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Sunanda Pushkar's viscera sent to US; Tharoor quizzed by SIT

Tharoor’s interrogation came on a day when Sunanda’s viscera sample was sent to a FBI laboratory in the US for further probe


Shashi Tharoor, the member of Parliament (MP) from Congress was quizzed on Friday for nearly seven hours by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the Delhi Police. The probe spread over two rounds including for two hours late in the night was in connection with the mysterious death of his wife Sunanda Pushkar, during which he faced tough questions mainly on IPL controversy.
Tharoor’s interrogation came on a day when Sunanda’s viscera sample was sent to a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) laboratory in the US for further probe. 
Sources also said a top senior police official, who is a member of the SIT, left for the US to give the sample of Sunanda’s viscera to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
Police want to confirm whether the poison was radioactive isotopes, which cannot be detected in Indian labs, the sources said.
According to police sources, Tharoor sought a break in the questioning during the day on the ground he had to attend an event at the India Habitat Centre.
The questioning of Tharoor by a five-member SIT team took place at the Anti-Auto Theft Squad (AATS) office in Vasant Vihar in South Delhi.
Delhi Police had earlier examined the former Union minister on 19th January.
Tharoor was seen leaving with his lawyer after the questioning tonight.
A fourth round of questioning Tharoor may take place over the weekend because of certain contradictions in his statements, police sources said.
Tharoor’s domestic help Bajrangi and Narayan Singh, his common friend Sanjay Diwan, his PS Praveen Kumar and Rajat Mohan (cardiologist of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital) were questioned along with him earlier in the day. Besides, they were also separately quizzed.
Sources said the questioning of Tharoor was mainly focussed on the IPL controversy, which had broken out in early 2010 when he was minister of state for external affairs.
There were allegations that he had “misused” his office to ensure that Rs70 crore, which was equivalent to 19% equity in IPL Kochi franchise Rendezvous Sports, was paid to Sunanda, a charge denied by him.
The SIT team, headed by Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Prem Nath and comprising Additional DCP P S Kushwaha and three senior officers asked Tharoor about his relations with Sunanda and some other aspects.
DCP Mangesh Kashyap from the Economic Offences Wing (EOW), who was also part of the team, asked some questions to Tharoor about the now defunct IPL Kochi franchise.
He was questioned about the circumstances in which Sunanda had left him at the airport after returning from Thiruvananthapuram to Delhi on 15th January last year and checked in to Leela Hotel, the sources said.
Police Commissioner BS Bassi said, “We called six witnesses in the second round of questioning into the case. The SIT confronted them and once again recorded their statements.”


Officer who assaulted Indian in US arrested

Two police officers without any provocation wrongfully assaulted Patel just because he did not know English and was unable to answer to their questions


One of the two police officers who allegedly assaulted the 57-year-old Indian man in Alabama has been arrested. In addition, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will be conducting a probe into the matter to find out if there were any federal violations in the incident.
Larry Muncey, the Madison City Chief of Police while apologising to the victim Sureshbhai Patel, informed that Federal Bureau of Investigation will also be conducting a probe into the matter. Patel was wrongfully assaulted by two police officers, without any provocation just because he did not know English and was unable to answer to their questions.
“I sincerely apologise to Mr Patel, Mr Patel’s family and our community. We strive to exceed expectations,” Muncey told reporters at a news conference.
“Additionally FBI would be conducting a parallel inquiry to ascertain if there were any federal violations,” Muncey said after he released audio and videos related to the incident.
“As a result of the investigations, I found that Mr Parkers’s actions did not meet the high standard and expectations of the Madison City Police Department,” he said, adding, that he (Muncey) has proposed termination of officer Parker, who has now been arrested for third—degree assault.
The incident occurred on the morning of 6th February while walking down the sidewalk in the neighbourhood, Patel, a permanent US resident, “was violently assaulted by a police official without provocation, and left partially paralysed,” according to the 11-page lawsuit filed.
A day before, Patel had arrived in the US to assist his son and daughter-in-law in caring for their 17-month-old child.
In the video, Patel is seen walking quietly in a sidewalk.
He is not seen peeping at any of the houses or garage as was the police told in a non-emergency call it received from a neighbour, after which a police car was rushed to the neighbourhood.
In the video, two police officers are seen approaching Patel and asking him questions — like name, address and identity card.
Patel is heard saying “No English” and pointing finger towards his son’s home. Soon one of the police officer, later identified as Parker, is seen violently throwing Patel on the ground and threatening him not to leave. It is at this time it appears Patel was paralysed, apparently by shock.
Moments later when two police officers try to walk him, Patel is not able to stand on his own. Patel was severely injured in the incident, said his attorney Henry F Sherrod.
Patel has been partly paralysed and is currently under treatment at a city hospital.


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