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Issue of 26th Apr-2nd May 2019


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Intoxicated by a massive rally in March-April, perhaps in anticipation of the Modi government coming back to power, stock market investors have turned sanguine. They believe that all is well with the bull market that began in early-March 2014, when stock prices started anticipating a victory...


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In less than three years since it was promulgated, the highly touted Insolvency & Bankruptcy Act (IBC) is going the way of a dozen previous statutes that failed to fix our ‘bad loans’ problem


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Tata Elxsi Limited (TEL) has just announced its results which are uninspiring. In fact, it has posted its lowest quarterly growth since December 2010.
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The Grader captures the first two of the three intrinsic factors that drive a stock: valuation, returns and growth


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Investors have a love-hate relationship with equities. The lure of high returns and several-fold capital growth props up many castles in the air!


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This simple app allows you to create multiple passport-size photos in a jiffy
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With space on our mobile phones getting scarcer each day, we need to optimise the size of our apps


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In old movies, especially spy movies, we would often see a person trying to place a mike for recording conversations in a hidden place


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Insufficient consumption of fruits and vegetables is a well-known dietary problem today; many try to make up for it by taking supplements


financial magazines online
The Sensex and the NIFTY ended flat during the period 18 April 2019 to 26 April 2019. ML Large-cap Index dipped 1%.

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