Taneja Developers Told To Pay Rs20 Lakh

The New Delhi District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, presided by CK Chaturvedi, asked Taneja Developers and Infrastructure to pay Rs19.5 lakh to Nirmal Singh for not delivering him the promised plot of land, saying the company engaged in ‘unfair trade practice’. The Forum held that the evidence filed by the firm was false and fabricated.


“... It appears that the opposite party (firm) acted as collection agent to collect the money from various consumers without any approval or construction activities or development at site which act clearly falls under... unfair trade practice, which deliberately pretended to sell plot through provisional allotment printed documents and misled the consumer as well as Forum,” the Forum’s bench, comprising its members SR Chaudhary and Ritu Garodia, said.


The Forum also said it was transparent from the activities of the firm and its officials that they adopted the delaying tactics for not delivering the plot to Mr Singh, despite several requests and correspondence exchanged between them. “OP is directed to refund Rs17 lakh... and we also award Rs2 lakh as compensation for harassment and Rs50,000 as litigation charges,” the Forum’s order said.


Mr Singh told the Forum that he had booked a plot of 204sq yd of commercial space at Mohali (Punjab) and had paid the firm Rs17 lakh for provisional allotment in 2008. He was supposed to get the possession within 12 months. The firm did not develop the proposed site and, on 6 April 2010, Mr Singh received a letter regarding allotment of a plot whose size was reduced from the size promised in the provisional allotment. The firm also raised additional financial demand for the plot. Aggrieved by this, Mr Singh complained to the Forum.


Thane Realty Firm Fined Rs1 Lakh for Not Entering into Legal Contract

The Thane District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum pulled up a Thane-based realty firm, Siddhi Developers, for failing to hand over the possession of two shops, which a consumer had booked, even after he had paid 90% of the total cost.


The Forum ordered the firm to accept the remaining amount from the complainant and hand over the possession of the space along with the legal documents to the consumer. Additionally, the firm was also directed to pay a fine of Rs1 lakh to the complainant for the mental agony which he had to undergo.


In its order, the Forum held that the bank statements clearly showed that the complainant had paid a majority of the amount to the firm. Since the firm did not hand over the possession of the shop, it was clear that the firm must have used the money for its own purpose. After accepting the money, it was the firm’s duty to enter into a legal contract with the consumer. Failing to do so resulted in negligence in providing the required services to the consumer.


Pulse Beat


There is a fear that genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes might worsen dengue fever as people may lose natural immunity gained through regular mosquito bites! A study conducted by researchers from Oregon State University and Clemson University, and published in the journal, Epidemiology & Infections, expressed concern that the vaccine for dengue that is being prepared might actually increase the incidence of the disease in the first few years. There is also a fear that the vaccine might increase the virulence of the virus.


Magnesium and Health

Magnesium is an important mineral for cell-wall integrity and good health. In short, any disease can have a connection to the magnesium levels in your body. The cell-wall’s electric stability depends on magnesium, to a great extent; cardiac arrhythmias come under this category too. The blood levels will not fall until the body store gets almost depleted. Banana, mango, sprouted grains, seafood, rock salt (sea salt), nuts, avocadoes, pumpkin seeds, raw vegetables, sprouted nuts, legumes and many other common foods are rich in magnesium for those who may need to increase their magnesium intake.


Bitter Melon and Diabetes

Chinese researchers have been able to isolate a protein in bitter melons that seems to stimulate insulin receptor activity. Chien-Yun Hsiang, of Taiwan’s China Medical University, and her team, used the protein to analyse the therapeutic potential of traditional Chinese medicine. In previous research, her team found evidence suggesting that a protein in bitter melon interacts with the insulin receptors. Normally, insulin activates this receptor, triggering a signalling cascade that allows fat and muscle cells to absorb glucose from the blood. In the new study, the researchers probed the specific interactions between the insulin receptor and the bitter melon protein.


Dirt and Human Health

We are the only species that does not eat dirt directly; but our immune system depends, to a great extent, on stimulants from dirt, among other things, to keep our immunity in good condition. Bacillus Subtilis is one such germ that lives in dirt and filth but is vital for stimulating our immune system. Western ways of keeping the house free from all kinds of dirt will make the next generation more susceptible to infections and allergies.


Vaccine Production from Plants

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), an arm of the US Department of Defense which finances cutting-edge research, has funded a large study on how plant-based vaccines could be produced at very short notice and in any quantity, unlike conventional vaccines. Tobacco leaves have been found useful for this purpose. Even a drug for Ebola has been isolated from the tobacco leaf. Ayurvedic specialists have discovered some medicine for dengue from papaya leaves. Could a vaccine also be developed from that?


Narcotic Overdose Deaths Multiply

Gil Kerlikowske, director of the US Office of National Drug Control Policy, stated that the use of narcotic painkillers and other opioids is “having a devastating impact on public health and safety in communities across the nation.” A total of 259 million prescriptions were written in 2012 in the US which is now experiencing unacceptable levels of drug overdose-related deaths. These drugs are fine for short-term pain relief; but prescribing them for chronic long-term pain control is unwise and wrought with risk of suicides. Some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), given along with narcotics, could increase the risk of heart attacks even five years after use.


New Doctoral Degrees from Maryland University

Higher education controllers in the US have permitted doctoral degrees in acupuncture, oriental medicine and clinical nutrition from the next academic year. These new courses in Ayurveda, yoga and many other fields must, in fact, be taught in India. Unfortunately, we still treat these fields of study as untouchables.


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