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giftofknowlege.jpg Gift Of Knowledge
Pathbreakers & Pathbreakers 2 contain deep insights, unknown facts and captivating events in the life of 51 top achievers, in their own words. These priceless autobiographical narratives of rare candour are available in an attractive gift pack and make for great gift for your loved one.
Rs. 2500 
Rs. 1250 
Delivery Charges:NA
Pathbreakers_book.jpg Pathbreakers
A priceless book of autobiographical narratives that candidly reveal the unique thought processes, untiring efforts and colourful anecdotes of top achievers like Mukesh Ambani, Rajiv Bajaj, Jignesh Shah, KV Kamath, Dr RA Mashelkar and Keki Dadiseth
Rs. 1200 
Rs. 600 
Delivery Charges:NA
Pathbreakers2_book.jpg Pathbreaker 2
Engrossing anecdotes, grand vision and real life tales of dazzling achievement of 25 superachievers like RK Laxman, Amitabh Bachchan, Ratan Tata, Dr Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Prahlad Kakkar
Rs. 1300 
Rs. 650 
Delivery Charges:NA
Scam.jpg The Scam
The most thrilling non-fiction business book ever written in India. A fast, colourful narrative knitting together the life and times of all stock market players involved in two of India's biggest stock market scams
Rs. 400 
Rs. 350 
Delivery Charges: Within Mumbai: Rs. 20 /Unit |  Outside Mumbai: Rs. 35 /Unit
Plaintruths_investments_book.jpg Plain Truths about Investments
This commonsense guide tells you in an inimitable plain-speaking style, peppered with lots of real life examples, what you must know to make successful investments
Rs. 125 
Rs. 100 
Delivery Charges: Within Mumbai: Rs. 20 /Unit |  Outside Mumbai: Rs. 35 /Unit
Plaintruths_stock-investing_book.jpg Plain Truth about Stock Investing
Stock picking is rewarding provided you have the right understanding. This guide tells you in a simple style, the key elements needed to be a successful stock picker in any market condition
Rs. 125 
Rs. 100 
Delivery Charges: Within Mumbai: Rs. 20 /Unit |  Outside Mumbai: Rs. 35 /Unit
Plaintruths_mf_book.jpg Plain Truths about Mutual Funds
Equity funds are key to any wealth-creating strategy. But to make funds work for you, you have to do your homework. This friendly guide tells you what you must know while buying equity funds
Rs. 125 
Rs. 100 
Delivery Charges: Within Mumbai: Rs. 20 /Unit |  Outside Mumbai: Rs. 35 /Unit
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