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Should box-office collections be the yardstick to judge a film’s success?

Dabangg beats 3 Idiots in opening weekend box-office collections but does that makes it a better and more successful film? Moneylife dwells on parameters that should categorise a movie as a successful one

If Aamir Khan can do it, Salman Khan can do it better. Salman Khan's latest flick Dabangg surpassed Aamir Khan's 3 Idiots in terms of box-office collections in the opening weekend. The film continues to do well in the weekdays and register full house status in the night shows in most theatres across the country. With this stupendous performance rarely seen in recent times, does it gives Dabangg the status of the most successful film till date? Should box-office collections be taken as a yardstick to differentiate one film from the other? Moneylife dwells on parameters that should categorise a movie as successful.

If you check the most successful films this year in terms of box-office collections in the opening weekend - Dabangg and Akshay Kumar-starrer Housefull - you'll find a common thread that runs through the heart of these two films. It's the wavering storyline or the lack of it. While Housefull attempts to tickle the funny bone through some slapstick comedy, Dabangg rides solely on Salman Khan's shoulders and his portrayal of a corrupt officer - Chulbul "Robinhood" Pandey.

Where these two films managed to score was in their smart promotions, some skin show, timing of their release, and lack of good entertaining movies in theatres. The smart Dabangg's teaser got everybody hooked and with Salman attending almost every reality show aired on the idiot box, he made sure his brother's debut production at least got a decent opening. While Dabangg cashed in on the twin festivity of Eid and Ganapati, Housefull managed to rake in the moolah by releasing the prints soon after IPL 3.

Let's go back about nine months. On 25th December last year, 3 Idiots not only rewrote box office records but changed the perception of every youth pursuing a career while making parents think of allowing their wards to choose their own destiny. But concentrating on collections and getting the maximum footage, one will recollect that 3 Idiots managed the highest television viewer ratings (TVRs) in recent times when it was premiered worldwide on television recently. Boosted by the TVRs from 3 Idiots, the channel zoomed to the third position of Hindi general entertainment channels in India. 3 Idiots did reasonably well when it was premiered again on another channel one month later.

But for a common moviegoer who wants his money's worth and two hours of complete entertainment, both Dabangg and 3 Idiots score on this count. But three or six months down the line, will the movie command the same audience and ratings, if it is premiered on the small screen? 3 Idiots has proved it but will Dabangg? Fingers are crossed. Again the success of a film is determined through its repeat audience. Many people can claim that they might have watched 3 idiots more than once and would watch it again if time permits. Can the same be said about the two top grossers this year?

Now, let's do a simple exercise. Close your eyes and try to recollect the first thing that comes to your mind when you say or think about 3 Idiots. "Aal Izz Well". Repeat this exercise with Dabangg. What do you see? Salman getting topless when his shirt gets ripped off due to his flexing of muscles in anger on hearing about his mother's murder. What's the difference between the two? While the story, plot and message in 3 Idiots rise above the impressive star cast, Dabangg revolves only around Salman, his bared torso in the climax, his thin moustache. So it's the soul in 3 Idiots that keeps the movie alive even about one year after its release.

Another aspect that keeps a movie alive for ages is its scenes and dialogues and gets repeat audiences even years after its release. "Kitne aadmee the," "mere pass ma hain," "tussi ja rahe hon, tussi na jao," need no introduction as the dialogues have become synonymous with the movies. These dialogues have constantly found usage in common parlance to add humour to a dull conversation.

But check this out. "Hum tumme etne ched karenge kee confuse ho jayoge, kee saas kaha se le aur p*** kaha se" is the best dialogue in Dabangg in terms of getting the most applause and seetis (whistles) from the audience. But the hero doesn't utter the "p***" word again in the same dialogue used in the last scene. It is anybody's guess whether one would dare uttering the dialogue in public or with company.

