Issue of 19th Sep-25th Sep 2022
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Insider Trading: SC Stops SEBI’s Regulatory Overreach in Abhijit Rajan Case
In a repeat of the Udayant Malhoutra case, the Supreme Court of India (SC), on 19th September, rejected the market regulator’s interpretation of what constitutes insider trading and acquitted Abhijit Rajan, former chairman of Gammon India Ltd. The two insider trading cases, and some others, smack of regulatory overreach that does no credit... Read More
Suprajit Engineering (Suprajit) is a leader in mechanical control cables, with 80% market share among 2Ws (two-wheelers), and is enhancing its share in 4W (four-wheelers). It is one of the largest suppliers of halogen lamps. It is also a supplier of non-auto control cables to the outdoor...
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Credit Access Grameen Ltd (CAGL) is a non-banking financial company–microfinance institution (NBFC-MFI). It commenced its microfinance operations in 1998 as a division under T Muniswamappa Trust (TMT), a registered public charitable trust. In 2007, it transformed into a microfinance...
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The energy crisis in Europe can throw up an unexpected opportunity for Indian API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) manufacturers. One of the very few pure-play API companies operating in this industry is Supriya Lifescience (Supriya). Established in 1987, Supriya is a leading supplier of...
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Rainbow Children’s Medicare (RCM), that went public in April 2022, is a multi-specialty paediatric, obstetrics and gynaecology hospital chain which was earlier backed by the UK-based development finance institution—CDC (Commonwealth Development Corporation) group. We covered the IPO here...
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Motherson Sumi Wiring India Limited (MSWIL) came into existence as a listed entity after the restructuring of Samvardhana Motherson International Limited (SAMIL), formerly known as Motherson Sumi Systems Limited (MSSL). After restructuring, MSWIL is an India-based pure play into wiring...
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Wonderla, one of the few listed theme parks, has experienced a roller-coaster ride in the past few years. The COVID-led shutdowns slashed revenues in FY20-21to less than a quarter of those in pre-COVID FY19-20 and by more than half in FY21-22. The company was able to withstand such difficult...
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A lot of people make the mistake of renewing health insurance every year without giving it a second thought. While being continuously covered by a health cover year after year is a good thing, what needs to be reviewed every year before renewal is whether the insurance plan continues to be...
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