Team Anna accuses govt of reducing Lokpal to empty tin box

A statement from Team Anna said that the government’s proposal to remove the CBI, judiciary, Citizen’s Charter, whistle blower protection, Group C and Group D employees from Lokpal jurisdiction would reduce Lokpal to an empty tin box with no powers and functions

New Delhi: Accusing the government of reducing the proposed Lokpal to an “empty tin box with no powers”, Team Anna on Monday said they were surprised at the move to exclude Citizen’s Charter and lower bureaucracy from the ambit of the ombudsman, contrary to a Parliament resolution, reports PTI.

“The government proposes to remove the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), judiciary, Citizen’s Charter, whistle blower protection, Group C and Group D employees and CBI from Lokpal jurisdiction. Wouldn’t that reduce Lokpal to an empty tin box with no powers and functions?” a Team Anna statement said.

The statement said social activist Anna Hazare suspended his fast in August on the basis of a resolution passed by Parliament which was termed as ‘Sense of House’ by some people but was referred to as a ‘resolution’ by prime minister Manmohan Singh in his letter to the Gandhian.

“This resolution clearly stated that three issues would be addressed through the Lokpal Bill namely Lokayuktas in states would be created through the same bill and lower bureaucracy and citizens charter would be included in the Lokpal bill.

“However we are surprised that contrary to that resolution, the government proposes to exclude the Citizen’s Charter and lower bureaucracy from Lokpal’s jurisdiction and bring a weak and ineffective bill to deal with citizen’s grievances,” it said noting that the reports filtering out of Standing Committee discussions were a cause of concern.

Demanding inclusion of Group C and D employees under the ambit of Lokpal, Team Anna said they strongly oppose the move to exclude the lower bureaucracy.

“Would this mean that they could indulge in corruption and they would not be investigated by any agency? Aren’t we giving them a license to indulge in corruption? A common man has to deal with Group C and Group D employees on a daily basis. Lakhs of people who participated in this anti- corruption movement wanted a solution to this day-to-day corruption,” they said.

On the issue of keeping the CBI out of Lokpal’s control, Team Anna said the Standing Committee proposal on the agency would reduce Lokpal to merely a post office—receive complaints, forward it to CBI, receive CBI’s report and present it before the court.

They also demanded that criminal investigation of judges, which has been left out of Judicial Accountability Bill, should now be included in the Lokpal Bill.


RBI’s ability to intervene in forex market limited: finance ministry

In the early trade, rupee fell 16 paise to Rs51.50 against the dollar on sustained demand for the greenback from banks and importers. Dealers said the dollar demand from some banks and importers, mainly oil refiners, weighed on the rupee’s fortunes

New Delhi: The finance ministry today said the ability of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to intervene in the forex market to arrest the fall in rupee is limited, even as the Indian currency declined to a 32-month low of Rs51.50 per US dollar in the early trade, reports PTI.

“RBI's ability to intervene in forex market is limited”, Department of Economic Affairs secretary R Gopalan told reporters here.

In the early trade, rupee fell 16 paise to Rs51.50 against the dollar on the Interbank Foreign Exchange because of sustained demand for the American currency from banks and importers.

The domestic currency had tumbled 44 paise to Rs51.34/35 per dollar in the previous session on heavy demand and firmness of the American currency overseas.

Dealers said the dollar demand from some banks and importers, mainly oil refiners, weighed on the rupee’s fortunes.

They said concerns over foreign fund outflows from the domestic equity market and dollar demand from state-run oil refiners reduced the rupee’s attractiveness.


Lok Sabha Speaker owes govt Rs2 crore as unpaid rent

The Speaker has been served a Rs2 crore bill for illegally occupied bungalow; another list of rent-defaulters for government bungalows surface

Moneylife has earlier talked about parliamentarians who stay put in government bungalows even after their tenure has expired, and default on the rent

The Speaker of Lok Sabha, who is in charge of looking after accommodation for members of Parliament (MPs), has also almost Rs2 crore in unsettled dues for the bungalow which she has not handed over, even though the allocation has been cancelled.

RTI activist Subhash Chandra Agrawal has accessed the information through a query to the directorate of estates. Surprisingly, the bill has been served to Meera Kumar as a ‘family member of late Indrani Devi’ and not as the occupant of the unauthorised bungalow at 6, KM Marg; which also houses a trust dedicated to her late father and former Parliamentarian Babu Jagjeevan Ram.

Ms Kumar, however, is not the only defaulter. Several others people have defaulted on government bungalow rents, too: AN Tiwari has dues worth Rs4.71 lakh, Ram Awadesh Singh has Rs5.38 lakh, Mrityunjaya Nayak with Rs3.21 lakh, Abdul Ali Azizi with Rs1.97 lakh, Amitabh Bhattacharya Rs2.04 lakhs, Pratibha Pande Rs43.6 lakh in dues and Pravir Kumar with Rs2.61 lakh in dues. JS Sharma and Dr Buta Singh, though occupying unauthorised quarters, do not have any outstanding dues.

Mr Agarwal has expressed dissatisfaction with the piecemeal way the he has been given the information. “The same CPIO vide her earlier recent RTI response dated 25 October 2011 provided altogether different list of rent-defaulters for the same/similar query. Learned CPIO may kindly be directed to provide correct/consolidated/updated list of rent-defaulters as on date.”




6 years ago

It is no surprise to some of us atleast.
Her Father had 'forgotton' to pay tax when he was a central minister. So is the 'illustrious' daughter.

Shadi Katyal

6 years ago

We forget that non payment and illegal occupancy and overstay are a common part of the life of these VIP. One can find many such cases from all the parties.Why are such people being allowed not only to live there but not to pay Rent,Power and even Phone bills???
It is a shame to read that Speaker of the Parliament owes so much as rent.
Do these VIP think are above Law.
Even the congressmen of both houses don't get any accommodation and has to arrange on their own. India followed her Masters but forgot to follow the Laws?
Would one not call this corruption?
How can the citizen follow any Laws when the lawmakers are the law breakers.
We Indians seems to enjoy getting anything and everything free even if we have to cheat and lied and good example is our leaders.

Nagesh Kini FCA

6 years ago

Mr. Jagjivan Ram conveniently 'forgot' to pay his taxes for 10 long years and yet he got away with it! He was one of the aspirants to PMship before Morarji beat him.
If the Hon. Speaker Madam doesn't pay, the others that she leads are bound to follow.
This case ought to be first on Annaji's Lok Pal's agenda, if it really means business. In India anything is possible don't be surprised if the entire issue is conveniently shoved under the carpet in a compromise!

R Nandy

6 years ago

Meera kumar's father was Late Jagjeevan Ram and not Kanshi Ram.Kanshi Ram was the founder of BSP and Mayawatis mentor



In Reply to R Nandy 6 years ago

Thank you for pointing out the blooper. :)

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