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Understanding the heart and soul of Anna Hazare’s movement

The snobbery of intellectual writers and insensitivity of the political class comes as a shame at this defining moment in our country’s history. Let’s show some respect to this mass awakening, so essential for a vibrant democracy and a pro-active citizenry

Propagators of mass hysteria and mobocracy have one thing in common-they refuse to get out of their mindset and understand the new wave of mass participation, so essential for a vibrant democracy, that is now sweeping across the country. They have to realise that the printed word in newspapers or the debates on TV channels, are not longer bible truths for people, who have begun to examine the facts and reject untruth. This is evident from the comments on articles about the movement available through a random check on the Internet.

Clearly, the ruling political and intellectual class (at least most of it) is in disconnect with people's sentiments and the untiring efforts being made to get the government to work for the people and not for a privileged few. In fact, these privileged classes have themselves completely forgotten the fundamentals of governance in a democracy-first, information dissemination and second, participation in governance.

The movement for the Jan Lokpal Bill may be largely a campaign against corruption, but to say that most of the participants involved in this peaceful social revolution know nothing about the Bill is an insult to what is probably the biggest people's movement since Independence.

Everyone need not know every detail of the Bill like a scholar, academician or an activist would, but they have sensed that the government was trying to push down the throats of millions of people, an absolutely weak and draconian bill that would ultimately protect the corrupt. This attempt by the government to try and fool the people and numb them into submission, should have been reason enough for intellectual writers, newspaper editors and activists across the country, no matter what their differences over the alternative Jan Lokpal Bill, to unite and pull up the government over its sinister plan. Or, they ought to have tried to work out ways to strengthen the Lokpal Bill with a sense of urgency since the issue came into the public domain instead of criticisms and new drafts that have come a bit late in the day. This is no time for prolonged debates anymore-the nation is outraged; what is necessary is swift action.

The government says it requires time-an excuse that has been supported by several high-profile columnists. Don't they realize the uniqueness of the situation, when lakhs of people have come out onto the streets in the cities, towns and villages, to peacefully agitate, and many more are supporting the movement from their homes and share this spirit in their hearts. It's an extraordinary situation, when citizens in such massive numbers are demanding a quick decision. If something extraordinary came up in our day-to-day lives, say a marriage that is to be organised within 48 hours as the bridegroom has to return to his job abroad, or a lucrative project that has been awarded with a challenging deadline, what would we do? Obviously, we would work round-the-clock, if this is necessary, to complete the task. Is the government so insensitive, so callous, as to not be able to work 20 hours a day if required, to debate and reach a conclusion during the ongoing parliament session itself? It is outrageous that ministers continue to buy time when all that the protestors are peacefully and humbly saying is "please do it with immediate effect". Even Lord Meghnad Desai told a television channel that the issue could be debated and decided in 60 hours.

By criticising the movement at this defining moment in the country's history, we are encouraging the government to close its eyes and ears to the foremost demand for a strong anti-corruption law, which is unarguably the urgent need of the hour.

As a journalist who has watched Anna Hazare's crusades from close quarters, over the past two and a half decades, the government should have known that Anna never takes up an issue he does not believe in and that once he takes it up he is not known to give up easily. Also, the government should collect intelligence from among the crowds to understand that the young generation will not be victims of mobocracy or mass hysteria. They will not join a movement that they are not convinced about.

I have worked with students in Pune who have been a part of this movement and it is a pride and passion for them to be part of the process to cleanse the country of corruption, which they believe is the single biggest factor that has tarnished its image, and this is admirable. Anna might be a rustic villager and may not have studied law as Gandhiji did, but his knowledge of the laws by which our democracy functions is better than many of us who are educated. Hence, there is no dismissing him as some "instant saint" trying to play God or turn into a legend.