But for the time being, it's Dabangg all the way with its "dabangg" or fearless kind of cinema. A sequel to Dabangg is in the pipeline. It might score another "dabangg" record at the box office, but the debate on what can be called a better and successful film will keep raging on.




7 years ago

Hey Vihang....I think ur comment was the best amongst the also should remind the critic 'Ashok Shaw' the aspect that will keep 'Dabangg' alive for ages is its scenes and dialogues like 'KAMAAL KARTE HO!'.... so Mr. Ashok Shaw, before cristicising a film or a star first you learn to exrcise on the topic first and pen through it....otherwise you cannot become a good critic....


7 years ago

3 i gives us something to take home,a complete movie. Dabangg means Salman ,Salman, and Salman.

akram khan

7 years ago

dabangg is the best movie. salmaan is best actor.

Asif Iqbal

7 years ago

Dabangg is the magical movie of bollywood, go and enjoy.
If you are really interested towards entertainment rather than message and all you must go for it.

Bipin Nair

7 years ago

Let us not detract the fact that 'Dabangg' is a good entertainer and also the first thing that comes to the mind when we speak of Dabangg is not Salman bare chested. It is the name 'Robin Hood Pandey'. Had the movie flopped the same writer would have criticized Salman for his poor role selection and all the bad things about the movie.


7 years ago

Salaman khan played a good role in dabanagg. both film dabangg and 3 idots concept is different. dabangg is acahar but 3 idiots is lesson for youth generation


7 years ago

Dabang is sure to be all time blockbuster, Critics are jealous of Salman success. They want to create money by critise his film. If salman pays them money then they will start praising for all his movies.



In Reply to Khan 7 years ago

very true


7 years ago

Sallu bhai Tussi Great Ho....


7 years ago

By this hypothesis we can even say that Sholay falls in the line of the mindless entertainment that you have accused Dabangg of being. Lets face it most of Big B's movies were masala flicks which gave the tired,resentful and poverty stricken masses 3 hours of entertainment in which they shed all their troubles, saw themselves wooing the rich man's daughter, standing up to the rich and elite class and fighting the local goon. Reality be damned. Isn't living in reality enough that they have to experience it in the movies too? Aamir Khan's was truly a class apart but lets not appreciate it by knocking off Salman's Dabangg. The success of Dabangg has proved that once in a while the audience does want something that is not always thought provoking but just entertaining.


7 years ago

Yes dabangg is too good movie than 3 idiots.
Salman is more succesful actor than all bollywood actors.
Superstar is always superstar.
i think salman khan will be a megastar in future.


7 years ago

Ashok Shaw, watch american pies you wil lforget 3 idiots...<br />


7 years ago

Everyone keeps going on abt the lack of story in dabangg but what message did 3idiots give. The students messed about, didn't study hard and p***ed outside the principals house - yet when they got disciplined the principal was made out to be the bad guy! The movie didn't lay any responsibility on the main characters plus I found samir very patronising n felt I was being lectured. Munnabhai movies are way better then 3 idiots and dabangg. If aamir was in dabangg everyone wud be raving abt it but cos it's a salman movie it has to be classed as no story n stupid and appeals only to lower classes! One point - hardly any bollywood movie has a story!!!!


7 years ago



7 years ago

We felt really good and uplifted while watching 3 idiots..And again we had a ball while watching Dabangg..Salman in full form..only he could play Chulbul Pandey with such ease and elan..I have loved both the films!


7 years ago

It is meaningless if one is up to compare Dabangg with 3 Idiots. They are totally different films and both good films. There is no need to say that Dabangg is an ACHAAR. If Dabangg is Achaar, what is 3 Idiots. Dabangg concerns with politics and 3 Idiots with education. Both Politics and Education are aspects of our lives. These films conveyed their massages in different ways.
It is true that one goes to watch a movie for entertainment. No one says "I am going to watch a movie for education." But if a movie gives some lessons of life, it is better.
After all, film makers make films with economic purposes. To make their efforts successful, they try in different ways of entertainment. This is the truth.

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