Tata Docomo: Simple. And it works.

These simple, silly ads, starring Ranbir Kapoor, are a refreshing change. Only the jokes aren’t really witty and hilarious

A good idea from the Tata Docomo chaps. A refreshing change from that horrendous commercial on a bus (or was it a train?) where some deranged travellers bonded by loudly belting out 'Docomo', thus damaging all our five senses.

'Keep It Simple, Silly' is the new thought. And it's a relevant one coming from a telecom company, what with all the operators confusing us with complicated plans. There is a series of many simple commercials on air, starring actor Ranbir Kapoor. The format used is a stand up comedy, and in each advert young Kapoor, in a comic way, helps simplify each Tata Docomo feature.

Here are just two examples: In one ad, the actor talks about how a dude chose complexity over simplicity in his life by getting married. In another one, he tells us why the frog likes to stay inside the well. Because he'll be charged for 'roaming' outside. Tata Docomo brings out its own tariff plans, services, etc, at the end of each commercial. And of course, true to the stand up comedy format, there's that canned laughter.

Here's why I like this approach. One, it's a novel format for television advertising and helps break the clutter easily. Stand up comedy shows like 'Comedy Circus' have done rather well in India, so there's every reason a segment of desi viewers will enjoy these little acts. Two, the concept allows Tata Docomo to highlight its promise of simplicity effortlessly. Each ad only focuses on one particular feature (as against many that get loaded in commercials usually), so comprehension should not be an issue. And thirdly, the commercials are a good example of how to use a celebrity well. Kapoor takes to the format like a fish to water (he's an entertainer, after all), and seems to be enjoying the gags. He is likeable and decently funny, so the star's presence should prevent even the usually ad allergic viewers from reaching out for their remote controls.


So, a good show. However, if there's one little problem I have with the ads it is that the jokes aren't really witty and hilarious, at least not in the few I have watched. Tata Docomo must pump up the humour quickly, before the idea loses steam. A suggestion: Hire the services of the guys who write scripts for the television comedy shows. They have been doing this gig for years, they know this zone. Ad agency copywriters should be given marching orders on this project. Simplicity and wit doesn't come easily to them!



Ashok Pande

6 years ago

Anil Thakaraney saying Ranbir Kapoor is entertaining in TATA DOCOMO Adverts appears as if Anil Thakraney is being paid to Advertising Tata DOCOMO.

This Guy is least funny and performs like an idiot in this Silly Ad. Common Anil, stop misusing your name for a few Dollars more! Or is this article written by a Namesake of Anil Thakraney? Confusing...


6 years ago

Ads are fine but I am surprised they are coming from tata docomo.
Want to share my recent experience with tata docomo.
I have tata docomo prepaid and I realized that Rs. 10 were deducted for some health tips service which I tried hard to unsubscribe (using various links - WAP/dive in etc) but nothing worked, every link would tell me that I am NOT subscribed to ANY service. Then after a week another 10 rupees were gone; I was forced to call customer care and that lady told me that some services come automatically !! I asked her to unsubscribe me and with immediate effect messages stopped coming but my Rs. 10 did not come back ( my few days subscription was still valid) :)
I was still wondering how I was subscribed and one fine day I realized that there were some service messages which ask for user input as OK or back. Our natural instinct is to press OK which subscribes us to the message - intelligent work by tata docomo.
Just today I subscribed to DND which will take 7 days though it is a bit too much but I am fine with it.
Jai ho tata docomo ki !

raj sin

6 years ago

These ads are pathetic, least to say funny where they make fun of subscribers by comparing them with "medaks". We all know Ranbir Kapoor's pathetic loud comic timing from Ajab prem ki gajab kahaani. I wonder you call it novel idea and it works but say humor is lacking which is the main part of ad.


6 years ago

These ads are clearly inspired from the scenes of stand-up comedy from the TV show "Seinfeld"

Inflation overshoots RBI target, up 8.98% in March

The rise in overall inflation for the second month in a row may prompt the central bank to go for another round of policy rate hikes in its policy review meeting, scheduled for 3rd May

New Delhi: High prices of vegetables and manufactured items drove the headline inflation in March to 8.98%, way above the Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) expectation of 8%, reports PTI.

The overall inflation measured on the basis of the wholesale price index (WPI) was 8.31% in February.

The rise in overall inflation for the second month in a row may prompt the central bank to go for another round of policy rate hikes in its policy review meeting, scheduled for 3rd May.

As per the official data released today, the high inflation was on account of rising prices of manufactured items, milk, vegetable and fruits. In addition, high fuel costs due to spiralling international crude oil prices also contributed to the phenomenon.

Besides, food inflation, which accounts for nearly 15% of overall the WPI inflation, stood at 8.28% for the week ended 2nd April.

The prices of primary articles -food, non-food articles and minerals-shot up by 12.96% on an annual basis, according to the official data released today.

Food articles grew expensive by 9.47%, cereals by 3.96% and, rice and wheat by 2.69% and 0.75%, respectively.

However, the speed at which pulses price rose eased to 4.17% on an annual basis.

During the month, fuel and power prices went up by 12.92%, driven mainly by a 23.14% rise in petrol prices and a 14.99% jump in cooking gas (LPG) rates.

At the same time, the manufactured goods group index rose by 6.21% on an annual basis. Manufactured items have the highest weight of 64.9% in the WPI.

The WPI inflation for January was revised upwards to 9.35% from the provisional estimates of 8.23%.


DoT asks telcos to bar Nokia push mail till monitoring in place

The communiqué comes at a time when Blackberry services are under the government's wrath due to the security related issue for not providing a solution to intercept its Enterprise mail services

New Delhi: In a set back to mobile handset manufacturer Nokia, the government has asked telecom service providers to bar the handset major's push mail or power mail service till operators put in place a legal monitoring system, reports PTI.

"In view of the Intelligence Bureau's (IB) report, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is requested to advice the telecom service providers not to launch Nokia's proposed pushmail/powermail service without putting in place monitoring facilities to the satisfaction of the LEAs," ministry of home affairs said in a communication to DoT.

Messaging services from Nokia involve push email for companies and consumers and enables mobile users with compatible Nokia cell phones to manage multiple email accounts from widely used email services like Yahoo!, Gmail, Rediff and Sify.

The communiqué comes at a time when Blackberry services are under the government's wrath due to the security related issue for not providing a solution to intercept its Enterprise mail services.

The government had asked BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion (RIM) to come out with a satisfactory solution to intercept its Enterprise mail services by 31st March, which has been already expired.

Nearly 50% of Nokia's E series business phones sold in the country get activated for e-mails.

These developments came at a time when the home ministry has asked the telecom and IT departments to overhaul existing legal frameworks to broaden the meaning of telecom/internet services.

The telecom department and the IT ministry have been asked by the home ministry to ring in the necessary changes in the Indian Telegraph Act of 1885, the Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2007, the Rules under Telegraph & IT Acts to ensure operator compliance with the demands of the security agencies.

Once the necessary amendments come, it will be mandatory for telecom service providers to have the systems in place to deliver authorised intercepts based on telephone numbers, device identity, email IDs, IP addresses or keywords to the national security agencies on real-time basis. 


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