Zydus Wellness FY14 net profit flat at Rs96.45 crore
For FY14, Zydus Wellness' higher net profit stood at Rs96.45 crore as its sales fell 5% 
Zydus Wellness Ltd, the Gujarat based consumer product manufacturer, reported lower full year net profit mainly due to muted sales.
For the 12 month to end-March, the makers of 'Sugar free' brand, said its net profit declined marginally (0.68%) to Rs96.45 crore from Rs97.11 crore while  its total revenues, including sales, fell 5% to Rs203.25 crore from Rs213.01 crore, a year ago period.
During FY14, Zydus Wellness said its total expenditure declined 3% to Rs124.30 crore from Rs127.57 crore, while its raw material costs fell 10% to Rs51.77 crore from Rs57.29 crore a year ago period. However, during FY14 Zydus Wellness received tax refund of Rs5.85 crore.
In its quarter to end-March Zydus Wellness said its net profit tumbles 42% to Rs21.76 crore from Rs37.41 crore, its total revenues, including sales, fell 22% to Rs52.88 crore from Rs67.81 crore, same period last year. 
Zydus Wellness declared final dividend of Rs6 per share.
At 3.22pm Monday, Zydus Wellness was trading 1.1% up at Rs500 on the BSE, while the S&P BSE Sensex was also up at 24,388.
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Bajaj Auto FY14 net profit up 7% on higher exports
For FY14, Bajaj Auto reported higher net profit to Rs3,243 crore on 22% higher exports and lower raw material costs
Bajaj Auto Ltd, the world's third largest motorcycle maker, reported higher full year net profit on increased exports and lower raw material costs. 
For the 12 month to end-March, Bajaj Auto said its stand alone net profit increased 7% to Rs3,243 crore from Rs3,044 crore while its total revenues, including sales, grew marginally to Rs20,856 crore from Rs20,793 crore, a year ago period.
During the full year, the Bajaj group company said, its revenues from exports jumped 22% to Rs8,199 crore from Rs6,713 crore, a year ago. The company exported 1.3 million motorcycles and 2.61 lakh 3-wheelers. Its exports contributed 42% in its net sales.
However, its domestic sales declined during FY14. Bajaj Auto sold 38.70 lakh motorcycles during the 12 months, which is 9% lower than 42.37 lakh units of motorcycles, a year ago period. 
Bajaj Auto said during FY14 its total expenses decline 2% to Rs16,223 crore from Rs16,526 crore, while its raw material costs declined 4% to Rs12,936 crore from Rs13,524 crore a year ago period.
The world's largest 3-wheeler manufacturer, said it sold 4.48 lakh units of 3-wheelers during FY14. Bajaj Auto sold 6.49 lakh units of its iconic Pulsar brand in the domestic market and maintained leadership with 44% market share. It also launched new variants under its sports segments and sold 74,000 units of Pulsar 200 and Pulsar 200NS and exported 81,000 while it sold 11,000 units of its high-end-priced KTM duke in India and exported 24,000 during FY14.
In its quarter to end-March, Bajaj Auto said its stand alone net profit fell marginally to Rs764 crore from Rs766 crore, its total revenue including sales grew 3% to Rs5,177 crore from Rs4,990 crore a year ago period.
Bajaj Auto declared a final dividend of Rs50 per share.
At 3.05pm Monday, Bajaj Auto was trading 2.3% down at Rs1,890 on the BSE, while the S&P BSE Sensex was up 1.1% at 24,388.
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Magna Carta Libertatum Medica
How drug companies influence scientists and institutions to tell lies
“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on.”— Winston Churchill
Magna Carta was the original charter forced on to the King of England by a group of his own subjects calling themselves the feudal barons to pare his unlimited powers by law to protect their own interests, way back in 1215AD. The charter mandated King John to proclaim certain liberties and accept that his will was not arbitrary. This eventually led to the creation of the 13th century English parliament, the mother of all parliaments, they claim. 
In place of the feudal barons of the 13th century, we have the drug barons today—much more powerful with today’s rulers than the former were with the Kings of England. In place of the Kings of those days, the drug barons have the watchdogs to oversee their crafty designs for the good of mankind. One such body, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) in England recently showed interest in expanding the indications for statins and was also mulling over the idea of allowing this dangerous drug for sale across the counter! By sheer coincidence, a very powerful drug baron in the UK was getting ready (with billions of statin tablets in stock) with its Magna Carta to NICE!
Around the same time, a few ‘landmark’ studies giving a big boost to the drug company’s efforts (funded by the latter) surfaced. What a coincidence again! On 14th April, a ‘great’ study got to see the light of day in the International Journal of Cardiology claiming that statins may help stave off dementia! The study does not mention that cognitive defect is one of the common side-effects of statins and is well recorded. The study was small, done in an obscure university in Taipei. On 8th April, The Journal of Sexual Medicine, published another study, again funded by drug companies, and from an unknown university, which showed how statins could overcome erectile dysfunction! The researchers also ‘claimed’ that statins could cure hypogonadism. On 17th March, a big study from the Imperial College London claimed that statins have no side-effects at all.
They went a step further, to say that the placebo tablets had side-effects in the study but not statins!
It is unusual for authors of scientific journals to make recommendations for drug use in their paper. The Imperial College ‘scientists’ went as far as calling upon the drug companies to say in their label that statins have NO side-effects at all.  Money makes man sink to the pits of moral nihilism. The current guidelines mandate doctors to ‘offer’ statins to those that have a 20% risk of heart attacks in the next 10 years. The new expected guidelines from NICE are expected to lower that limit to almost 1 in 10 people in the world (10%). The drug companies will be eternally grateful to NICE for being nice to them! 
Statins were introduced initially to lower blood cholesterol by blocking a very useful and powerful enzyme in the patient’s liver, where statins are produced by the human body. By artificially blocking that enzyme, we are concurrently also blocking many other vital products made in the liver. One of them is mavalonic acid. A doctor who has seen a patient with congenital mavalonic acid deficiency—who looks like a dehydrated ghost of a human child—will never be able to prescribe this poison. Blocking enzymes in the liver is a myopic reductionist science. 
Every single large-scale randomized controlled trial (RCT) on cholesterol-lowering drugs, beginning with the cholesteramine in the 1950s, to the latest statin studies, while effectively lowering the blood fat reports, have killed more people in the long run compared to a placebo! If a doctor keeps his/her eyes open, we see a lot of non-alcoholic liver cirrhosis these days. Is it a punishment we are getting for being very liberal in using and abusing reductionist chemical drugs in therapeutics? Oliver Wendell Holmes was dead right when he wrote: “If the whole materia medica was to be thrown into the bottom of the sea, it would be that much good for mankind and that much worse for fishes.” This was written when only a handful of drugs were available. Now there are thousands, most of which are not studied over a long period to see the real side-effects.
“There are three types of lies—lies, damn lies, and statistics.”Benjamin Disraeli 




3 years ago

If statins are not the answer then what is? How do we reduce cholesterol levels to below 200?


Prakash Bhate

In Reply to Suresh 3 years ago

Control what you eat and exercise regularly. In 6-8 months although you will not become Mr Universe, you will certainly be fit and fine. My old Yoga teacher used to say "One who eats one meal a day is a yogi, two meals a day - bhogi and three or more, a rogi"

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