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Tata Motors partners with Rajesh Pratap Singh for Tata Manza

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Moneylife Digital Team | 07/10/2011 04:00 PM | 


Tata Motors will be developing 1,000 Tata Manzas, incorporating design inputs from Rajesh

Tata Motors has associated with the world-renowned fashion designer, Rajesh Pratap for Tata Manza. Rajesh Pratap will partner with Tata Motors’ styling team which operates from its state-of-the-art styling studio, at the Pune facility. He will be helping the team to further enhance the design and stylise the interiors and exteriors of the Tata Manza.

Rajesh Pratap’s attempt in the Tata Manza design project is to achieve equilibrium between handmade and high-tech, where one enhances the other, providing real solutions, a pure aesthetic. Tata Motors will be developing 1,000 Tata Manzas (a limited edition range), incorporating design inputs from Rajesh.  

In February 2011, Tata Motors introduced the newly refined Tata Manza series. The Tata Manza has been given a fresh new look with refined premium dual tone interiors & fabric seats and exterior make over, delivering class apart driving experience in the sedan market. Rajesh Pratap’s rich experience in the fashion industry and thorough knowledge about design aesthetics will further help Tata Motors in enhancing the Tata Manza’s design.

Tata Motors has associated with the Wills India Fashion Week and Rajesh Pratap Singh has designed an exclusive theme-based collection which will be showcased at the Wills India Fashion Week. The collection theme is inspired by a road trip which Rajesh undertook in the villages of Orissa. Focusing on Ikat and handloom textile weaves, some of the experiments are part of this collection. The show attempts to initiate a dialogue and thought process on what is the relevance of handloom in the country. The theme of Rajesh’s collection will also be integrated on two specially accessorized Tata Manzas, which will be the show-stopper, on 8th October 2011 at the Wills India Fashion Week.    

In the late afternoon, Tata Motors was trading at around Rs159.10 per share on the Bombay Stock Exchange, 7.94% up from the previous close.

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