This is an example of a pro-active democracy and the powers that be and the celebrity columnists must see it in this new perspective, by dropping the conditioned mindset to look down on the "middle class fraternity" (one columnist had the gall of calling it the "chattering class".) It is evident that Anna Hazare's movement is cutting across many classes-whether it is the poor, the lower middle class, the upper middle class and now even the rich-are  represented in the movement. It is the yearning of every Indian that corruption should be rooted out, and now. Why then are some intellectuals playing into the hands of those who sow and breed corruption?
Having said this, one must admit that the film fraternity, barring a few exceptions, has shown sensitivity to the people's sentiments and to Anna Hazare's selfless crusade. It, too, is a privileged class in that sense, but it has heard the heartbeat of millions of Indians. It only goes to prove that if your heart is in the right place, you can read the pulse of the people. Otherwise, you are simply convenient spokespersons of scamsters who are a hindrance to the tremendous movement for change that we are witnessing now.

(Vinita Deshmukh is a senior editor, author and convener of Pune Metro Jagruti Abhiyaan. She can be reached at




6 years ago

what has Team Anna been doing since April, if not publicly abusing the Prime Minister, the Parliament, Indian elections and even Indian democracy? And yes, I do agree that many should be abused in the government; but at the end of the day, there has to be a democratic way to it. It can’t be imposed through the dictatorial will of one group just because they are able to rake up popular frenzy. There is a Constitution; there is a court; there is an elected Parliament, and things have to happen as per its guidelines. Anna must protest. But he can’t be adamant about imposing it. Protests have their own effect and change does happen. But it can’t happen without the support of our Constitution and democratic machinery.


Vinita Deshmukh

In Reply to akhilesh 6 years ago

There is some gross misunderstanding in your understanding. Anna's was a peaceful protest to bring in an anti-corruption law. How does that become undemocratic or dictatorial? In fact, for six months before the fast, Team Anna met political leaders of all political parties including sending a letter to the PM to c consider a strong lokpal bill but none heard them. That the elected Parliament has alienated itself from the people and is instead busy looting them can be gauged from one single representative example - as per CAG Report in the year 2007-08 alone Rs.54,000 crore rupees have been siphoned off - the money was for eight rural development schemes. Or that on 23rd Dec 2010 - 17 bills were passed in the Parliament in 12 minutes flat. One of the bills was Prevention of Corruption Act in which three rules were to be diluted as they demanded punishment to the corrupt officer indulging in financial misappropriation. Fortunately the amendments did not go to Rajya Sabha. When elected representatives indulge in colossal loot of public and do not listen to the people (I have had this experience as I have led several local campaigns) then what do you do? Suffer the humiliation, injustice and mindboggling corruption or finally come out on the streets and peacefully protest? By slamming Anna the way you have, you are inadvertently giving the license to the MPs to carry on with broad daylight robbery and are smiling at the misery of the common man who does not get his rightful ration through the PDS, does not get good roads, streetlights, water supply, good education etc. It is unfortunate that the print media barring a few exceptions has played the role of misinformation thus misguiding readers.


6 years ago

Hot news. Jan Lokpal Bill has become a reality. ANNAJI HAS WON. MAY GOD GIVE THIS MAHATMA INFINITE YEARS. Gandhiji got us the first freedom. Annaji got us our second freedom. Hail his vision to succeed.
Thank you Timesnow for helping Annaji to reach millions in remote India.

Vinita Deshmukh

6 years ago

From Kamal Kashyap (i posted it for him)
Not able to post the comment for lack of security code! Therefore the mail.
My computer illiteracy may please be over looked.
It is a big fraud suggesting time required for studying the Bill. They had 65yrs of of Independence & 42 yrs of the passage of the proposed bill pending in the Parliament!
We all know their game. It is an old saying that do not argue with an idiot he will first engage you & then beat you with his experience.
They ARE experienced.

Prakash Bhate

6 years ago

The only way to teach a lesson to the present Government and the ruling parties is to come out in massive numbers in all future elections and keep them out of power for the next several (10-15?) years. Ditto for other parties who do not pass a strong Lokpal bill. Please start getting your voting cards and vote.


6 years ago

Well reforms are needed to solve corruption issue. Reforms and deterrant like lokpal go hand in hand to solve the issue. these 2 type of solutions are not opposite but supplementary to each other. Our so called "intellectuals" do not have the heart beating for India. They may love India, but they do not feel the pain if India is in pain. Many of them are armchair intellectuals.


