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21st September-27th September 2018


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Over the short term, stocks are driven by sentiment and news; but, over the medium and long term, they are driven by earnings growth. As famous investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala puts it: “Stocks are slaves of earnings.” After all, the legitimate reason for the existence of any business is profits....


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On the face of it, we, at Moneylife, would be on the side cheering the merger of nationalised banks


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With the three-wheeler sector showing signs of strong growth, all eyes are on Greaves Cotton, an independent manufacturer of engines which are mainly used for three-wheelers
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Repro India (Repro), which provides offset printing and print-on-demand services, has been having a rough time for the past three years, reporting a loss in FY15-16 and also FY16-17.
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In the current bull-run, a lot of companies running on average margins have enjoyed a massive rise in their stock prices as margins expanded


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The week, so far, has been brutal for investors in mutual fund (MF) equity schemes and debt schemes


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Hawkins Cookers Limited has restarted its unsecured fixed deposits (FD) scheme delivering up to 10.75%pa (per annum) interest


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Cam-Recorder is a simple tool to create videos online or even offline
financial magazines online is a very simple meeting platform where you could have video-conferencing for free


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Our global food system is failing to meet nutritional needs and concerns are growing about health related to under- and over-consumption as well as severe nutrient deficiency


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The Sensex and the Nifty rose 3% and 2%, respectively, during the week. ML Mega-cap Index advanced 3%.

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