UP To Regulate Real Estate Agents

The Uttar Pradesh (UP) government has decided to enact new legislation aimed at regulating...

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Restrictions on Buying Plantation Land in Karnataka

Karnataka minister for revenue, V Srinivas Prasad, informed the legislative council that steps would be taken to prevent non-agriculturists from buying plantation lands violating the provisions of the Karnataka Land Reforms Act. He was responding to charges of Janata Dal (Secular) floor leader MC Nanaiah who said revenue department officials, particularly in Kodagu district, have been allowing non-agriculturists to buy plantation land on the ground that it is not agricultural land.

The Act prohibits purchase of agriculture land by non-agriculturists with an annual income of more than Rs2 lakh. However, officials have been allowing transactions of hundreds of acres of land in the district, resulting in a complete change of the district topography. Buyers have been converting such land into resorts or farmhouses. If the trend continues, it would be disastrous and could affect the flow of the Cauvery River.


Income Tax Ombudsmen missing at several regions including Mumbai and Delhi

Four out of 12 offices have no Ombudsmen since November 2013. Mumbai has no ombudsman for 4 months and Delhi has a part-time one visiting from Chandigarh

Did you get Income Tax (IT) refund? If not, you can file a complaint with IT Ombudsman. But do you know if the IT Ombudsman of your region is actually in office or the post is lying vacant? IT Ombudsman is an independent body set up by the government. They are appointed from the ranks of former IT officials or officials from the Indian Revenue Service (IRS). These officers have been empowered to settle grievances and they can take up matters to the highest authority. They act as an arbitrator and are independent of the jurisdiction of the IT Department.

But the IT Ombudsman office in Mumbai has backlog of pending cases because the Ombudsman is missing since 8 November 2013. There are 10-12 cases coming in daily to the office and hence it can be estimated that there can be over 1000 pending cases. The office has no idea when the new Ombudsman will be appointed and expects no one to take charge till June 2014 due to pending general elections. Does consumer redressal go for a toss till elections are over?

Pune Ombudsman is the link officer who had recently visited Mumbai Ombudsman office to give guidance, but there is no one present to make decisions unless there is some critical pending case. Pune Ombudsman office itself is vacant as per IT website. But, the position got filled by GG Shukla who was earlier deputed at Kochi Ombudsman office. This information is not updated on the IT website. In fact, most of the Ombudsman related data is obsolete on the webpage.

Please see - http://www.incometaxindiapr.gov.in/incometaxindiacr/home.jsp?p1=ombudsman_contacts and http://www.incometaxindia.gov.in/KnowYourOmbudsman.asp

Even major region like Delhi has no full-time Ombudsman. It has to satisfy itself with Chandigarh Ombudsman visiting part-time. But, the Chandigarh Ombudsman probably has his hands full by serving complaints from Chandigarh as well as Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and J&K.

Surprisingly, there is no Ombudsman since November 2013 in the offices of Kanpur (covering UP and Uttarakhand), Hyderabad (covering Andhra Pradesh) and Ahmedabad (covering Rajasthan, Gujarat, Daman & Diu, Dadra & Nagar Haveli). Did the Ombudsmen serving these offices all retire at the same time? Will there possibly be no replacement till election is over (June 2014)?

The IT website has completely outdated information about serving Ombudsman in the offices. We got correct information (in table) after calling all the 12 IT Ombudsman offices in India. We are putting out the data we have collected which would be useful for the readers.


Website data

Actual Ombudsman


Delhi (NCR)

Prakash Chandra. Invalid phone number 011-23379925

Ashok Manchanda (Not full time. Chandigarh Ombudsman visits Delhi)


Kanpur (UP and Uttarakhand)

KP Singh

No Ombudsman since November 2013


Kolkata (WB, Bihar, Odisha, NE States, Jharkhand, Andaman & Nicobar islands)

Manoj Misra

KK Mahapatra



Mukesh Bhanti

No Ombudsman since November 2013


Kochi (Kerala and Lakshadweep)

GG Shukla

K Madhavan Nair


Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)

AK Basu

No Ombudsman since November 2013


Chennai (Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry)

Sunil Chopra

MD Kabra (appointed after vacancy of six months)


