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Mutual funds are great investment vehicles, but do you know how to use them?
Are you confused about which categories of mutual funds are good for you and why?
Do you have any issues with mutual fund schemes that you would like to be resolved?

Moneylife Foundation’s Mutual Fund Helpline aims to provide answers to your queries.

What the Helpline covers

It is often difficult to understand the purpose and features of several mutual fund products. Therefore, the best use of the helpline is to understand from our experts:
- the purpose of different mutual fund products
- the best ways one can use mutual funds
- the features of specific categories of fund products
- Information on historical returns
- how to resolve issues with registrars & transfer agents

What the helpline does not offer
  • This helpline is for individuals, not businesses
  • Please remember, this is a basic helpline. If your situation is complicated, you may want to seek professional help.
  • We are not intermediaries dealing in financial products. We cannot, and do not, advise on savings, investment in specific schemes, or the timing of buying and selling designed to make gains or avoid losses.

Who can use it?
The Helpline is free and can be availed of anyone. If you are an intermediary, please ask your client to register directly. To access the Helpline, please fill up the form below completely.

If you are a Moneylife Foundation member, details about yourself may already have been filled. But you should be logged in to to see your prefilled details (and edit them, if needed).
Done! You're just a click away

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