6 years ago

Nice article. Very well reflected the minds of glooming younger generation.


6 years ago

Vinita has covered up this topic very well and has stated the facts. The "intellgensia" coming on various TV channels and stating that the Anna's way is not the right way, do not know the problems of dealing with govt. First there is an old hindi saying, which is very very apt in this situation: "Latto ke bhoot - Bateon se nahi mante".
As is the experience when dealing with any govt. office, wither you pay a bribe to get your smallest work done, or you should have tremendous influential on the govt. empolee. If you do not have any of the tow: NOBODY is going to listen to you.
Even in the presentAnna's agitation, one can see the arrogance and apathy of the Govt. An assurance which could have given on the fiorst day itself has been kept dangling for the last 10 days.
It is extremely pathetic that teh PM who is suppose to be intelligent, utterly failed in handling this agitation. He has shown that he may be a good economist - But than he is a greater or Greatest puppet to hold this esteem post. Unless Rahul or Sonia speaks the Congress people cannot take basic decisions. - So much for intelligent MPs.
And the so called intelligent people bragging on tehTv channels - should be taught a few lessons on the working of the Govt. and also democracy. They come and talk about alternate ways, but unfortunately they themselves have never succeceded in of their own movements. They should not be invited by any TV Chanells.

Surendra N Agarwal

6 years ago

This is to share my experience about getting my driving license renewed . I went to RTO and was told it would take one week through official channels but if I went through agent it will take a day. This is exactly what creates corruption. It applies to rail booking or any thing also including Municipal corporation.

Narotam Lathia

6 years ago

DO NOT ALLOW SONIA (Maino, Kauls, Khan, Nehru) GANDHI TO RETURN TO INDIA, FROM HER CURRENT VISIT TO THE USA. Rahul Gandhi was once not allowed into Mumbai, due to his policies. The people India need to speak their mind. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Nitin Kirtane

6 years ago

Excellent article , hope the Jan Lokpal bill is passed , our system has to be cleaned , some politicians are trying to block this bill , but the general mood of public is strong , they cannot be stopped , Jai Hind


6 years ago

Great article. I have been always advocating to people that drafting a lokpal is not building a rocket. We certainly dont need 1million opinions and several months of time. So Anna's demand to accept JanLokpal and imposing a time frame of 2 weeks is certainly the way. So called intellectuals, please don't dilute this fight.


6 years ago

beautifully put, yes indeed it is the insensitiveness of the elite as much of the intellectual class that brought us to this and what is hurting is there are enough of them calling this undemocratic as against the undemocratic arrogance and high handedness of the government of the day in saying take this or forget it.

suresh Purohit

6 years ago

A good balanced article.


6 years ago

Sometime it is so frustrating to see the govt.'s including the oppositions and some of the senior & elite citizen's attitude towards the common Indian. We want a strong Anti-corruption bill duly discussed and debated in the parliament with an open mind, passed it and implement it as a law. We're tired of seeing corruption worth thousands of crore at all levels. Those people do not seem to care for the country at all. It breaks the heart of most of the youth. The fight against corruption is purely non-violent and within the limit of constitution for a cause that every able citizen of the country identifies with. If this movement fails to get the expected result because of the cunning attitude of some of the politicians, people particularly the youth will lose trust on the India's democratic system. I just pray, if next time they'd have to fight again for their right, they would trust non-violent method only.

Smita Chaudhari

6 years ago

Very well said. And, I agree some of the columnists playing intellectual are becoming a hindrance to this historic movement.

‘My fast at Azad Maidan, and what various people in the movement against corruption are saying’

Peter Theobald shares his experiences from the protest at Mumbai’s Azad Maidan, in support of a strong anti-corruption law

So, yesterday (Friday, 19 August) I decided that if a 74-year-old Gandhian had already fasted for four days, for all of us, what is my excuse, particularly given my past history in this matter? Also, I had been putting off my scheduled three-day fast for quite a while, this is as good a reason as any to re-start this practice that was any way good for my health. Only I was thinking, given the long break, would my body still respond the same way? Only one way to find out - Try!

