In an era of paid news, planted articles, business programmes that are created specifically for a paying client, where can you write about facts and unbiased opinion? Where else can you write with only the interest of consumers and investors in mind?
Welcome to personal finance fortnightly Moneylife and web portal
Ever since its launch in 2006, Moneylife has discussed financial products with readers' interest in mind alone. Sometimes it has meant braving the wrath of vested interests or being branded negative, but it has been more than compensated by increasing loyalty of our readers and strong support among from some advertisers.
If you value this freedom, if you want to write fearlessly, if you are ethical and want to make difference... join Moneylife.
Our top team has worked with the largest media organisations and will tell you that we only value talent, hard work and ethics; rewards are quick and based only on these criteria.
We are hiring at different levels. You can join us in Mumbai as trainee reporters, correspondents or assistant editors, depending on your background and experience.
We are excited about discovering enthusiastic talent and putting them on a fast track. In return, we expect you to be passionate, productive and write correct English.
That apart, if you are an expert in any area and want to write boldly on matters of interest to investors, consumers or the general public, we welcome your contribution. Many or our regular writers and columnists are not really journalists but have sound domain knowledge and a fresh perspective.
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