Supreme Court questions lack of transparency in CVC appointment

The SC said transparency is the hallmark of selection procedure and not only bureaucrats but people across should be allowed to apply for the post


The Supreme Court on Thursday questioned the union government over lack of transparency in the appointment of Chief Vigilance Commissioner and Vigilance Commissioner.


The apex court said that transparency is the hallmark of selection procedure and people across should be allowed to apply for the post and not only bureaucrats.


The Attorney General has assured the Supreme Court that no final decision will be taken in the appointment of CVC during the pendency of the case.




3 years ago


NGO says no to reveal name of whistleblower in 'entry register' case

CPIL, the NGO, refused to reveal the name of whistleblower who provided it documents against the CBI director claiming risk to life of that person


Centre for Public Interest Litigation (CPIL), a non-governmental organisation (NGO) on Thursday refused to reveal name of the whistleblower, who provided it documents against Ranjit Sinha, the director of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).


The NGO has levelled allegations against the CBI Director in the Supreme Court. In its plea, CPIL said, "The life of the whistleblower will be in danger if his/ her name is revealed".


Allegations against the CBI Director can be verified by examining the documents and guards who had manned his official residence, the NGO told the apex court.




3 years ago

The name of the whistleblower is immaterial. It could be anyone. What is important is to investigate the FACTS of the case. Verify the information provided by the WHISTLEBLOWER. Actually whoever is the whistleblower, he or she is a PATRIOT of the highest order in todays' condition of the COUNTRY.

Madhur Aggarwal

3 years ago

First of all there is no robust WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAMME In India like U.S.A as provided by FBI AND C.I.A.

Secondly Indian law agencies had earned bad repute in unable to defend Witness who risk their lives in long tedious court procedure and gets slaughtered later on .

Now in this case , veracity of information is more important than source bcoz this is not the right time to reveal the source .
Ranjit sinha had violated the law and ethics of CBI director brazenly and is caught like a DEER in Headlights.

Recently a report submerged
That he is used to MUGHAL -ERA Lifestyle
with 22 cooks and what not .
His lifestyle and his tax returns are not compatible.

My over imagination In India
I wish 21 cooks can be sent to J and K for helping the needy people out there.
Saare resources Lutyens Dlhi mein Laaga diye hain inhone ,

SMS joke ---on
Corrupt nexus
Crony Capitalist RAKAM (Money )BADAO HUM TUMHAARE SAATH HAIN !!!!!!!!

Feds Sue Corinthian Colleges over Deceptive Advertising

The lawsuit seeks to recoup more than $500 million in relief for student borrowers who were coaxed into taking education loan


A US federal lawsuit filed against Corinthian Colleges alleges that the for-profit education company used deceptive advertising to lure tens of thousands of students into taking out private loans, and seeks to recoup more than $500 million in relief for those borrowers.

“For too many students, Corinthian has turned the American dream of higher education into an ongoing nightmare of debt and despair,” said Richard Corday, director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which brought the complaint.

The lawsuit claims that Corinthian coaxed students — many from low-income families — into taking out loans for costly tuition expenses by falsely advertising job placement rates and career services that it couldn’t deliver. The company then engaged in a debt collection scheme that forced students to pay back those loans while still in school, the lawsuit alleges.

Last fall, California’s attorney general filed a similar lawsuit against the California-based company, which enrolls about 75,000 students nationwide under the names Everest, Heald, and WyoTech Colleges.

Before enrolling in a for-profit college, check out this government investigation.



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