So as usual, I told-or rather requested-my body, that I am going to begin a three-day fast tomorrow, so please adjust to being without food for three days. I had found in the past that this ensured that the three-day fast passed without a single hunger pang-something amazing, since normally I get severe hunger pangs even if I delay one meal. But this little request resulted that during the three days, I might feel tired, sleepy, a bit weak, headache, dry throat etc, in fact a lot of feelings-but anything but hunger!

And so it was, that in the morning, suitably armed with two bottles of water, a change of clothes and a thin sheet if I had to spend the night, I left for Azad Maidan. This time I did not lie to my son. After an initial protest, he accepted it, gave me a hug, and went back to play. Good, at least I got that right this time.

I reached the venue to find a small army of TV and police vans parked outside, and a contingent of about 50 policemen and women scattered around. I went to the stage, where about 50 people were quietly sitting, some reclining, assuming that they were fasting. I was politely told, with folded hands, "Yes, but you see, the stage is full, you are on day one of your fast; many of these people are fasting for five days and need to stretch out a bit, there is no room for more people now,  so please sit in the front row of the audience. You can join on the stage tomorrow."

So I sat there, watching with increasing amazement as a series of people, as motley a group as you can imagine, continuously took the stage one after the other... and echoed almost the same thing. It did not matter if it is was an illiterate farmer from Ralegan Siddhi, or an IT engineer from TCS, or a banker from Nomura Financial Services, or a housewife, if you removed their external identity, it was as if it was one person speaking. They looked the same, in simple clothes, an Anna cap, and a black armband. And they spoke the same language. And it was clear to see that they were speaking from their heart. Patriotic songs, couplets, slogans, and they were saying the most incredible things... I made a few notes...

A municipal teacher-transferred 12 times in 18 years for opposing corruption-now on her fifth day of fast. "By fasting I am not doing an upkar (favour) to anybody; it is for myself."

The 65-year-old event co-ordinator with indefatigable energy. "We want no violent words, no negativity. Nothing against any person. We are not fighting to change the government, but to change the system."
A five-year-old child, sang a patriotic song that brought tears to my eyes.

Indian Spiderman Gaurav Sharma, who climbed a 16-storey building in the rain in eight minutes, to hoist the Indian flag, to protest against corruption: "I did not take permission to do this, since I do not need permission to fight for my independence."

An MBA on his fifth day of the fast waxed eloquent. "Lathi/bullet khayenge, Jan Lokpal le ayenge" (We will brave batons and bullets, but get the Jan Lokpal Bill passed.)

An advocate: "Khoon ki Holi khelenge - lekein apni khoon ka. Ahimsak doosron ka khoon nahin bahate". (We will play Holi with blood if required-but our blood. Non-violent people do not shed other's blood.)

An event organiser called another person on stage, to share his slogan, saying "Taking credit for another person's idea is also corruption."

Many of these persons spoke so fluently, with so much passion, energy, without a trace of fatigue that it was difficult to believe they had not had a morsel to eat for five days. I was beginning to understand what Anna Hazare meant when he said, "I get my energy from all of you".

A retired police inspector. A housewife. "Fasting increases your atma-shakti. Strength of the soul."

A 11-year-old who was fasting for a day. Many youngsters from schools and colleges were given the mike and they spoke with a clarity and wisdom and understanding of the situation that belied their years.

It was getting more crowded now. Groups of people kept pouring in from everywhere. Cuffe Parade Residents Association-who says the rich don't care? Passengers on the Jan Lokpal Express. A group from this company, this bank, that IT company, who had left their laptops behind and were carrying a flag instead. A school child whose father was a Congress party leader. One youngster who ran 14 km from Wadala to Azad Maidan, waving the Indian Tricolour, all the way, and then came on stage to say his piece, that he was fasting for the day. An illiterate farmer from Anna Hazare's hometown, who in chaste Marathi, told us about Anna Hazare's background, cheerfully admitting that it was the first time he was holding a mike in his hand, and addressing any kind of audience.

