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Nifty, Sensex, Bank Nifty may bounce back – Monday closing report

Moneylife Digital Team | 20/4/2015 @ 7:13pm | 827 views

However, the bounce may be short-lived More

trading, high frequency trading, stock exchange, legal trading, Michael Lewis.

What is high frequency trading and how it affects you?

Sree Iyer | 20/4/2015 @ 1:02pm | 1857 views

What is it about high frequency trading that makes one rich overnight? Is it legal? If so, why is everyone not doing it? More

Nifty, Sensex, Bank Nifty still under pressure – Weekly closing report

Moneylife Digital Team | 17/4/2015 @ 7:14pm | 1104 views

Nifty will have to close above 8,700, as a first step for the downtrend to reverse More

Top Equity Schemes for a Downmarket

Jason Monteiro | 17/4/2015 @ 10:45am | 2023 views

Which of the top equity mutual fund schemes are likely to outperform if the market remain sideways to down? More

Nifty, Sensex, Bank Nifty continue to remain weak– Thursday closing report

Moneylife Digital Team | 16/4/2015 @ 7:09pm | 1521 views

For the weak trend to reverse, Nifty has to first close above 8,730 and Bank Nifty above 18,700 More

RIIL's net profit declines by 8.56 percent

IANS | 16/4/2015 @ 3:31pm | 886 views


SEBI passes Order providing exit to Pune Stock Exchange

Moneylife Digital Team | 16/4/2015 @ 3:16pm | 1103 views

Pune Stock Exchange is the thirteenth Stock Exchange to exit under this SEBI policy, says a release from SEBI More

SEBI restrains ERIL Mutual Benefit from going to the public for funds of any kind

Moneylife Digital Team | 16/4/2015 @ 3:08pm | 819 views

ERIL Mutual Benefit India Limited and its promoters/directors, including Biplab Kumar Dey, Juthika Ghosh and Chandan Sinha Roy, are restrained from mobilizing funds through the issue of equity shares or through any other form of securities, to the public, according to a SEBI Order More

Astra Microwave: Good Bet, Yet Risky

Moneylife Digital Team | 16/4/2015 @ 11:10am | 745 views

AMPL stock could gain from new government policy on defence More

Stock manipulation: Vipul

Moneylife Digital Team | 16/4/2015 @ 11:08am | 514 views

Over the past one year, the stock price of Vipul shot up by 883%. Even though nearly 35% of the promoters’ shares is pledged, this does not appear to be a concern for the regulator More

Nifty, Sensex, Bank Nifty weak: Wednesday closing report

Moneylife Digital Team | 15/4/2015 @ 7:00pm | 1522 views

If Nifty remains below 8,752 it will be headed further lower More

Remove legal unfairness, demand ex-servicemen

Moneylife Digital Team | 15/4/2015 @ 3:02pm | 2306 views

Ex-servicemen demand right to appeal to High Courts as fundamental right exercised by other citizens, against an order of SC making Armed Forces Tribunal the first and last forum for them More

Securities Debt: SEBI’s amendments inconsequential

Nidhi Bothra | 14/4/2015 @ 5:20pm | 1226 views

In an environment where securitisation is considered to be done and written off, the amendments on public offer and listing of securitised debt instruments by SEBI are highly inconsequential More

Will the Realty Bill Make a Difference?

Sucheta Dalal | 14/4/2015 @ 3:32pm | 940 views

A ray of hope for hapless homebuyers More

Govt removes remaining 20 items from MSME's exclusive ambit

Moneylife Digital Team | 14/4/2015 @ 11:13am | 756 views

Now even big corporates can manufacture pickles and chutneys, wooden furniture, exercise books and registers, wax candles, agarbatties and glass bangles that were monopoly of the MSME segment More

SEBI bars Kolkata-based I-Nova from accessing capital market

IANS | 14/4/2015 @ 10:30am | 546 views


Nifty, Sensex still on an uptrend – Monday closing report

Moneylife Digital Team | 13/4/2015 @ 7:08pm | 1080 views

Nifty will weaken only on a close below 8,750 More

Integrated energy policy being developed: NITI Aayog

IANS | 13/4/2015 @ 4:44pm | 1144 views

While the country's installed power generation capacity is around 250,000 MW from all sources, the government has set a target of generating 175,000 MW from renewable sources by 2022, including 100,000 MW from solar power More

Will the Black Money Law Work?

Sucheta Dalal | 13/4/2015 @ 12:14pm | 2751 views

If the generation of black money is not curbed, the new law will be just another amnesty scheme and tool for tax terrorism More

Fortnightly Market View: Fresh Dose for the Bulls

Debashis Basu | 13/4/2015 @ 11:19am | 827 views

Moody’s revises rating; bulls rejuvenated More

Nifty, Sensex going strong – Weekly closing report

Moneylife Digital Team | 10/4/2015 @ 6:41pm | 1300 views

A weekly close below 8,600 in Nifty will signal temporary reversal More

Real Estate Bill: No accountability for government agencies?

Moneylife Digital Team | 10/4/2015 @ 5:11pm | 1674 views

The Real Estate Bill passed by the Modi cabinet, would bring some accountability among realty players. However, government agencies whose slow approval processes delay projects, would remain as unaccountable as before More

How CEOs inflate their salaries

IANS | 10/4/2015 @ 2:53pm | 1399 views

The researchers were interested in testing the theory that business executives, who have strong networks among their peers, are more likely to inflate their colleagues' pay because they believe it will be reciprocated More

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