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Videocon restrained from making washing machines resembling Whirpool's design

The HC said Videocon has imitated Whirlpool's registered design by merely using different colour scheme and putting some different lines and ornamentation 

Mumbai: In a blow to leading consumer durable maker Videocon Industries, the Bombay High Court held that the company has deceptively imitated a washing machine design registered by Whirlpool and restrained it from manufacturing the same, reports PTI.
Whirlpool of India, a leading manufacturer of home appliances, had approached the High Court seeking an injunction against Videocon's manufacturing of a washing machine that was launched in June this year stating that it had a striking similarity with a washing machine designed and registered by it in July 2009.
"After perusing the photographs of their respective washing machines submitted by the plaintiff (Whirlpool) and the defendant (Videocon), it appears that Videocon by merely using different colour scheme and putting some different lines and ornamentation has imitated Whirlpool's registered design," Justice BR Gavai observed in an order passed on 25th July.
Stating that there has been an infringement of the registered design, the court said, "If an injunction as sought by the plaintiff is not granted, an irreparable injury would be caused to the plaintiff."
Senior counsel Venkatesh Dhond appearing for Whirlpool argued that the company had designed a washing machine in 2009 with a rectangular shape on one side and a semicircular shape with jettisoned panel for the knobs on the other.
"Whirlpool has been producing this product since September 2010 and has so far sold machines worth Rs308 crore. However in June this year, Videocon, its competitor in the market, deceptively imitated the design and manufactured its own machines which have striking similarity with the machines produced by Whirlpool," Dhond argued.
Videocon's counsel Virag Tulzapurkar argued that its product has major variations like colour scheme, composition of lines, pattern and ornamentation.
The court, however, held that perusal of the design which is registered by Whirlpool shows that the uniqueness of its design is the rectangular shape on one side and the semicircular shape on the other.
"...., Whirlpool has registered trade design of such kind. The very uniqueness of the shape, in my considered view, is a novel and unique object of the plaintiff's designs," Justice Gavai observed.


Deccan Chronicle rejects reports about its debts

Deccan Chronicle Holdings said the real issue is not about its loan outstanding but liquidity crisis arisen due to significant reduction in ad spend by domestic and multinational companies in India

New Delhi: Deccan Chronicle Holdings Ltd (DCHL) has said its networth far exceeds its current outstanding and rejected reports that its debts ran to the tune of thousands of crore, reports PTI.
"The net worth of DCHL far exceeds its current outstanding. The loan outstanding and the overdue sums relate to payments that were due only in the last couple of months.
"Deccan Chronicle's value as a 75-year-old leading newspaper, the value of its fixed assets comprising land and buildings as well as plant and machinery at multiple locations, and the value of the Deccan Chargers IPL team far exceed the company's debt," T Venkattram Reddy, Chairman of DCHL, which owns Deccan Chronicle and Asian Age dailies, said.
His statement referred to news reports about the financials of DCHL and default in dues under loan agreements in the last few days.
DCHL would like to clarify that the real issue is a liquidity crisis that has arisen due to significant reduction in ad spend by domestic and multinational companies in India.
The Indian economy has been significantly affected due to the global meltdown and the European crisis, Reddy said.
The debt that the company has incurred is in usual course of business, and the amount stated in a section of media, that it is to the tune of thousands of crores, is false, he said.
IFCI which has filed a case before the debt recovery tribunal at Delhi filed another petition before the Andhra Pradesh High Court seeking liquidation of the company for delay in payment of Rs25 crore, the statement said.
"DCHL is grateful and fully committed to its lenders, who have supported it in all its endeavours. It is actively engaging with them to find a solution to the current liquidity issue," Reddy added.



Krishnaraj Venkataraman

5 years ago

Mr Chairman is misrepresenting facts. Firstly DCHL has not yet filed 2012 balance sheet with exchanges. TOI reported with MCA data backing that DCHL has more than 1500 cr of debt. IFCI has filed a petition saying it expresses doubt about the solvency of the firm. CARE said it does not know why DCHL defaulted despite having 350 odd crores in the balance sheet. Karvy has accused DCHL promoters of forging documents to avail loan against the same shares multiple times.

God, please have mercy on unsuspecting shareholders.


Rajkumar Singh

In Reply to Krishnaraj Venkataraman 5 years ago

God always has mercy on unsuspecting share-holders.

He regrets that the share-holders never consult or cross check with TOI, IFCI, CARE or Moneylife, at the time of investment, but do it surreptiously after falling in the GREED net to claim later as being unsuspect about it!

Krishnaraj Venkataraman

In Reply to Rajkumar Singh 5 years ago


Can God please send a list of people to check with before investing? It may be TOI, IFCI etc this time, what will it be next time? Would you know?

Manesar plant can resume operations but safety comes first: Suzuki

Suzuki, the parent of Maruti Suzuki India, is still apprehensive of the safety and security of its employees as far as reopening of its Manesar plant is concerned

Tokyo: Japanese auto maker Suzuki Motor Corp said the Manesar production facility of its Indian subsidiary Maruti Suzuki is in a condition to resume operations but will not do so as safety is yet to be restored, reports PTI.
While speaking to reporters after declaring quarterly results, Suzuki Motor Corp (SMC) Executive Vice President Toshihiro Suzuki said the Manesar plant is "in a condition to resume production" as there was no major damage to the plant machineries during the violence on 18th July, in which one senior executive was killed.
Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) had earlier claimed that 100 others employees were injured in the violence, but SMC on its website said "41 people were hospitalised and 46 people were treated in the hospital".
Following the violence and arson, MSI had on 21st July announced an lockout at the plant.
Kyodo reported that the company is still apprehensive of the safety and security of its employees as far as reopening of the plant immediately was concerned.
The plant "is nowhere in sight as safe working conditions have yet to be established", the report said quoting Suzuki.
SMC had earlier said a mob of approximately 100 workers damaged "the buildings of the plant office and the security office" but "there is no heavy damage to the plant facilities".


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