Parivartan laney key like samay aur samaj chahiye. Ab hamare paas dono hain. Agar abhi nahin to kabhi nahin. (To usher in change, we need understanding and time. Now we have both. If not now, then never.)

"I got tired of reading the number of zeros in the amount of money swindled, but these guys did not get tired eating up this amount of money."

A blind man was helped to his seat.

A sixth standard girl: "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Anna Hazare is the Super Star."

And finally the one casualty of the day. Dipesh, an 18-year-old student, on the fifth day of his fast, who collapsed on stage while addressing the audience. "Sorry I don't have the energy to share my poem, but ..." A collective gasp rose from the participants. Dipesh was promptly attended to by volunteer doctors who have been available 24x7 to care for the fasters. Another person took the mike and said calmly, "He is being taken care of, do not worry." And the next person came on stage, exhorting the audience with the cry: "Vande Mataram. Don't worry, I too am fasting. Nothing will happen to me."

Another speaker said: "See how much these people are going through. How much more does the government want to torment them?" Torment indeed. The police have not given permission for the fasters to sleep on the site. So every day, they have to go to a dormitory a few km away, kindly provided by a Jain Association, rest there and come back the next day. Think about doing that on the fifth day of a fast.

The rest of the day went off in a blur. Speaker after speaker, slogan after slogan. Fifty more in line to speak. The atmosphere was electric. I too felt no hunger. I stopped taking notes. It was clear that history is in the making. The genie is out of the bottle. And it can't be put back.




6 years ago

Brilliant, Sir, thanks.

(as Zizek points out) the Spanish indignados say almost the same things: '‘Some of us consider ourselves progressive, others conservative. Some of us are believers, some not. Some of us have clearly defined ideologies, others are apolitical, but we are all concerned and angry about the political, economic and social outlook that we see around us: corruption among politicians, businessmen, bankers, leaving us helpless, without a voice.’ They make their protest on behalf of the ‘inalienable truths that we should abide by in our society: the right to housing, employment, culture, health, education, political participation, free personal development and consumer rights for a healthy and happy life.’ Rejecting violence, they call for an ‘ethical revolution. Instead of placing money above human beings, we shall put it back to our service. We are people, not products. I am not a product of what I buy, why I buy and who I buy from.’"

Indira Chougule

6 years ago

Our today's Gandhi Anna, V all r with U.
Jai Hind!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Narendra Doshi

6 years ago

A bird's eye view narration for the churn in the hearts & minds of those not preview to the happening seat, to be able to see what Independence movement had been. This movement may indeed turn out to be another type of independence, soon.
Well said Peter sir.

Team Anna must not ignore suggestions by other groups and citizens

Some citizens are disturbed that Team Anna will not listen to other viewpoints on a strong anti-corruption law. There is also concern about who a powerful Lokpal will be accountable to 

While Anna Hazare's call for strong ombudsmen against corruption has gone from strength to strength, his ultimatum to the government on tabling his Jan Lokpal Bill by 31st August does not seem to have gone down well with many. At the same time, some citizens think that Anna must also consider suggestions offered by other groups and individuals-like Ms Aruna Roy and her group-instead of being rigid about his draft.

The National Campaign for People's Right to Information (NCPRI) activist Ms Roy recently presented an alternate version of the Lokpal Bill, which is quite different from those proposed by the government or Anna Hazare. However, Team Anna has apparently cold-shouldered the proposal.

Noted RTI activist Bhaskar Prabhu says, "Setting aside the NCPRI'sdraft is something I consider erroneous." He has also expressed scepticism over the shape the movement has taken and he thinks that it should go beyond the popular uproar and manifest itself in concrete forms. The idea that corruption will vanish after the Lokpal is set up is too simplistic.

One of the troubling aspects of Anna's Jan Lokpal Bill is the question of accountability. There is confusion about who this immensely powerful body should be answerable to. The NCPRI version has sought to fill up this lacuna. "The Joint Committee was to hear suggestions from all as to how the prime minister or the judiciary should be brought under the Lokpal. They did not hear the NCPRI and so it is NCPRI's right to suggest their deferred version," Mr Prabhu said.

