supply chains from China have changed the fortunes for many chemicals companies in India. One of the beneficiaries of this trend has been Deepak Nitrite Ltd (DNL), incorporated in 1970 by Chimanlal K Mehta. It started as a sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate...
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Antony Waste Handling Cell Ltd (AWHC) is one of the top-5 players in the Indian municipal solid waste (MSW) management. Its services include solid waste collection, transportation, processing and disposal across the country. Its clients are Indian municipal corporations  and municipalities....
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Ramco Industries Limited (Ramco), incorporated in 1965 and headquartered in Chennai, is mainly in the building products business. It makes fibre cement (FC) sheets for roofing and calcium silicate boards (CSBs) used for partitions, walls and ceilings. It also has a spinning mill which...
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Aarti Industries has announced a demerger of pharma business into Aarti Pharmalabs Ltd (APL). This will result in Aarti Industries and APL achieving operational efficiencies by streamlining of the relevant businesses resulting in two dedicated and focused business segments, viz., specialty...
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Equity markets have risen phenomenally in the past one year, despite an incomplete recovery in business. The buoyant equity markets have attracted a swathe of initial public offerings (IPOs) like bees to a honey-pot.   The mutual fund (MF) business, too, has taken advantage of the...
Clinton Fernandes
Earlier this year, the insurance regulator announced a standard pension product called Saral Pension. The standard pension plan is mandated to be offered by all life insurers who sell pension products. Anyone of age 40 years to 80 years can buy this pension plan and start to earn fixed...
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