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Do the Railways care for elderly passengers?

The couple alleged that during May 2014, they were not allowed to use the esclator facility at Coimbatore station under the pretext of 'out of service', but found it being used to ferry family members of some railway employees

An elderly couple recently filed a complaint with the Indian Railways, with regard to  the alleged irresponsible and illegal behaviour of the railway employees at Coimbatore Station. The couple alleged that during May 2014, they were not allowed to use the esclator facility at the station under the pretext of 'out of service', but found it being used to ferry family members of some railway employees.

Padma Raghvan, one of the passengers said, “my husband and I travelled on the 3 May 2014 by Shatabdi Express from Coimbatore to Chennai. The tickets were booked online in advance and the date of travel was unfortunately a couple of days after the bomb blast. In spite of this, there was only cursory checking and also, there were no porters to carry luggage. Eventually, we found a porter willing to move our luggage to the designated platform, which was two floors above. Upon enquiry we were told that there was no escalator, lift or ramp at the station. The only alternative was to climb the stairs - not an easy proposition for us.”

She further stated, “when we eventually reached the platform, the porter showed us to a shed and asked to wait until the train arrived. The shed seemed to be the exit point of the escalator. As we watched, a man in white uniform without any name badge, inserted a key near the escalator and it began to ascend. He switched it off and handed the key over to a person in mufti (not in uniform). He did not appear to be a Railway employee. The man in mufti started it with the key given to him, reversed the motion and right in front of us a group of people with very little luggage got on to the escalator and went to the platform below where the escalator then stopped.”

A government official using state property meant to be used in the service of people is against the law and strict action must be taken against concerned officials.

Railway activist Samir Zaveri, who also runs a Railway Helpline with Moneylife Foundation said, “Railway should immediately respond to the complaint of harrased senior citizens, compensate them and take serious action against the designated officers. Railways cannot discriminate between passengers for offering basic services like escalators which is especially beneficial for senior citizens.”

Padma Raghvan too said, “I expect to be compensated by Railways for porterage, inconvenience and discrimination in the treatment of passengers.” She also tried to file a complaint on but encountered an 'error' while submitting it. Hence she wrote a letter to [email protected] but till now has not get any response from the Railways.

In her letter to Railways' customer care she asked, “What does this mean? The escalator was in working order at the time we asked about the facility, it was not used for the purpose for which it was installed in the first place - that is for the convenience of passengers. The uniformed man misused his position by allowing young and healthy passengers to have a joyride on it and also reversed its motion to the utter inconvenience of deserving passengers. We, paying passengers were told that it was not working, when, in fact, the escalator was in good working order.”

Moneylife contacted the chief public relations officer (CPRO) from Southern Railway at Chennai. He said he would forward our mail to the divisional railway manager (DRM) at Salem division, as Coimbatore falls within this zone. We are awaiting a reply and would incorporate it as and when we receive it.

If you have any complaints and suggetions regarding railways you can file it online on:
OR you can also file your complaints on




3 years ago

Railways never care for passengers.

Recently I had to visit Calicut in Kerala. I ate lunch from a railway restaurant. I was given horrible food. Why cant the railway insist to give good food to the passengers?

I think there is big corruption involved in giving licences to shops and restaurants.

Gopalakrishnan T V

3 years ago

The railway authorities have no concern for passengers in general and senior citien passengers in particular. I have been regularly commenting when ever I get a chance to report. It is impossible to register a complaint in the address given by the railways. In 2013 mysel and wife ( both senior citizens)had a very bitter experience in Madurai Jn and I had tried to put up the complaints through e mails, portals etc without success. Finally, I wrote a letter to the Station Superintendent with a copy to DRM,The DRM's office had no courtesy even to acknoledge the letter. However, the SS contacted me over phone and said sorry for the incoveniences i encountered for the authority's laxity and callousness even to make proper announcement of the arrival of a train and the platform in which the train will arrive. They put some number in the notice board and in the last minutute they change the platform and do not make any announcement to that effect. Passengers had to rush with their kith and kin and luggage. Elders and seniore are simply dragged and pushed here and there making all possible chaos and confusion. The concerns and problems encounttered by the passengers are not given any serious consideratio and possible solutions are not even thought of leave alone implemnented. Many things are happening and Finally Jane Do attitude of Passengers and indifference and insensitivity approach of the employees continue to prevail and some fellows take the trouble of complaining but without any hope of having any solution.


3 years ago

Nothing in India is customer friendly. Every organization, including foreign ones take their cue from how the Government treats Indian citizens.

Sudheer M

3 years ago

Railways does not even care for the basic minimum requirements of Senior Citizens. For eg., in Yeshwanthpur Kannur express (16527-528), if a couple of Senior Citizen book their tickets, normally they will be allotted middle and upper berths. Very rarely one gets Lower berth. Interestingly, happened to see that the lower berths in the same section where allotted to young people.

Germany outshines Ronaldo's Portugal 4-0 with Mueller's hat-trick

The match did not live up to the pre-game hype of a marquee clash, with Germany toying with their opponents and then Pepe's dismissal making it worse for Portugal

Germany displayed attacking football to completely outshine Cristiano Ronaldo-led Portugal 4-0, with help from Thomas Mueller's hat-trick, the first in this World Cup.


Three-time champions Germany celebrated their record 100th World Cup match, the most for any country, in style by steam-rolling Ronaldo-led Portugal who played for nearly an hour with 10 men after defender Pepe was sent off for attempting a head-butt on Mueller in the 37th minute.


Mueller led a brilliant attacking brand of football with goals in the 12th, 45+1 and 78th minute, while defender Mats Hummels scored the remaining goal in the 32nd minute.


The Group G match at Arena Fonte Nova, however, did not live up to the pre-game hype of a marquee clash, with Germany toying with their opponents and then Pepe's dismissal making it worse for Portugal.


Ballon d'Or winner Ronaldo, who made it to Portugal's starting line-up after being bothered by a left-knee injury in the build-up made little impact on the game. He threatened early with a shot from a break that Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer could only block. His other significant involvement was a fine free kick late into the match but Neuer was upto the task.


Mueller scored the tournament's first hat-trick in Germany's 4-0 rout of Portugal, in a characteristic display of attacking football, even as the hitherto free-scoring World Cup saw its first drawn match on the fifth day.


Germany are now joined by United States on top of the so-called Group of Death after the Americans beat Ghana 2-1 at Natal. The US thus avenged their defeat against Ghana in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa in the round of 16.


Elsewhere in Curitiba, Nigeria and Iran delivered the first draw of the World Cup on Monday as they ground out a scrappy 0-0 stalemate in their opening match in Group F.


The draw at the Arena da Baixada in the southern Brazilian city of Curitiba followed 12 mostly high scoring and attacking games.


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