The NCPRI version suggests that there should be three nodal bodies, instead of one. Also, there are suggestions on strengthening the existing bodies, the Judicial Accountability Bill, and something for the protection of whistleblower.
However, Team Anna has been unwilling to accept any changes to its draft or to discuss its contents.

Ms Roy said, "There have been public meetings, but few consultations on the content of the Act in detail. Every critique was attributed to wrong intent and viewed with suspicion and mistrust by the civil society members of the Joint Committee. A critique of the Bill has evoked sharp reactions, and statements have been made that disagreement with the draft was tantamount to promoting corruption. We were baffled by such statements."

EAS Sarma, former power and finance secretary now turned activist says, "It is not an easy task for any one to come up with a fool-proof behemoth of a system that will eliminate corruption. The strength of civil society lies in its ability to sort out its internal differences and develop a healthy consensus."

Some other citizens, too, have voiced there concerns about the Lokpal as envisioned by Team Anna which appears too powerful. Rajaram Bojji, former managing director of the Konkan Railways, said, "If thousands of inspectors of Lokpal, spread out and start descending on every office, even routine work gets dislocated."

He thinks that in most cases vigilance bodies have victimised more innocent people than culprits. The proposed Lokpal with its vast powers can abuse its authority; considering that its functioning will be the same as others. Moreover, the scope of the Lokpal, as suggested, is too broad. In that case, there will be an overload, and cases/files will soon start to pile up like it has happened with the judiciary.

But Hazare's movement condemns the entire system, which many citizens feel is pushing the envelope too far. "We are one nation and it is unfair to treat the entire group of public servants to be useless and dishonest. That includes the politicians. It does not mean we condemn the entire system. We have done well in spite of some bad guys," says Mr Bojji.



vimal bhair

6 years ago

At this stage there should not be discuss anything expect Anna's Lokpal.Govt. is trying hard to linger this through Mrs Roy & co.Where were these people.Why they did not advise before Three Months,when this date was fixed.Now the most of the public is with Annaji I think no body should distrub this and must support this movement.

c jyoti

6 years ago

I know about a retired IRS officer having done a very paistaking job of giving his own suggestions on the Draft JLP Bill of Anna's team. This was never even acknowledged by them, the self-styled Civil Society of a few personms in a country of millions! Let the anti-corruption law be drafted by the common people ion their language. Let the upper class English-educated and speaking people make space for them.

vimal bhair

6 years ago

Mrs.Roy you do not have much public support so you are requested not to proceed with your Bill.Pl. do not shields these congressis who have looted the country like anything.



In Reply to vimal bhair 6 years ago

I agree with you,by looking support given to Anna,they all feel that nobody is looking to them ,so just to get publicity all this drama is created.Nobody is perfact but one who is nearer will always gets more support.

nagesh kini

6 years ago

The Parliamentary Committee has rightly put the issues of the Lok Pal Bill in the public domain for views and suggestions. This also should be made applicable to the Jan Lok Pal, NCPRI and every Private members Bill submitted. It should be the prerogative and Right of We, the people, to have our say in matters that concern us, in addition to going to the street wearing the "I am Hazare" topis. The citizen in addition to submitting views/suggestions must also be ready and willing to appear in person to defend the submission
At least as a concerned citizen I have exercised this right by mailing my views ans suggestions. I want to be heard/read and not simply ignored. Every right thinking citizen ought to do this too.
It is only then that our netas-babus will not take us for granted.


Tira T

In Reply to nagesh kini 6 years ago

Which is the site and where can one send one's views?

Utsal Karani

6 years ago

Is there any space left for reasoned, civilised and dignified debate on Lokpal in the current intolerant climate created by Tean Anna?


6 years ago

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The Scam
24 Year Of The Scam: The Perennial Bestseller, reads like a Thriller!
Moneylife Online Magazine
Fiercely independent and pro-consumer information on personal finance
Stockletters in 3 Flavours
Outstanding research that beats mutual funds year after year
MAS: Complete Online Financial Advisory
(Includes Moneylife Magazine)