Bengaluru (Karnataka and Goa)

ML Agarwal

ML Agarwal


Ahmedabad (Rajasthan, Gujarat, Daman & Diu, Dadra & Nagar Haveli)

Dr Kalyan Chaudhuri

No Ombudsman since November 2013


Pune (Maharashtra excluding Mumbai)


GG Shukla

020-26056238 (invalid number)

Chandigarh (HP, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, J&K)

Ashok Manchanda

Ashok Manchanda (works part-time as Delhi Ombudsman)


Bhopal (MP and Chattisgarh)

Kalyan Chand

GS Randhawa


Income Tax Ombudsman data across all the 12 offices


The government of India has appointed Ombudsmen at various locations to look into the grievances of taxpayers if the normal system does not respond. They handle a host of grievances other than IT refunds. These include interest waiver petitions, giving effect to appellate orders, rectification of applications, release of seized books of accounts, allotment of PAN, and issue of PAN cards, credit of tax paid etc.

Under the current rules, before you approach the Ombudsman, you should have submitted a written complaint with your IT officer. If you feel that the complaint has not been addressed to your complete satisfaction, or if the officer rejects your complaint, or if no reply is received within 30 days of writing the complaint, only then should the issue be raised to Ombudsman. It is important to note that the complaint should be filed with the Ombudsman within one year, after the 30 day wait for a response from the IT officer.




3 years ago

Sorry for the belated comments.But then fault lies in my Browser acceptance.

At the outset, thanks for highlighting this one area where the grievance redressal Government Nodal Authority is absent. But frankly this is not NEW or surprising. The entire Government machinery stinks and people suffer by this criminal negligence of Government . Wherever, the redressal or regulating Authority is there, it also suffers from lack of Government support in providing adequate Manpower or Infrastructure. Posts at all levels remain VACANT FOR YEARS. EXISTING AUTHORITIES EITHER have inadequate support staff or infrastructure. All Ombudsmen in almost all key areas ( Example- Banking ,Insurance, etc. ) are OVERLOADED. Complaints can be lodged easily, but to get those heard or get an AWARD, it takes years as there is huge backlog. Let some Doctorate student write a thesis.The bogey of Government's claim to have provided enough laws will come out fully ineffective for lack of DELIVERANCE for one reason or the other .
Even the Telecom and Insurance Regulators have failed in their duty to monitor the complaints against service providers. And the vital field of Telecom Services does not even have an OMBUDSMAN. Users are at the mercy of the resolutions offered by the Telecom Service Provider itself as per the Grievance Procedure framed by TRAI. And that is flouted with impunity almost at levels of service provider. Since there is no Authority like Ombudsman to mediate; consumers have no option but to only approach the Consumer Court for even a small relief. And for violations of laid down norms by either TRAI or IRDA, complaints for penal action are never taken up/ acknoledged bythe Regulators.
And that grim scenario is order of the day for which WE CRY ON THIS CONSUMERS DAY

Dayananda Kamath k

3 years ago

may be part of measure of curtailing fiscal deficit. and many of the ombudsman do not serve any purpose than that of postman.at least their salary and perks are saved.


3 years ago

This assumes that there are Indians selected as ombudsmen or for other judicial and quasi - judicial positions who have not been congenitally, or through the inevitable pressures of a rising career in the Neta-Babu Quota Corruption Raj, incapacitated from functioning as such.

Vaibhav Dhoka

3 years ago

I had good happenings from Pune IT Ombudusman.I helped many to get refund throgh this route.But in India politacal masters make killing of the system for the reason best known to them.



In Reply to Vaibhav Dhoka 3 years ago

sathya cumaran
thanks for your help we donot know that there exist an IT ombudsman and after this article only we came to know about it but can you help me in my case where India infoline stock broking firm had misused my POA and had cheated me the matter had been referred to sebi nse bse no response as an third party why cannot you champion for my cause otherwise we have only platform is our international media and channel in which case the whole indian capital would be collapsed and that to in the yeear of election this would back fire our economy and inflation and there by US would try to dominate our country which as citizen of india never wish to do so this article personal to vaibhav Dhoka

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